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April News

Earth Days Spring Cleaning Sale!

Get your spring cleaning done without harsh chemicals!  Stock up on these kitchen and bathroom items for a more sustainable household.  The week-long sale is happening April 19-25, surrounding Earth Day April 22.  Stock up and enjoy 15% savings on all green cleaning products, laundry, paper towels, tissues, feminine hygeine products, recycled aluminum foil, recycled trash bags, silicone and bamboo kitchenware.  Find the in-store coupons nearby eligible products. Coupon code: EARTHDAY.  
Moving Past Plastic: Try Zero-Waste
Plastic is ubiquitous in modern life.  Most of us can't go through the day without touching something plastic, since it is on our cars, computers, and phones.  Although it may seem like a necessity, the troubling downside is that so much plastic is building up around the world so quickly, it has become a major environmental and health concern.  However daunting the problem, there are simple steps each one of us can take to minimize our plastic consumption and be part of the solution!


The pace and the enormity of the plastic buildup is staggering.  Since the 1950's, between 8-9 BILLION TONS of plastic has been produced, and nearly ALL of it still exists in some form.  It is estimated to take 450 years for some plastic to biodegrade (if it does at all) and each year enough plastic is produced to equal the weight of all humanity.  Despite its persistence in the environment, so much plastic is single-use.  Half of all plastic manufactured is trashed in less than a year.
Only about 9% of plastic is recycled in the US, most of it ending up in landfills, or entering fields or streams, eventually finding its way into the ocean where it wreaks havoc on marine life.  Recently, images of the Great Pacific Garbage Patch were analyzed, and found that the giant floating mass of plastic, chemical sludge and debris has grown to twice the size of Texas, or 16 times larger than previously thought. 
While this giant mass is a giant problem, it is the small microplastics that pose huge risk.  Plastic in water never fully degrades, just breaking into smaller pieces, it reaches the point of being a microplastic:  small enough to fall to the ocean floor, and nearly impossible to remove from the ocean.

Whether on land or at sea, animals are ingesting plastics, and now humans are too.  Grazing animals can choke on bags, or can waste away and starve as it animal feels full from the plastic buildup, or result in full obstruction of their bowels.   Microplastics have been found to absorb toxic chemicals from the water and release them after being consumed by fish and mammals.  Microplastics are already working their way up the food chain and can be found in food and water for human consumption. 

While the full impact on human health has not been thoroughly studied, it is already known that even BPA-free plastics can leach estrogenic compounds (endocrine disruptors) with detrimental health effects.  So, there are many good reasons to minimize plastic use, and here are some easy substitutes.


Reusable shopping bags:  
In America alone, 100 Billion plastic bags are used every year.  Help bring down that number with a variety of reusable shopping bags.  Our stuff-able Healthy Habitz Chico bags compact down so you can have bag on hand wherever you go, and are more durable than plastic or paper grocery sacks.  African Baskets can fit loads of produce, each hand-crafted and beautiful.  Take it to the store next time and see how many compliments you get! 
Coming soon - look for new cotton produce bags that can be used to take home your bulk nuts, seeds, grains, or snacks.  They are lighter and easier to handle than glass jars, a good way to transport to your home.
Glass/Stainless Water Bottles:  1 Million plastic bottles are purchased every minute worldwide.  Ditch plastic bottles for good - and recycle all the plastic bottles you can find!  Life Factory makes sport bottles and baby bottles with minimal plastic that can be used and reused.   Colorful swing-lid bottles use even less plastic, and can be cleaned with one of our large bottle brushes.  Fill them up with ultra-purified water from our filling station!
Glass or Stainless Straws:  It's a little thing that can make a big difference.  Over 500 Million straws are used by Americans EVERY DAY!  Grab a glass or stainless straw and a little cleaner brush for just a few dollars.

Glass Spray Bottles:  For DIY cleaners and air fresheners using essential oils, glass spray bottles can stand up to the task, without risk of the powerful essential oils degrading any plastic.  

Bamboo Utensils:  ToGoWare set has got you covered so you'll never need to use plastic utensils again.  Find sets for adults and kids, with different colors so everyone in the family can have their own set.

