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                                                                                            Those of you familiar with us here at Applied Colour know that our company is built on the strength of our relationships. Our sister company, Venger Electrostatic Coatings, believes the same. To that end, and given the new, social media / electronic era that we are immersed in, we wanted to continue developing relationships through a Quarterly Newsletter. But this won’t be your typical corporate newsletter - it will, instead, offer a few peeks behind the curtain, so to speak - a couple of tidbits in every issue that show a different side of Applied Colour and help you get to know Venger Coatings. We hope you like it and share it with your friends and family and, as always, your feedback is greatly appreciated. 
Being of Service in Our Community
Several Edmonton and Area businesses had a rare and wonderful opportunity to give back to our city in a BIG WAY this February! In early spring a project to build a new medical clinic in the downtown core got underway.  What set this project apart from others was the idea that it would be done solely on a volunteer basis by every contractor. We are proud to have partnered with such amazing companies as Impark, Seagate, Kerr Interiors, Action Flooring, Wolski Interior Desing & Cowan Graphics. All of us working together to see this project come to fruition is definitely a highlight in our 2020 year.  Thank you to all who were involved.
An Applied Transformation 
As the weather begins to warm it seems that many of you have started looking outside of your four interior walls and thinking about brightening up the exterior of your home. Since the beginning, Applied Colour has focused mainly on commercial real estate but we quickly realized, as calls were coming fast and furious, that exterior residential painting could possibly be one of our COVID-19 pivot plans. One thing that hasn't had to pivot?  Applied Colour is still Excellent in Painting... and People! So if you're out for your daily mental health walk and see one of our yard signs, be sure to give a wave! 
Insight From Applied Colour BC
"Man, I could use a change!" 
On March 9th I boarded a WestJet plane with my nine-year-old granddaughter, to fly to an all-inclusive resort in Puerto Vallarta Mexico. We were excited and full of anticipation. It was my first holiday in four years. It was a much-needed change from the daily routines that come with having a family and building and maintaining a business. I was leaving the company in competent hands, projects were on the books, everything was running smoothly, and I looked forward to doing nothing more than sitting on a beach with my beautiful grand-daughter for ten days. Ten days of no phone or tablet. Ten days of relaxing by a body of water be it a pool or an ocean. Ten days having, as my greatest responsibility, to make sure that we were both sun-screened and hydrated.  

Three days into our tropical vacation, murmurings around the resort began to surface. The news about a deadly virus that was spreading globally, gave motion to all sorts of pool-side chatter. In our little Mexican oasis, nothing had changed. The news of toilet-paper stampedes and the hoarding of hand-sanitizer was foreign and strange and gave chatter to many conspiracy stories in our hacienda. After all, we were safe. "This is just a flu-bug and all this hype and panic will be over in a couple of days. All this panic is media-induced. Everybody chill! We are on vacation!!" This was the concerted attitude around the resort. 

Four days into our get-away, my phone started lighting up with emails and texts from family and friends. "You have to get home. They are closing the borders. Travel is being restricted." My ten days of beach therapy just came to an abrupt end. I would have to keep my phone and tablet on hand to stay informed of any sudden changes that would jeopardize our ability to get home. The days that followed were spent securing our flight home, trying to sift fact from fiction while still trying to keep some sort of vacation mode although, by day six, one could see that the result of this pandemic-real or imagined- was taking its toll in our small Mexican resort. 

The flight out of Puerto Vallarta and the journey back to our Island home is a story on its own. Suffice to say, my grand-daughter and I made it home safe and we entered into a mandatory fourteen-day quarantine and began to adjust to a new way of living that was unfamiliar and strange. I remember thinking to myself, "Well, I wanted a change."

I think it would be safe to say that most business owners/operators/artists are people of vision. They are dreamers and thinkers. That born out of the imagination comes a desire to offer a service, a system or a widget. The dreamers and thinkers turn the ethereal into matter.  

Nothing like a forced global shut-down to challenge everything that you know to be true. We have, on a world-wide scope, been put into a 'time-out' room with no real idea when it will be safe to come out. And what will we be allowed to do once we can come out? Forced change has come upon us.  Life as we know it has forever changed. It is here with this conclusion that I am starting to draw strength and inspiration.

By no choice of our own, many of the old ways of doing things are finished. At first glance, this is a terrifying thing to happen. All the hard work to get us to this place - the systems, the energy, the vision and drive… wiped out for many. "This is the way that we do things around here" has been replaced by, "we have no idea what we need to do." 

So, it's ok to feel a little out of sorts for a bit. You didn't ask for this. 
It's ok to not know what to do for a bit. You didn't plan for this. 
It's ok to lament what once was and be uncomfortable with what now is. You can miss what you cherished and take some time to embrace what now is. It's ok to take some time to allow what has been thrust upon you to settle a bit. Take some time. Take the time that you need. But, use it with purpose. Don't waste it. Take the time needed to get used to being ok in the unfamiliar. Eventually, even the new may become familiar. 

