it’s been a while. but we’re back.

if you know FLASH THRIVE, then you know we love to create things. you probably know us best from our zines, which we publish whenever that fickle friend inspiration strikes (which, as any creative knows, can be pretty inconsistently).

& while zines will always be our home base, we wanted to try something a lil different—something fresh and new that would also connect us to our audience of creative content lovers on a regular basis.

welcome to PLAYLIST DIARIES: a newsletter featuring a new, curated playlist every other week. each playlist builds on a specific mood, special theme, or sonic aesthetic, and is accompanied by a “diary entry” that gives you a time, space, and place to channel while listening.

playlists are part of what brought FLASH THRIVE together. we share a mutual love for categorizing music into hyper-specific playlists—from concepts as simple as commute, as specific as every version of don’t stop believin’, or as vague as big mood. between the FLASH THRIVE team, our contributors, and assorted pals, we have dozens of playlists to recommend and share… tied together with a backstory, just like a diary entry.

what can you expect:

  • a brand new playlist (or two) every week from the FLASH THRIVE team and our expanded roster of creative pals
  • a weekly theme that ties all of our playlists and content together (you’ll get it as we go along)

  • updates from us about what we’re up to, what we’ve been making, and how you can connect with us online and IRL

  • another reason to be excited about checking your email on Monday mornings

so whether you need a distraction from your desk job or are just in search of something new to bob your head to, we’ve got you covered.

this week’s theme is SAY WHAT YOU MEAN. it takes a lot of guts and courage to start something brand new from scratch—like this newsletter.  we thought this week’s playlist might offer a lil inspiration for you to do the same in your life (just watch out for that pesky mercury retrograde). RUN 2 UR CRUSH is a collection of simmering synth-bops that explode with emotion, embodying the immediate urge to share what you’re feeling. this playlist was carefully curated track-by-track, whittled down from a 40+ song first draft originally made by krista & rosie in 2016. like a thoughtfully gifted mixtape, this playlist is designed to be listened to in order.

make sure to follow us on spotify to see all our upcoming playlists, and save our creations to your own spotify library! & keep an eye out for new updates on our twitter and instagram accounts, while we get back to doing the lorde’s work over there, too.

now shut up & listen. we’ve got some songs for you.

2:21 am
the corner of your street
some feelings don’t simmer; they explode. into thoughts, actions, moments. the moments when you wake up at 2 AM with words left unsaid, so you lace up your shoes and—forrest gump-style—just start running. for the twilights and in-between dreams when emotion overtakes rationality, when you can whisper things the city sings back to you until you're ready to share them with someone else. your feet drum the pavement like an 808 beat, slowly at first, and then faster and faster until you're weaving through the neon streets to tell them exactly how you feel. you might not ever reach them, and when you do, you might be too out of breath to recover any words at all. but for now, all you can do is put one foot in front of the other and experience this feeling in all of its electric, frenzied glory, looking for sunrise or the headlights until you find yourself at their front door.

krista kurisaki
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