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Dec 1 – Paganism 101 Service Leader Rae Neal

Dec 8 – Hinduism, Ryan & Ryan

Dec 15 – Faith Like A River- Service Leader Carla Thompson

Dec 22 – Christmas Service - Caroling, Readings &Food.  Live music with Howard Elstro.
Dec 29 – Janus Service , Service Leader Anne Edwards


Dec 7 - Hanging of The Greens @ 6:30 pm
Dec 14- Women of Wonder @ 10:30- 12pm
Dec 17- Green Sanctuary Group @ 6pm
Dec 31- Roaring 20's New Year's Eve Party @ Marilyn Bell's.
Ded 31- New Year's Overnight RE party @ the fellowship.

To see what's happening at UU House you can bookmark this calendar link.

President's Message


Dear Fellowship,
       You may remember some photos of kids writing about their views of God in a recent newsletter.  I had to opportunity to work with the kids one Sunday.  They're learning from the UUA curriculum in a group of lessons called "Big Questions."  The big question I discussed with them is, "does God exist?"  We explored the concept of god as outlined by other UU children, as discussed in our national motto, and as manifested in several UU teachings.  Essentially, the kids are of the mind that god is everywhere there is love - from human relationships to colliding galaxies.  In other words, we have some smart kids upstairs!  I share this for two reasons.  First, I think we all know that children often know things they are experiencing for the first time while adults - sometimes weighed-down by our life experiences - start to lose sight of bits of natural wisdom.  Secondly, I wanted to share because working with the kids was such a great experience!  That lesson helped me connect with some ideas I've been wrestling with for some time.  I would encourage everyone to volunteer to be a part of an RE lesson or to talk with the kids during coffee hour about what they are learning upstairs.  It is very likely you'll learn something; I know I did.
        And, of course the winter holidays are fast approaching.  Check out the rest of the newsletter for exciting programming, the hanging of the greens celebration, and other important updates during this very busy time of the year.  I hope that everyone stays warm and safe and that we all keep learning and growing together!
Take care,
The Religious Education program (RE) is currently using the Tapestry of Faith curriculum "Riddle & Mystery" for sixth graders.  It is being modified for 2nd through 8th grade participants and addresses some of our biggest questions like "why are we here?" and "is there a God?".  The students are also getting reoccurring lessons from RE Director Rae Neal on environmental issues.  If would like to participate in a youth lesson, please contact Carla Thompson or Rae Neal.

Dec 1: Out of Nothing- Carla Thompson
Dec 8: - Thinking of Death- Rae Neal
Dec 15-  Stuff Happens- Jacob King
Dec 22- Christmas Service downstairs
Dec 29-  Janus Service downstairs

Around The Fellowship


Green Sanctuary: Jeff,  Elaine & Mark attended a Micro Farm event in Mansfield Ohio, an OSU Mansfield endeavor, which sparked a lot of ideas related to how helpful this group could be to our community. There are lots of ideas related to long term community investment.  At this time we will focus on starting and growing plants for a plant sale fundraiser for the fellowship & our group while continuing composting, growing & caring for worms,  and lessening our footprint on our planet. 
We have set meeting for Dec.  & Jan.  In an attempt to make them more accessible we will try the 1st & 3rd Tuesday of the month @ 6pm at the fellowship house.   The location may change as we need to be more active with the plants.  
We discussed the possibility of work days where we would all be able to work together and we will make those known to anyone at the fellowship house who is interested in being involved.

Hospitality Chair and Green Sanctuary Member, Violet Kennedy, hands out information at the  Activate Allen County event at the Civic Center .

The Read-a-Lots, the UU Lima book club, will meet on January 22nd, at 6:00 pm, at Louise Daniels' home, to discuss Carolyn Myss' volume, Anatomy of the Spirit.  

On Saturday, December 14th, the Women of Wonder, the UU Women's group, will meet at 10:30 am.  After the meeting all those who are interested will send holiday greetings (Christmas cards) to UU's near and far who are no longer able to attend.

CUP Food Pantry: 4 Lima UU's helped out at the Churches United Pantry on South Pierce on December 2nd.  Next volunteer day is Monday, January 7th.

Coming Up

Northwest Ohio Stoics

We are a community from Northwest Ohio who gather on the 1st and 3rd Sunday morning of the month to study the ancient philosophy and modern practice of Stoicism. We welcome anyone who is open-minded, intellectually curious, and seeking a more meaningful and tranquil life through Stoic philosophy.

What is Stoicism: Rooted in Ancient Greece and Rome, Stoicism is a practical philosophy of personal ethics that emphasizes living a virtuous (wisdom, courage, temperance, justice) life, accepting that some things are in our control while others are not, and living in agreement with nature. The overarching aim/purpose of Stoicism is to nurture eudaimonia (human flourishing/happiness) by living the virtues in agreement/communion with Nature. Our fundamental task is to do this well.

When & Where: Join us the 1st and 3rd Sunday mornings of the month from 9:00am to 10:00am at the Unitarian Universalist Fellowship.

Format: We will follow a four-step format: 1) meditation in the Stoic tradition, 2) study of a Stoic text or topic, 3) discussion, and 4) examination of a Stoic practice.

Generally, our study will be a deep reading of the ancient Stoic writings, and engage in an open-ended, active discussion (not a lecture) of the text and how its insights might apply to our everyday living. Occasionally, we will watch videos, listen to podcasts, and read modern books on Stoicism to spark our discussions.

Inaugural Date: Sunday, February 2, 2020

Organizer: Fred Arzola is a New York City transplant to Lima who enjoys good conversation and the camaraderie of friendly and thoughtful people. A lover of poetry and student of Stoicism, he is currently enrolled in the School of Essential Studies, a division of The College of Stoic Philosophers.

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