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Cristina Guerra Contemporary Art, Lisbon, Portugal



Closing 8 March 

"(...) Depois e RASGO are different projects, with a common element: they do not represent, strictly speaking, the city but the perspective André Cepeda has; his subjective vision of the city. Cepeda believes that photography is invariably about showing "how the artist sees, how he frames reality". In this case, we are offered a low point of view and observe the city like a street dog or a coyote would see it. One can see a certain performative intention in this photographic experience, an attempt to dialectically influence the reality that is being represented. With no human figures, it is the presence of the photographer and his peculiar interaction with the space that "humanises" the space he captures in his photographs. Or should I say that "animalises" it? The title RASGO suggests a violent and aggressive action (tear, rip), confirming this impression.
Finally, the exhibition constitutes another step in André Cepeda's career, as he investigates the possibilities of "installed" photography. He started testing it in June in his show at Fridman Gallery in New York. Cepeda repeats the experiment for this new project at Cristina Guerra Contemporary Art. Like a small and brilliant sky-scraper, the enigmatic paper cylinder redefines the space of the first room, is a fundamental piece in the show since it tells us about the relationship between the image with its materiality and corporeality. This is the subject that unifies all the images and ultimately, André Cepeda's experience in New York: a search fro the "real", for a human scale, in a context of artifice, simulation and spectacle, as it was described by Jean Baudrillard in his book America (1986)".
Pedro de Llano, 2017

ARCO Madrid 2017, Madrid, Spain


22 - 26 February

We have the pleasure to announce our participation in ARCO Madrid 36th edition. We will be located in Pavilion 9 at STAND 9 A03.
This year we will be showing a selection of works by Portuguese and international artists.
We look forward to welcoming you in our Stand 9 A03.

ARCO Madrid, Madrid, Spain

Catalogue launch:

Civilizations Type I, II, III  

Pavilion 9 | Sala Fundación 
24 February |  3 pm

We are pleased to announce that we will host an event during ARCO, organised by the International Arts Centre José de Guimarães _ CIAJG: Rui Toscano Civilizations Type I, II, III, catalogue launch.

A panel format talk will happen with a few participants curators, passionate about Toscano's work and also two of them that contributed to the book: Nuno Faria, artistic director of CIAJG, Benjamin Weil, artistic director of Botín Foundation, João Fernandes, deputy director of Museo Reina Sofia and the artist Rui Toscano.

The talk will take place in ARCO's main conference room, at Pavillion 9, Sala Fundación, Friday, 24 February, at 3 pm.

Carré d'Art, Nîmes, France

Du Verbe à la Communication

Opening 2 February | 6 pm


Curator: Jean-Marc Prévost

Since 1967 many artists have made the word once more central to their work. The idea, thinking about language, a questioning of art itself, socially codified sign systems and communication were a source of inspiration for artists who identified this movement.
Invited by curator Jean-Marc Prévost, the collectors Marc and Josée Gensollen, both practising psychiatrists, reveal through some forty works a digest of what forms the backbone of their collection.
Far from high-fly speculation, they weave together a set of artworks with the aim of consolidating them into a coherent whole. This group of works is inseparable from La Fabrique located in Marseille, which is both an exhibition venue and where they are housed, as the collection can be viewed by appointment.
The Gensollens project themselves in the role of go-betweens, being convinced this is one of the best ways of helping to make the world more open to porous boundaries, more tolerant of difference and all the richer through knowledge.
Among the selected artists we highlight Lawrence Weiner's participation.
The Jewish Museum, New York, USA

Take Me (I'm Yours)

Closing 5 February

Curators: Hans Ulrich Obrist, Jens Hoffmann

"Take Me (I'm Yours)" aims to find a democratic space for all visitors to appropriate artworks and curate their own collections, subverting the usual politics of value, of consumerism and the museum experience itself.
(...) This presentation is based on the iconic exhibition with the same title that happened in Serpentine Galleries in London in 1995. Conceived by the curator Hans Ulrich Obrist and the artist Christian Boltanski, it includes works by twelve artists".
Jens Hoffmann (Director of Special Exhibitions and Public Programs, The Jewish Museum).
From the invited artists to participate in this daring exhibition we highlight Lawrence Weiner.
Cont. Art Centre Graça Morais, Bragança, Portugal

