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Manon Parry appointed Professor of Medical History at VU

As of the 1st of May 2018, Dr. Manon S. Parry is named professor (by special appointment) at the Faculty of Humanities at the Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam (VU) for an initial period of five years. The aim of the chair is to support and further develop research and education in the history of health, illness, health care and medicine in their social, cultural and scientific contexts, in collaboration with the Metamedica group at the VU Medical Center (VUMC). Read more

Sanne Frequin on Jeanne d'Arc

Sanne Frequin talks about Jeanne, the latest film about Jeanne d’Arc in the VPRO radio programme OTV. Listen to the radio item

Janna Coomans on hygiene in the Medieval Low Countries

Janna Coomans is interviewed on NPO Radio 1 about her research. Janna defended her thesis 'In Pursuit of a Healthy City: Sanitation and the Common Good in the Late Medieval Low Countries' on 8 June. Listen to the radio item

PhD peer consultation

The FGw Graduate School intends to offer peer consultation training to all FGw PhD candidates. Please email ASH if you are interested in joining a PhD peer consultation group.

Intervision is a way to find solutions for, and learn from, issues and problems in everyday work with a group of colleague PhD candidates. Under supervision of a professional coach you will learn how to consult peer PhDs to deal with PhD-specific issues, such as: stress, deadlines, overload of work, perfectionism, how to express yourself in a meeting, how to deal with supervisors with conflicting interests or opinions, lack of time and attention from your supervisor and many more issues. The key element is that PhDs exchange ways on how to deal with or tackle these issues and challenges.

CfA Paris-Saclay Jean d’Alembert Research Chair at Paris IAS

The Paris-Saclay – Paris IAS “Jean d’Alembert” Research Chair gives a researcher the possibility to work on a project in the following fields: “Markets, businesses, work and innovation”, “Heritage, culture and  knowledge”, or “Sciences and society”. Applicants may request a 6-month residency starting either in January 1st 2019 or between September 1st 2019 and January 1st 2020. Deadline is Friday, August 31st 2018, 3:00 pm (Paris, France time). Read more

ASH General Meeting & end of term drinksRechthoekige omlijsting met bladornamenten en bloemen voor de Zomer en medaillons met gezichten op de Plantage en de Overtoom te Amsterdam, Barent de Bakker, after Arian Doussyan, 1762 - 1804, Rijksmuseum

Please mark your calendar for the ASH General Meeting and ‘Zomerborrel’ on Monday 2 July. The General Meeting will take place in the VOC room from 16:30-17:00 followed with drinks in F1.01.

ASH Call for Workshop Proposals 2018

ASH invites proposals from ASH PhD candidates (at any stage of their PhD) to organise an activity (taking the form of a workshop, masterclass, etc.) that will benefit their research and help expand their network. Ideally, this activity will be organised by more than one ASH PhD candidate, but individually organised initiatives will also be supported.

The application deadline is 1 September 2018. Click here for more information.

Upcoming events

 Seminar  Amsterdam Seminar Global Intellectual History

19 June 16:00-18:00 Bushuis E1.01E

In this edition of the Amsterdam Seminar Global Intellectual History, Geert Janssen (UvA) and Marc de Wilde (UvA), will respectively talk about "Vitoria, Grotius, and the Birth of the Modern Concept of Asylum" and "The Invention of the Refugee in Early Modern Europe". Read more

 Conference  2018 NAPH Conference on Hebrew Language, Literature and Culture

25-27 June Oudemanhuispoort

The NAPH conferences are an ongoing forum for exchanging knowledge, information and ideas among scholars and teachers of Hebrew language, literature and culture in institutions of higher learning.

The 2018 conference programme includes a panel in commemoration of Professor Shlomo Berger (1953-2015), a host panel on ‘Metaphysical Hebrew’ featuring Karel van der Toorn, Ilan Peled, Margaretha Folmer and Leo Mock, and readings by contemporary Israeli poets. Read more

 Symposium  This house is not a home

28 June 15:00-17:00 Bushuis room E1.02
European everyday life in 18th-century Canton and Macao 

In this talk Lisa Hellman will focus on European everyday life in Canton and Macao during the long eighteenth century. Canton was a city of about one million people, and also one of the world’s major trade hubs. In this dense urban environment, however, all foreign traders were crammed together, working, living and loving in a very small area. It was a global village, but also a golden cage. How these foreigners could live, communicate, move around – even whom they could interaction with – were all things strictly regulated by the Chinese authorities. Read more

 Course  Coding for the Humanities

21 June 15:00-17:00 Turfdraagsterpad 9, BG 1, Room 0.13
A Slow Learning CourseCoding for the Humanities: A Slow Learning Course

CREATE will start a “slow learning” coding course (consisting of three lectures) that supports researchers without prior experience to develop and sustain their programming skills. The first lecture in will take place on Thursday 21 June and the two remaining lectures will be scheduled in class.

Coding is a critical skill in the Digital Humanities: knowledge of programming languages allows scholars to develop innovative research strategies, obtain a more profound understanding of what happens "behind the screen", and, generally, grow as interdisciplinary researchers. This course aims to be a gentle introduction to coding with Python.

Please register by sending an email to The maximum number of participants is currently limited to ten.

Grant news and upcoming deadlines

Doctoral Grant for Teachers

Teachers from primary, secondary, further professional, higher professional and special education can receive a grant for a PhD study. The aim is to directly apply the knowledge and research experience acquired for the benefit of educational practice. Deadline for the second application round is 11 September 2018, 14:00 hrs. Read more

CfP Creative industry - Knowledge Innovation Mapping (KIEM)

The Creative Industry - KIEM programme aims to encourage and facilitate fundamental and industrial research. Researchers can apply for funding via KIEM on behalf of consortia of companies and researchers.

KIEM only finances projects involving a collaboration between at least one researcher and at least one private party. The private partner must fund part of the project (matching). The matching funds can be provided by more than one private partner. 

A KIEM application can have up to two co-applicants. Co-applicants must also be researchers employed at a NWO-accredited research institution holding a PhD.

The assessment dates for 2018 are 21 June, 6 September and 8 November. Read more

Cutting Edge Research Fund | Deadline extended

The deadline for submitting applications for the UvA FGw Cutting Edge Research Fund has been extended.

The application deadline is 30 June 2018. Click here for more information.

Call for Proposals | Research Innovation and Sustainability Fund

The Research Innovation and Sustainability (RIS) Fund enables employees to apply for temporary teaching release in order to have more time to write grant applications, or to finish one or more (substantial, strategic) publications so as to strengthen the track record significantly and qualify for a successful grant application in the near future.

In 2018 approximately ten applicants can be awarded a RIS fellowship. The next deadline for submitting applications is 1 September 2018.
Read more

Call for applications | PhD Finishing Fellowships

The Faculty of Humanities invites applications for 0.5 FTE PhD Finishing Fellowships, tenable from January 1, 2019. Each fellowship will be for a period of up to 12 months. The award holder is required to deliver a completed dissertation (defined as "dissertation submitted to the examination committee") by the end of the fellowship period.

The application deadline is 1 October 2018.
Read more
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