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June News
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Hemp History Week - History in the Making
June 4 - 10 is Hemp History Week, so what better time to highlight the health benefits and clarify some misconceptions surrounding hemp.  It has become a rather hot topic lately, with rising popularity of CBD-rich hemp oil and the pending legislation surrounding industrial hemp farming in the US.  We could see historical reforms in the coming year!
The BIG Difference - While both hemp and marijuana are in the Cannabis sativa L plant species, they crucially vary in cannabinoid composition.  Marijuana has higher concentrations of tetrahydrocannibinol (THC), the psychoactive component.  By dry weight, hemp contains less than 0.03% THC unable to cause intoxication, and should not be a concern to those who take drug tests.  Hemp is rich in other cannabinoids such as cannabidiol (CBD) and plant compounds like terpenes and flavonoids. 
Hemp for FOOD -  Consuming hemp will not get you high, but it WILL give your body essential fatty acids, proteins, and fiber.  Hemp hearts, the shelled hemp seed, are about 25% protein by calories, providing all 9 essential amino acids. Hemp seeds are also a substantial source of vitamins and minerals like Iron, Phosphorus, Magnesium, Manganese, and Zinc!  Hemps with the shell have the added bonus of fiber! 
Lady Jane Hemp Foods Toasted Hemp seeds are a perfect little salty snack that provides a wealth of nutrition.  Small House Farms locally presses its hemp seeds to produce high quality oil that can be used for dressing for salad, veggies, pasta, or used topically.   Seeds are rich in heart-healthy essential fatty acids (EFAs), comprised of Omega-6s (linoleic acid) and Omega-3s, alpha-linoleic acid (ALA), and gamma-linoleic acid (GLAs), associated with aiding skin issues like psoriasis and eczema, among other conditions.
Hemp for BEAUTY -  Not surprisingly, hemp oil is often found in lotions, soaps, and cosmetics because of its excellent skin soothing properties. You'll find it in Merry Hempsters Balms and Dr. Bronner's soaps, lotions, and lip balms among other products.

Hemp for MEDICINE -  Hemp made news in April when the first non-synthetic CBD-based pharmaceutical was recommended to be approved by FDA.  However, usage is limited to children and adults with rare seizure disorders Lennox-Gastaut syndrome and Dravet syndrome.  Even so, it may signal increased funding for research regarding hemp's positive impact on the body's endocannabinoid system.


Because the market for CBD oil has increased, it is especially important to know the sourcing and efficacy of the product before buying.   CV Sciences is a company with transparency and a commitment to quality from seed to shelf.  Their EU-certified proprietary strain of low THC, high CBD hemp seeds are grown exclusively by European farmers.  The CO2 extraction process is done at an ISO-certified facility before being sent to California for 3rd party quality assurance tests.  From there, it is formulated by CV Sciences into different products now available.  See flyer below!

Hemp for THE FUTURE  Industrial use of hemp is gaining popularity, and for good reason.  The U.S. is the only major industrialized country in which farmers are not allowed to legally grow industrial hemp, yet is the largest importer of hemp materials, with annual sales exceeding $600 million.  Earlier this month, Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell announced the introduction of the bipartisan Hemp Farming Act of 2018, to remove industrial hemp from the federal Controlled Substances Act and eliminate obstacles around such issues as banking, insurance, and research.  Add your voice and TAKE ACTION NOW for common sense reforms to an outdated law.

Because it is fast-growing, thrives on poor land, requires minimal inputs, and is incredibly durable, industrial hemp could be a key player in the "green economy" if allowed to flourish.

Hempcrete - made by mixing the inner core of a hemp plant with a lime binder and water, this material is virtually fire-proof, pest resistant, and has excellent insulation properties.

Hemp Fiber - Vastly more sustainable than cotton (which uses large amounts of petrochemical inputs) and more eco-friendly than synthetics (which add microplastics to water when laundered), hemp fiber is durable, lightweight, and absorbent.  

Hemp Fuel - Hemp produces nearly four times as much oil per acre as soybeans, the current leader in biofuel production.

