can we have this dance?

you don't even have to learn the steps. this valentine's day, we're taking the lead with SYNTH ORBIT: the soundtrack to a slow dance. a kristavisions classic (with a few new editions), this playlist elevates the enchantment right into euphoria.

whether you're waltzing hand-in-hand with your soulmate, attempting to lock eyes with someone new from across the room (or fish tank), or dancing on your own this szn of love, at least you'll have a killer soundtrack.

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see you on the dance floor. we'll be the one in the mask.

xoxo, @flashthrive.



11:11 PM
under the disco ball

i always say that i wish we met in high school, but i don't think i mean it.

sometimes for fun, i like to close my eyes and imagine. a pre-teal me, wide-eyed and eternally preoccupied with college apps and tumblr poetry. you, clad in iron maiden t-shirts and a hoodie, more often found smoking outside the church across the street then sitting in class. and never the twain shall meet, outside of a happenstance breakfast club situation.

in reality, there'd probably be no opportunities for us to have The Dance. you know the one. taking place at the last dance before summer, where we'd probably enter opposite doors of the gym with different partners that smelled weird or didn't bother wearing the matching shade. something would lead them away and eventually we'd find ourselves alone on the dance floor, the music swirling around us, crescendoing until we finally / collided /

in reality, our slow dances were fifty miles (and two years) apart. you skipped yours to play video games. i spent most of mine trying to pair off my friends with a range of sweaty dance partners and then lip-syncing rihanna lyrics to the backs of their heads in encouragement.

i keep thinking that moments like these are trapped in amber, that leaving teendom behind means losing the ability to experience anything beyond lesser versions of what i've already felt. can you even call it desire if you aren't overwhelmed by the dizzying strobe of lights? can you call it love if you can't feel the synth echo in your bones with every heartbeat?

and yet.

i always say that i wish we met in high school, but i don't think i mean it.

we met at work. on our first date, we got japanese bbq and then spent the rest of the night talking, strolling along the perimeter of the restaurant parking lot and retracing our steps each time we reached the end. i got home at 5 am. we spend the weekends watching each other's favorite movies and picking new recipes to try. you sing johnny cash and dean martin to me in the shower. you let me wear your iron maiden t-shirts and never ask when i'll return them.

in the last year together, we've established a routine.

some might call it a dance.

krista kurisaki

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