welcome back!

we hope the holiday break has treated you well & was ultra restful. as you can see, we extended ours by a few weeks, but who can blame us? 

the new year is typically time for a “new me,” but have you considered the same you with a new coat of paint? that’s where INSTANT REFRESH comes in: a playlist to inspire bold rejuvenation, a refreshing cleanse for a clearer vision of the year to come.

& if part of your 2020 vision board is seeing your very own playlist come to life, scroll down to find out how YOU can submit to be featured on the next #PLAYLISTDIARIES!

our vision for the new year includes some new & exciting plans, so make sure you’re keeping up with us everywhere @flashthrive.



7:30 AM
in bed

i guess it's time to wake up.
charisse celestial

IT'S 2020 SO WE NEED YOUR ~VISION~. That's right, we're opening #PLAYLISTDIARIES submissions for the new year! Click the image above for more details and to send in your best concept. Deadline for this wave of submissions is FRIDAY FEB 7!
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