Because you are a dreamer, you are a creator and you have an imagination.  When you are ready, and inspiration will develop. And from that small spark, new ideas, new concepts and new ways of doing things will develop. The unfamiliar will become the new norm. The unknown will be revealed. Old habits will be replaced by new ones. And soon enough, you will desire change. 

Attached is a video made by my granddaughter Abigail and myself. We wrote this while in quarantine. I hope you enjoy it. 

Michael (and Abby)
Making their singing debut! Please put your hands together for Michael & Abigail!
Applied Colour & Venger Coatings Responds to COVID-19
For me, March 11, 2020, will forever stand out. It was on that Wednesday evening that an NBA basketball player tested positive for Covid-19 and the season was halted... very abruptly.  We all know that the days and weeks that followed were a pretty crazy time – lots of speculation and planning followed by more speculation and more planning...  Early on, I saw that our company processes and job sites were going to need to change and that the Health and Safety needs of our teams were going to have to include a way to address COVID-19.
Applied Colour and Venger Coatings approached the COVID-19 pandemic through the development and distribution of three specific documents: Our internal Pandemic Response Plan, our staff guide on Practicing Social Distancing and lastly, our COVID-19 Health Checklist.
Our Pandemic Response Plan, developed on March 15th, was an internal document that was used to guide the discussion with our team.  It was aimed at clearly laying out our plan for the coming weeks and was meant to address some of the concerns our team members had regarding Covid-19 and their health.  It was a road map we could follow as we started down the path.
Next to be produced was our Practicing Social Distancing Guide.  This 4-page document laid out the various ways we would be able to limit the spread of the virus in our office and on our job sites.  It stressed the importance of handwashing, social distancing and regular cleaning of touchpoints and equipment.  It recommended limiting the sizes of gatherings for meetings and breaks and discussed items such as limiting elevator occupancy to two at a time.
The final document to be developed and put into circulation was our COVID-19 Health Checklist. This one page, quick self-assessment was distributed to our entire team on March 25th – just 2 weeks after the NBA season was cancelled. It asks a few pretty basic questions about your health: cough? fever? etc.  And, of course, asks about travel and contact with others etc.  I'm proud to say that our team has been completing this checklist and sending it to me every working day since March 25th... over three months now.
One of the most impressive things about the Covid-19 response has been the willingness of various companies, from all walks of industry, to come together and share resources.  Our documents were developed with resources from all over, a little bit here and a little bit there.  I will forever be indebted to those early adapters who were willing to share... and so we too had an open sharing policy.  

Our documents were sent to all of our clients, to friends and family, to colleagues and competitors.

It was, and still is, really important to remember that we are all connected – and that your good is our good and our good is your good.

Stay Healthy and Safe, 


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Venger. On Site.

The metal staircase leading to the waterslide at Servus Place Rec Centre is a perfect example of Done Right. On Site. The metal structure was extremely corroded and in need of a refresh.  With the high humidity level and foot traffic the recoating would need to be extremely durable! Using an electrostatic application gave the Rec Centre the desired look and durability they needed without the pain of removing the staircase!
Friends of Applied
We work with so many different businesses and hear about so many wonderful Edmonton success stories that it only seems fitting to share some of these stories with you.
Cowan Graphics is one of the largest digital and screen-printing companies in Canada. With their head office located in Edmonton, they are one, of many, success stories our city has to its credit.  If you’re driving around town you’re likely to see one of the beautifully wrapped Cowan vehicles – they’re head-turning!  Cowan Graphics has over 75 years helping businesses “get their brand on” so it was a perfect fit when we were looking to create our eye-catching yard signage.  Thanks for the great work, Cowan! 
Their COVID-19 signage packages are top-notch – to see what they might have to offer  visit their website at
Cowan Graphics
Founded in 1983 Wolski Design Group has been transforming Edmonton's corporate headquarters, healthcare clinics and retail spaces and more for over 3 decades. Like Applied, they know that first impressions speak volumes and their passion for “possibilities” shows in their finished projects. Wolski’s fundamental belief in creativity and open communication is the number one reason why they are “Friends of Applied”.

If you want to more about the passion and talents of the Wolski team check them out here
Wolski Design Group


...we believe in offering clients a range of services all tailored towards beautifying and protecting. From simple interior painting of doors, walls and ceilings, to more complex painting such as exterior window mullions and intricate design patterns on walls and floors, we have the right team of professionals to help our clients keep their properties looking fantastic.
...we believe that maintaining a top notch safety program is a great investment and that, furthermore, our people and their safety is a fundamental corporate priority. Our COR certified safety program is also registered with 3rd party providers ComplyWorks and Contractor Check, ensuring our continued pursuit of safer ways of working.
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