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I am sitting in a hotel room between events because I could not make it to one of them because of a flight cancellation caused by weather issues. Even though this is totally out of my control, you still have that feeling of letting people down, which is not a good feeling. 

That being said, I watched as people were visibly upset at the gate agents yesterday who could do absolutely nothing about it. Weirdly, I believe that if you think it is unsafe to fly the plane because of storms, we should probably not get on the plane, but that is just me.

Maybe I am just old-fashioned!

Earlier in the week, I went to pick up a rental car, and I asked the person assigning cars how she was doing. She said, "It has been a rough one" and I asked her why. She had the same issues I had yesterday with weather-related delays, but people were not kind to her. I told her I would be the best part of her day and cheer her up. By the time she found me a car, she was smiling, and she said thank you. 

There is a difference between "bad service" and things we can't control. I have a high standard for my work, which often translates to high expectations for others.

But I also can recognize when things are out of someone's control. 

It is essential to note that not everyone can recognize when someone has no influence on what is going on in the moment (I have had bad moments as well), so every interaction, positive or negative, can become a lasting memory. I am going out of my way lately to try and be that memorable, positive experience for others.  

I just wanted to share that with you all to hopefully spread it around. I have been blessed with the kindness of so many over the past few weeks, and I am glad to pay it forward.

Let's get to this week's email!
Something Profound
Oddly enough, as soon as I wrote the above statement, I received the following from the James Clear weekly email:



I believe t it is ALWAYS better to share gratitude too early rather than too late.  That message just provided a wonderful reminder to emphasize that idea.
Something Professional
This is an excellent clip from my full podcast with Lainie Rowell on the release of her book, "Evolving With Gratitude."

One of the things that Lainie and I discussed while she was writing the book was how imperative it was to show how gratitude improved learning. 

She shares one of those strategies in the clip, but I highly encourage you to grab a copy of Lainie's book!

You are going to love it!

Something Personal
I have been asked a ton lately: "Why did you move to Orlando?"

I want to share a quick story explaining the most significant reason.

Every August, I speak at school opening days for staff, which is my passion. It is my busiest time of year, and travel can be exhausting. Living in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada, was pretty tough for travel to the US, and for many years, I never made it home the entire month.

But this summer has been different.  

I have been home every weekend this summer except for one (last weekend).

And the most challenging part is that August is Kallea's birthday. 

We have done the "we will celebrate your birthday on..." event, and although, as a family, it is always a great experience, Kallea's actual birthday is a really important day to her, as it should be.

As I made travel plans, I ensured that I would be home this year for her birthday.

I walked out of my office and said, "Kallea! Guess what??!?!? I will be here for your birthday this year!"

She cheered and quickly ran to see her little sister Georgia and said, "Georgia! Guess what?!?!? Dad is going to be home for my birthday this year!!!"


Georgia responded with some toddler jibberish that I couldn't understand, but she was just as excited as Kallea, although she probably didn't understand why.

Over the past six weeks, I have already had eight more days at home that I wouldn't have had in the past.

Trust me, I counted.

But that moment.


Our favorite movie as a family is "The Greatest Showman," and by FAR the song I love most is "From Now On." (This live signing with the cast in rehearsal is fantastic.)

And these lyrics resonate more than ever.


"For years and years
I chased their cheers
The crazy speed of always needing more
But when I stop
And see you here
I remember who all this was for!"



Better to remember that earlier rather than too late.

I am off to eat cake and pizza with the kid. I am so proud of her as a daughter, but wow, I love watching her as a big sister. 

Have a great weekend and week ahead! Enjoy the people closest to you.

George Couros

George Couros
Box 24028 RPO Windermere,
Edmonton, AB T6W 2W2
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