A link to the recording of the Dog Country reading, and information on my Patreon plans.
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The video of my Dog Country reading...

So! That live reading for the award nominated works went pretty well. I read a section from Dog Country (Part I from the five part flashback subplot), and my good friend Alice Dryden joins me in reading from her nominated work, 400 Rabbits. (There are a couple of absolutely wonderful jokes in her piece I love and adore.)

The recording (if you missed it live) can be found below, but there's some other news here too...

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... and a soft launch for my new Patreon!

Patreon! All the cool kids have one, right...?

Well, this goes a bit deeper than that. I explain more on the Patreon page here, but the short version is that I'm not writing as much as I want to be. I've been struggling with mental problems for the last year and a bit, which has been making it difficult for me to be productive. It's time for me to try and get out of my rut, and I think the structure around running a Patreon will help.

If you haven't met Patreon, it's not like conventional crowdfunding - this isn't about selling you guys anything before it's ready. The purpose is to let me share what I'm doing, and for those who want to to support me in doing it. I'm really very new to the concept, so I will be experimenting a lot and re-evaluating what I'm doing with the platform every so often, so things will change and be new and different, and the level of support you might want to provide will, naturally, change too.

So, if you want to join me in my journey of getting back into being a productive writer, Patreon's the place. And if you just want to stick to the mailing list for notifications about new things that are completed, that's also really helpful! (Knowing I have an audience is incredibly helpful!)

As for why it's a soft launch? I'm still figuring it out, and I figure you folks on my mailing list are absolutely the people who'd be interested in this early stage. Basically, I'll be tweaking the page and some of the fine details over the weekend -- and if any of you have feedback about the Patreon you'd like to mail me with, that is both kind and helpful of you -- and I will start promoting it on social media sometime next week.

Feel free to talk about it, though! It's hardly a secret, and you do have a narrow window in which you can tell people you know about it before anyone else does!

Again, thank you so much for all your support. I'm looking forward to having more to share with you all, hopefully soon.

- M.C.
PO Box 56497

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