Celebrating 20 Years!  Plant powered heart health.  Find your flowers to help you bloom at Bach Flower Essences Class.
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Can you believe it?  Healthy Habitz turned 20 years old! 
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Can Heart Disease Be Reversed?
Heart Disease is one of the deadliest preventable diseases.  In the US, it is the leading cause of death accounting for 1 in 4 deaths per year.  It is tragic that someone in the US has a heart attack every 40 seconds, but it doesn't have to be that way!

Risk factors of heart disease include smoking, sedentary lifestyle, and poor diet.  When it comes to diet, there is a good argument that plant-based eating may go a long way in improving heart health. 
A Case for Plants
There has been demonstrated success in reversing coronary artery disease (CAD) by eating a whole food, vegan diet  (eliminating all animal proteins).  In a large comprehensive study, higher intake of animal fat, (linked to increased pro-inflammatory LDL cholesterol) was postively related to arterial wall thickness, while vegetable fat and polyunsaturated fat was inversely related.  This indicates that the more animal fat intake, the higher risk of heart attack or stroke.

A 2013 study, the European Prospective Investigation into Cancer and Nutrition, examined vegetarians and non vegetarians over 11.6 years. Of the 44,561 men and women participants, thirty-four percent (15,151) were vegetarians (no meat or fish).  The vegetarians had a lower mean body mass index, lower non-HDL-C level, lower systolic blood pressure, and a 32% lower risk of developing ischemic heart disease.
Certain fruits and vegetables are particularly high in nitrates which are converted to nitrites and then into nitric oxide.  Nitric oxide is a vasodilator and anti-platelet properties, so it relaxes blood vessels and helps prevent blood clotting. You may be thinking, aren't there nitrates in processed meats too and aren't they bad for the heart?  The difference is the whole foods also contain vitamin C which inhibits the conversion into harmful nitrosamines. 
As a general rule, root vegetables grown in the ground have more nitrates from the soil, and fruits tend to have less.   Some nitrate-rich veggies include beets, garlic, celery and leafy greens.   Strawberries are the top fruit for nitrates.

It's important to note that the type of vegetarian diet is important.  It's not just about what you cut out but what you are taking in. Cutting out meat and replacing it with simple carbs and sugar is not going to be any more beneficial to your heart.  But eating whole foods rather than processed foods, eating antioxidant-rich foods, with a balance of carbs, proteins and fats is a strategy for success.
If you think you can't live without the flavors and textures of meat and animal products, you may be surprised to find meat and dairy alternatives that are quite tasty on our shelves.  We've got an assortment of non-dairy cheeses, yogurts, and even yummy cashew queso dip from Siete.  Plenty of plant-based proteins choices can be found, like new  Jackfruit BBQ and Tex-Mex pulled pork style in the refrigerated section.  It's been highly reviewed by both vegans and omnivores, so give it a try!  Simple substitutions like these make your plate more sustainable, and heart healthy!
Take Hawthorn to Heart
Hawthorn berries, leaves and flowers are considered a wonderful herb for all things heart.  Hawthorns are small trees and shrubs with small apple-like fruit known as pomes and are chuck full of antioxidants like bioflavonoids, procyanidins and vitamin C.  Berries, leaves, and flowers of hawthorn are phytochemically similar in composition, differing primarily in the ratio of specific flavonoids and procyanidins.
As a cardiac tonic it has been used for centuries and has shown promise in recent years for lowering blood pressure, hypertension, coronary palpitations, angina, stroke, valve murmurs and enlarged hearts. 
One study with hawthorn extract and a placebo for treating 855 patients with chronic heart failure  found significant improvement in heart workload, increased exercise tolerance, reduced oxygen consumption by the heart, and reduced shortness of breath.  Hawthorn also appears to slightly increase the strength of the cardiac muscle contractions and decrease blood pressure, resulting in increased exercise tolerance and protection against congestive heart failure.

How does it work?
It contains a component called proanthocyanidin which relaxes blood vessels farther from the heart. While its exact mechanism is unclear, research suggests that hawthorn works in part by dilating the arteries and veins, thus lowering blood pressure.   

While there many known benefits to using Hawthorn, it is best to check with your health care practitioner before taking any herbs if you have any medical conditions, pregnant or nursing, or taking medications.  
Some rare adverse effects that have been reported include gastrointestinal disorders, palpitations, headache, and dizziness. 

What To Get?
We carry Hawthorn Berries in capsules by Nature's Sunshine, as well as bulk whole dried organic berries or powdered berries from Frontier.  Steep the berries in hot water to make into a tea, or add the powder in your smoothie or sprinkled in oatmeal.
Check out our In Store FLYER
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***  WELLNESS CENTER  Events***

Thu. Feb 28 
5:30 p - 6:30 p

Led by Suzan Moody, CNHP

Led by Suzan Moody, CNHP

The Bach Flower Remedies help peace and happiness to return to a person, allowing for the management of stress, anxiety, fear and anger.

Made from flowers, these Essences are safe for the whole family - including pets!


Learn which flowers can work best for you. Find your flowers and BLOOM!

Please contact us to register as space is limited. 


With Marie Koch or Bailey Lowe
Tuesdays   6 - 7 pm

YOUNG LIVING Essential Oil Classes:

Join Bailey Lowe or Marie Koch for fun and informative sessions to learn how Essential Oils can add vitality to your life!

Classes are FREE 
Registration is not required, but helpful in case of any last minute cancellations.

February 5th = Lucy Libido's Essential Oils for the Bedroom
with Bailey
Who wants to learn Natural Ways to Support Hormone Balance, Empower yourself to feel beautiful, and bring the spark back between the sheets?!?! Bring $5 if you would like to make a sensual Lucy Libido massage oil or inner thigh potion.

February 12 = Valentine Make & Take Projects
with Marie
For $5 each, make any or all of the following
Love Potion Roll-on
Fresh Kiss Mouthwash
Romantic Linen Spray

February 19th = Young Living's Savvy Minerals Make Up Party
with Bailey
Who wants toxic free make up that works and looks amazing?!?! Join us for a fun girls night as we check out some of Young Living's amazing Savvy Mineral Make up.

February 26th = Essential Oils for Kids
with Bailey
We will be talking about all kinds of way to use Essential oils for the kids in your life! Join us as we go over some easy ways to help with everything from Wellness, Emotional Support, Focus, Sports, and Bedtime.

Marie will also be offering ZytoScans (Zyto Compass Biocommunication Scans) on her class days. 
Only $15 for a set of 3 scans!  This simple assessment uses your skin's electricity to determine biomarkers and the body's systems that are out of balance.

Marie's YL#1567748


Mon - Sat     9 am - 7 pm
Sun              10 am - 7 pm
Celebrating 20 Years!
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