SLIM DOWN for Summer
Whether it is cutting down on sugar or increasing intake of greens, here are a few new products that can help support your fitness goals.

Sunfood Chlorella Tablets

If you are looking to get more greens in your diet, this is a powerhouse in a small package.  More nutrient dense than spinach, kale or broccoli, Chlorella is 66% protein by weight and contains all 9 essential amino acids.  It also boasts and array of beneficial nutrients including vitamin A, iron, zinc and B vitamins.  Grown in fresh water, chlorella is a single-celled plant with an abundance of chlorophyll.  As such, it helps to detoxify, alkalize, and nourish your body on a cellular level. 

It may help your waistline too - one study found Chlorella intake over 16 weeks resulted in noticeable reductions in body fat percentage, serum total cholesterol, and fasting blood glucose levels.
Broken Cell Wall - this is what you'll want to look for in chlorella for optimal absorption.  Chlorella’s tough exterior cellular walls are difficult to digest, so Sunfood uses a chemical-free centrifuge process to break the cell walls.  The powder is then stamped into tablets without use of binders or additives.  Regular powdered chlorella is so fine, it can be a mess to deal with.  This makes it a much more convenient measuring unit to blend into smoothies, or swallow whole!  Find other ways to use them here.  Regular retail is $22.99, we've got them at the low intro price of $18.99.

Swerve Away from Sugar
For those who can't stand stevia, or whose stomachs can't tolerate xylitol, there is another way to sweeten without the sugary drawbacks.  Introducing Swerve!

  • Made from select Non-GMO fruits and starchy root vegetables from the USA and Europe
  • No artificial ingredients
  • Measures cup for cup like sugar
  • Zero-Calorie, Non-Glycemic
  • Diabetic Safe
  • Tooth Friendly
  • Pet Friendly
  • Ketogenic
  • No bitter aftertaste

How do they do it?  Here's the process:
Take glucose and ferment to from erythritol.  Add enzymes to create pre-biotic fiber (oligosaccharides).  Finish with a little natural flavor from citrus.  
Because of the prebiotic fiber, it makes Swerve easier to digest. No bloating and gas like other sugar alcohols. It is also good to know that if your pet accidentally ingests some, there is no cause for concern, unlike xylitol.  See flyer for pricing.

Check out our In Store FLYER
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***  WELLNESS CENTER  Events***

 Ticked Off: A Lyme’s Horror Story & New Approach

Thur. June 21   5:30 - 6:30p

For those who couldn't make it the first time, Jim is speaking again.  You are invited to hear Jim Lannom’s personal story, his battles and his relentless pursuit of treatment.  After trying traditional medicine with no results and a worsening of the illness, he and his wife decided to try a different way. 

Jim has been a Lyme Warrior for over a year.  With astonishing toughness and determination, Jim’s story gives inspiration, hope and revels a new approach to healing from Lyme disease.  Please call and reserve your spot.  Space is limited.  The event is FREE.
ADELPHA Thermography
Wed. June 13 
Wed. Aug. 22

 by Appointment Only
with Linda Alchin RN
Infrared Thermography has redefined early detection for Breast Cancer by providing the earliest and most sensitive means of screening.  Learn more.
This simple procedure of taking digital computerized pictures with a specialized Thermography camera is safe, non toxic, highly accurate and an inexpensive form of diagnostic imaging used by progressive physicians in the US and Europe since 1952.
Must have a current medical doctor, MD or DO.  
To schedule Call LINDA  at 248-797-1191
Cost $165  Appointments take about 30 minutes.
Regularly $5 per class. *First time visitors and YL Distributors under HH4L attend FREE
Marie's YL#1567748

YOUNG LIVING Essential Oil Classes:

Classes are every SECOND TUESDAY now:

June 12  Power of Thieves   
July 19   Annoying Insect Tricks

Zyto Scans are available by appointment.  This simple assessment uses your skin's electricity to determine biomarkers and the body's systems that are out of balance.  

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