You do you.

The other day, on my walk to get my walk-up window coffee, I saw my neighbor returning from what appeared to be a very strenuous run. 

I looked down at my sweats and immediately felt self-conscious about my less-ambitious morning. The thought occurred to me—maybe I should start running…

I spent the next couple blocks deep in thought considering the logistics of adopting a new running habit - the shoes, the gear, the scheduling. Then I came back to earth. 

This happens at work, too: we’re tempted to keep up with competitors, chase metrics others are chasing, or follow the crowd.

But running because someone else is running is not a good reason to be running. 

We know we need to continue raising the bar for ourselves and our organizations, but how?

Look for cues from those you’re here to help.

Call. Reach out via tweet, email, or LinkedIn. Meet them where they are with the simple intent of understanding their priorities and frustrations. Be driven to design the thing that makes your customer feel most seen or understood. There will be races you can’t or shouldn’t avoid (like the dash toward all-electric vehicles for auto manufacturers), but for all the other races, you can decide. 

Consider Tesla’s “dog mode” that notifies passersby that your furry friends are okay if you have to leave them in the car for a moment. A feature this thoughtful doesn't come to life by looking to competition and creating something just slightly better than the alternative.

The opportunities to build something really special are out there, but there are better places to look than to your competition. Fortunately, your customers are just a phone call away.

~ From Jessa, and The Team at Clique

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