Casa de Espanto

Closing 5 February

Curator: Bruno Marchand

This exhibition insists in creating a dialogue between the Caixa Geral de Depósitos Collection and objects from other universes and other periods, like artefacts from this region where the pagans rituals are very expressive.
Among the participating artist we highlight the work by the Brazilian artist Rosângela Rennó, 'Série Corpo da Alma (refletivo), 2003-2009.
Migros Museum, Zurich, Switzerland

An Exhibiton in Three Acts

Closing 5 February

Curators: Heike Munder (Director Migros Museum), Raphael Gygax (Curator Migros Musuem), and Nadia Schneider Willen (Curator of Migros Collection).

On the occasion of the 20th anniversary of the Migros Museum, this exhibition aims to vision the future of this museum by looking at its past, and doing an investigation and analysis of the museum's history, of its collection and of its curatorial programme.
Among the artists that integrate the museum collection and are participating in this exhibition, we highlight John Baldessari and Angela Bulloch.
MAAT, Lisbon, Portugal



Variable Dimensions

Opening 8 February

Curators: Gregory Lang (guest curator) and Inês Grosso (MAAT curator)

"Variable Dimensions" proposes a new gaze towards the relation between art and architecture by inventing new dialogues between artists and architecture.
The themes that structure this exhibition cover the relation between the contemporary city and architecture, visualisations of social urban relations, different dimensions of inhabiting space, as well as the issue of the house and the domestic space, including utopian architectures by modernists and works that relate directly to scale, dimensions, instruments and measuring systems.
This exhibition happens in the sequence of the publication "Artists and Architecture: Variable Dimensions", published by the Pavillion de L'Arsenal in Paris, in 2015.
Among the 48 selected artists for this group show, we highlight the participation of Juan Araujo, John Baldessari, Matt Mullican, Julião Sarmento, Rui Toscano, Lawrence Weiner and Erwin Wurm.
SNBA, Lisbon, Portugal


Crossed Lines

Opening 9 February | 6.30 pm

Curator: João Silvério

On the occasion of the 15th anniversary of the PLMJ Foundation, the exhibition "Crossed Lines" assembles a group of works which are representative of the Foundation's collection, throughout the years; this event is part of the commemorations of the 50th anniversary of PLMJ lawyers firm.
The concept of this exhibition was defined by the invited curator, João Silvério; "Crossed Lines" enhances the crossing between different languages on contemporary art production.
Following the recent edition of a book with the same title, this exhibition is part of a continuous sharing process, that PLMJ Foundation entails as an active organiser of public presentations of their collection.
The exhibition will present a selection of new acquisitions, with artworks from Portuguese and international artists.
From the thirty-eight selected artists, we highlight the participation of José Loureiro, João Louro, Julião Sarmento and Yonamine.
Berlinale Forum (Berlinale Festival), Berlin, Germany

Spell Reel 

15 - 19 February

We have the pleasure to announce Filipa César participation on the Berlinale Forum 2017. César will present her new film: Spell Reel. The 47th Berlinale Forum is showing 43 films.
This year's edition theme is Realistic and Surreal. The films in the Forum straddle the line between art and cinema. This is the most daring section of the Berlinale. The Forum has been a space for the avant-garde, experimental works, essays, long-term observations, political reportage and yet-to-be-discovered cinematic landscapes.
During Berlinale Film Festival, Spell Reel will have four screenings at four different venues integrated into the Berlinale Forum programme: 15 Feb. 7 pm at Delphi Filmpalast; 17 Feb. 3 pm at Kino Arsenal; 18 Feb. 4.30 pm at Akademie der Kunste; and 19 Feb. 5 pm at Zoo Palast.
Filipa César will also be showing her work 'Solid Image' (2012) at the Berlinale section Forum Expanded, integrated on 'Think Film No.5: Archival constellations _ Material to Investigate the Present, the Future Past - An encounter with the Archive by the Harun Farocki Institut'.
Museum and Art Gallery, Birmingham, UK

Night at the Museum

Closing 12 February

Curator: Ryan Gander

"In Search of the Present" is curated by the renowned British artist, Ryan Gander. This large-scale exhibition celebrates the Arts Council Collection 70th anniversary.

