Hey everyone,

As many of you know, we moved to Orlando, Florida this past summer, and this week, Hurricane Ian headed our way. I have received so many emails from you all checking in on me and my family (thank you!) and I just wanted to let you know we are all safe.  

This was a very new experience for us, and we were very lucky as the hurricane was headed straight for our house, but at the last moment, we were out of its trajectory. Many others were not as lucky and will be dealing with loss for a long time coming. My heart is breaking as I know many lives will be changed forever.

I will tell you that I was very scared about everything that was happening as it was not something we had ever experienced. We definitely wanted the kids not to worry about it, so we had a "slumber party" in my office as it was the safest place in the house to deal with any effects of the storm.  My girls had a great time and were so excited, while I was nervously watching the path of the hurricane on Google maps.  They did not have any idea of the magnitude of what was going on, but keeping my kids safe was the only thing I could consider

As I really don't have the mental capacity to write a full email this week, I did want to give you all an update on our situation.

And on that, I am going to go spend time with my kids. This week was a reminder of how every moment matters.  

I will be back soon, and I hope you have a great week ahead. Stay safe!

George Couros


George Couros
Box 24028 RPO Windermere,
Edmonton, AB T6W 2W2
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