Personal Care:  Did you know you can get shampoo that's not in a bottle?  Try J.R. Liggett's Shampoo Bars in a variety of formulas and scents.  It is perfect for travel too, since there is no liquid to worry about.
It can be difficult to find body care items not in plastic, we do carry these and more:  Carboard-packaged floss sachets by Radius, dryer balls, wooden hair brushes, feminine hygiene products, and shampoo bars!  Radius Source toothbrushes use recycled material for the handle, with interchangeable heads, to minimize plastic use. 
Eating for a Healthier Planet (and Self)
No surprise that food production has a substantial impact on the environment.  The agriculture practices, transportation, and packaging all contributes to greenhouse gas emissions.  Choosing foods with a milder environmental impact can actually be beneficial to your waistline and wallet!

1)  Eat to Live.  Simply eating just enough to support a healthy body weight will help fend off obesity and reduce risk of associated health problems that come with it.
2)  Eat more Plants.  If you cut down on beef or pork, the two most energy-intensive animals to raise, you'll have a greater impact to reduce carbon emissions.  Plus, you'll cut calories in the process!  If you want to fool your tastebuds, try many of our plant-based burger patties, sausages, and even bacon!
3)  Waste Less.  This means just buying what you can eat in a given timeframe.  The end result means less food in the garbage, and more money kept in your wallet.  If you find your fresh produce going to waste, maybe try frozen.  Check out our growing variety of organic frozen fruits and veggies - just rinse and recycle the bags with other plastic bags!  
4) Buy Local.  Aside from the benefit of contributing to the growth of the local economy, buying MI-made (or surrounding areas) saves on fuel, transport, and storage costs.  Therefore, it is often better for your bottom line than food that travels 2000 miles to your plate.  Look for the MI mitten logo shelf tag in our store to identify our local products.  
5)  Minimize Packaging.  Buying bulk foods and putting them in your own container is a fantastic way to reduce packaging waste.  We have expanded our line of bulk nuts, seeds, rice, and grains to help you save money and save the planet one bag at a time!

Adapted from Healthy Eating for a Healthy Planet
Grand Opening & Ribbon Cutting

Join us for the celebration April 17th!  The entire Uptown North Main complex is participating.
The first 100 customers through our door will get a little goodie bag with a few samples and a gift card with either $1, $3, $5 loaded on it!

Our Wellness Center Practitioners will be here to demo their services, including Lori Burdick CMT giving free chair massages for part of the day!

Gift Basket Giveaways* ~ Store Demos ~ Free Samples ~ Light Refreshments

Official Ribbon Cutting at 3pm

*You do not need to be present to win gift basket.  No purchase necessary to enter.  We will contact winners April 18th, and the first ones to pick up will get their choice of basket!

Double the Nutty Fun!

With a new grinder machine, we have doubled our capacity!  Now you can grind your own Organic Almond Butter ($11.99/lb) as well as Organic Peanut Butter (New lower price! $4.99/lb).  It is pure, unsalted, unsweetened nutty goodness.  With a new, conveniently-located station you can easily fill up as much as you'd like!
Check out our In Store FLYER
Find larger images on our website

***  WELLNESS CENTER  Events***

Thursdays 5:30 - 6:45p


Led by Rachael Ramirez and Suzan Moody, CNHP

Discover the basics of homeopathy and its applications for everyday health and wellness.  Learn bit by bit each Thursday from 5:30pm - 6:45 pm.  

No worries if you haven't been to the previous classes, each class is self-contained.

It is a fun and interactive learning series that will benefit beginners and more advanced users.  Inspiring case studies and guest speakers will be featured.


Premise: The body will heal itself and certain substances stimulate this ability, similar to the idea of inoculations.

April 5:  Addressing Men and Women’s Concerns - Guest Speaker Ann Gilkes, ND (Biofeedback & Homeopathy)

April 12:  Allergies and Sport Support

April 19:  Psychological and Sleep Support - Guest Speaker Jennise Cannon (Cranial-Sacral Therapist)

April 26:  Detox, Cell Salts and Wrap-Up - Guest Speaker Mitch M. (Hyland's Educator, via phone)

$15 per class

Sign up at our Customer Service Desk!

Regularly $5 per class. *First time visitors and YL Distributors under HH4L attend FREE
Marie's YL#1567748

YOUNG LIVING Essential Oil Classes:

Classes are every SECOND TUESDAY now:
April 10    Promise of Peppermint
May 8      Oral Care Naturally
June 12  Power of Thieves   
July 19   Annoying Insect Tricks

Zyto Scans are available by appointment.  This simple assessment uses your skin's electricity to determine biomarkers and the body's systems that are out of balance.  

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