As an artist Gander is known to avoid a recognisable style, preferring to work with several materials to explore news ways in art.

The exhibition presents a selection of works by more than thirty artists, including for example Liam Gillick, David Hockney and Henry Moore. From the featured artists, we highlight Angela Bulloch's participation. 


Flatland / Narrative Abstraction #1

Closing 19 February

Curators: Sarah Ihler-Meyer, Marianne Derrien

In 1884, the British professor and Theologian Edwin A. Abbot (1838-1926) published Flatland: A Romance of many Dimensions. (...)

The exhibition Flatland / Narrative Abstraction #1 focuses on artists whose work in the visual arts mirrors Abbot's literary allegory. (...) The artists presented were chosen since they manipulate notions of "abstraction" and "narration".

Among the featured artists, we highlight the participation of Matt Mullican.
Kunstmuseum Stuttgart, Stuttgart, Germany

Die Kunst des Zufalls

Closing 19 February

Coincidence defies any definition - nevertheless, art has used coincidence as a positive force. In the last century, several artists have developed methods and random processes under predefined conditions.

Displaying over 120 artworks, this exhibition presents how artists in an experimental and systematic way, have avoided coincidence. In contemporary art, coincidence is a theme.

This exhibition invites not only to look but also to experiment: the 'lab' was developed specially for this exhibition, where visitors from all ages nd classes are invited to experiment chance and make a to research.  

Among the selected artists we highlight John Baldessari's participation.;Aktuell&id=101&bereich=unerwartet._Die_Kunst_des_Zufalls&1474373616#
CCCCB, Castelo Branco, Portugal

Estudos de Luz:
Indícios, Reflexos e Sombras na Colecção de Serralves

Closing 19 February

This exhibition happened originally in Serralves Foundation in 2014; two years after it travelled to the Cultural Centre of Castelo Branco.

The exhibition presents a selection of artists that are particularly sensible to a research in the visual representation of light.

Among the sixteen featured artists, we highlight Julião Sarmento's participation.
Desert X, Coachella Valley, California USA


Performance and Conversation  25 February | 7 pm

We are pleased to announce that Julião Sarmento has been selected to participate in Desert X, a new international, contemporary art exhibition in the Coachella Valley. During the VIP Preview, 24 and 25 February, Sarmento will present Cometa, an intimate performance piece exploring human relationships. 

Desert X is a site-specific show with invited artists from all over the world. The artists are invited to make work that responds to the unique conditions of Palm Springs and the surrounding Coachella Valley; the desert providing a blank canvas upon which the artists will project their visions and transform the seemingly barren landscape. 

Among the seventeen selected artists, we highlight Julião Sarmento's participation. In Desert X, other participating artists are, for example, Doug Aitken and Rob Pruitt.
BACC, Bangkok, Thailand

The Philosophy of Instructions

Closing 26 February

This exhibition is Erwin Wurm's first solo show in Thailand.

The keywords are humour, superiority, irony, masses and contradictions; this exhibition suggests a reflection that encourages news thoughts about self and our relation with society.

Erwin Wurm's sculptures offer several philosophical depths, placing the spectator at the centre of the exhibition, exploring a light and humouristic side, but also a critical one, regarding our consciousness of ourselves.
Lab - Labanque, Béthune, France


Closing 26 February

Curator: Léa Bismuth

This exhibition curated by Léa Bismuth proposes a philosophical adventure founded in the relations that the artists entertain with the work and thought of the writer Georges Bataille (1897-1962).

In a logic of collective creation and research, the curator invited artists to question with her the texts of the renowned author, to measure the capacity that he had and still has to feed creation.

From the selection of artists featured in this exhibition are names like Ana Mendieta and Victor Man. We highlight the participation of Julião Sarmento.

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