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UvA historian Peyman Jafari in the media

A series of public protests occurred in various cities throughout Iran beginning at the end of December 2017 and continuing into January 2018. As a result of that, UvA historian and political scientist Peyman Jafari, who is among other things concerned with the history of social movements and revolutions in the Middle East, has been asked to shed a light on these developments by several news platforms.

Click here to read an interview by De Correspondent, and here to watch a Nieuwsuur item.

Call for papers: Material Feelings. Population Displacement and Property Transfer in Modern Europe and Beyond

This workshop, held from 24 to 25 May 2018, will explore the emotional dimension of property transfers that accompanied expulsion and ethnic cleansing in Europe and other regions of the world in the mid-20th century.

Deadline for submissions is 15 January 2018. Click here for more information.

Doctoral Fellowships - Leibniz Institute of European History Mainz

The Leibniz Institute of European History offers fellowships or a research stay beginning in September 2018. Projects dealing with European communication and transfer processes as well as projects focusing on questions related to theology, church history and intellectual history are particularly welcome.e

The application deadline is 15 February 2018. Click here for more information.

Call for Papers | Amsterdam Symposium on the History of Food 2018

This year’s Symposium aims at drawing into dialogue scholars exploring the historical complexities of the relationship between body and nutrition. We invite abstracts for papers covering any topic related to the study of this relationship including, but not limited to, the following: Nutritional science, dietetics, and medicine; popularization and mediatisation of nutritional knowledge, dieting, body images, and physical culture, food, spirituality and morality, public health and nutritional policy.

The application deadline is 5 March 2018. Click here for more information.

Possibility for PhD candidates to set up a tutorial group

Because GSH PhD candidates may need to train very different and specific research skills, it is not feasible to include the broad variety of these skills in the GSH skills training programme. That is why The Graduate School has set up a system of small scale research tutorials under the supervision of faculty experts.

Five or six participants can set up a tutorial group to train specialist skills they need for their research projects, e.g. quantitative analysis of corpus data, interview techniques, digital ethnography. Because of the small scale set-up, the tutorials will be highly interactive and because the PhD candidates themselves are involved in the programme, the expectation is that the tutorials will be an efficient way of sharing specialist knowledge and skills.
Read more

PhD defences

Bram Fauconnier

26 January 12:00 Agnietenkapel
Bram Fauconnier will defend his dissertation entitled 'The Associations of Athletes and Artists in the Roman Empire', supervised by Prof. Emily Hemelrijk and Dr Sofie Remijsen. Read more

Upcoming events

Book Launch: Anticorruption from Antiquity to the Modern Era

15 January 17:00-18:30, Spui 25
Corruption undermines trust in government and financial institutions, economic efficiency, the principle of equality before the law and human wellbeing in general.  This afternoon, with the book launch of Anticorruption in History. From Antiquity to the Modern Era (Oxford: Oxford University Press 2018), Amsterdam historians who have been involved in the EU-funded research project Anticorrp and edited the book will present their main conclusions. Thereafter, two other experts, Paul Heywoord and Willeke Slingerland, will respond, to be followed by a discussion moderated by James Kennedy. Read more

Symposium: Yiddish Modernism

18 January 13:00-17:30, Bushuis
From the late 19th century, radical changes in European society have given rise to modernist movements in the arts and philosophy. Although Yiddish is often associated with religion, conservatism and folksiness, Yiddish authors and artists have been part of the cutting edge of Western culture. Three scholars of Yiddish literature will cast a light on Yiddish modernist literature and culture during this symposium. Read more

Werkgroep Achttiende Eeuw presents: Slavernij in de 18e-eeuwse kunsten

18 January 20:00-21:30, Spui 25
What do a play from 1796, an exhibition at the Rijksmuseum in 2020 and an evening in Spui25 on 18 January 2018 have in common? They all deal with the representation of slavery in the eightteenth century. In Spui 25 you can expect a varied programme with short lectures, dicussions, a play and a column. Read more (in Dutch)

Workshop: Researching (Post)colonial Migration

19 January 13:00-17:00, Bushuis (room E1.02)
How has decolonisation influenced the ways in which European citizens and residents, old and new, approached their lives? This workshop explores the ways in which the legacy of empires and their end has shaped migration and responses to it in post-war Europe. With presentations by Peo Hansen (Linköping University), Olivier Esteves (Lille III University), and Johannes Paulmann (Leibniz-Institut für Europäische Geschichte, Mainz). Read more

Knowledge sharing event: Dutch Maritime Museum & UvA Faculty of Humanities

25 January 14:00-16:30, Het Scheepvaartmuseum
We would like to invite you to a joint event about the exhibition 'The world according to Blaeu', organized by the Dutch Maritime Museum (Het Scheepvaartmuseum) Amsterdam and the Faculty of Humanities. The exhibition is curated by UvA researcher Dr Djoeke van Netten. NB: This event will be in Dutch. Read more

Interdisciplinary Workshop: Transnational Perspectives on the Writing of Artists’ Lives, 19th-21st centuries

25-26 January, University Library
A workshop with keynotes by Christopher Wiley (University of Surrey) and Joanny Moulin (Aix-Marseille University). Read more

Book launch: Bologna: Cultural crossroad of Italy

26 January 20:00-21:30, Spui 25
Long neglected by scholars, medieval and Renaissance Bologna is now recognized as a center of economic, political-constitutional, legal, and intellectual innovation - as the city that served as the cultural crossroads of Italy. In this event we celebrate the presentation of 'A Companion to medieval and Renaissance Bologna' and look into the history of this city. Read more

Lecture: Making Art/Discovering Science with Steven Shapin (Harvard University)

31 January 16:00-17:30, Oudemanhuispoort (room D1.08)
Erasmus Prize winner Steven Shapin is coming to Amsterdam! He will give a lecture in which he calls into question the making/invention distinction that is commonly made when we discuss the differences between art and science. Read more

Grant news and upcoming deadlines

ABC Project Grant 2018

In 2018 Amsterdam, Brain & Cognition (ABC) introduces an additional ABC Project Grant aiming to stimulate more interdisciplinary research cooperation between humanities and other sciences. Next to the two existing project grants, an additional (third) project will be awarded that consists of collaboration with the Faculty of Humanities. New deadline: 15 January 2018.

Call for Proposals | Research Innovation and Sustainability Fund

The Research Innovation and Sustainability (RIS) Fund enables employees to apply for temporary teaching release in order to have more time to write grant applications, or to finish one or more (substantial, strategic) publications so as to strengthen the track record significantly and qualify for a successful grant application in the near future.

In 2018 approximately ten applicants can be awarded a RIS fellowship. The deadlines for submitting applications are 1 March 2018 and 1 September 2018.
Read more
More news and deadlines at the ASH website Research funding opportunies
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