Digitalisation as a Driver for Sustainable Business!

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As a leading mega trend of our time, digitalisation holds great potential for businesses of all types. The key question is: how can businesses use digitalisation as a lever for reconciling sustainability and profitability?
Take value chains as an example. In absence of real-time data, many decisions are still made on assumptions. Our new CSCP Senior Project Manager, Victoria Funk explains in an interview how digital solutions can enable transparency and traceability in the value chain. This makes it easier to identify fields of action and define appropriate measures in order to ensure compliance with legal and sustainability requirements and meet consumer demands.
Similarly, transitioning to a Circular Economy, developing new business models or designing modern working environments are not thinkable without the support of digital tools and processes. At the same time, these fields of action have a strategic importance toward greater social and environmental sustainability. Learnings from our recently-concluded project confirm that competitiveness cannot be achieved without a clear commitment to corporate responsibility and the willingness to prepare for the future by taking smart business decisions today. Our handbook focuses on key fields of action, offering SMEs formats and tools for the sustainable digital transformation.
However, many companies, including small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs), face multiple internal and external barriers that inhibit their potential when it comes using digitalisation as a driver for a sustainable business. In our new ITM Twin Transformation project we will engage with SMEs from the IT sector, supporting them to expand their offering and include digital solutions that advance their and their clients' sustainability.
As CSCP Senior Consultant, Milon Gupta explains: “SMEs are the backbone of the German and the European economy. Supporting them will accelerate the transformation of the whole economy.”
Leveraging digitalisation as a driver for sustainable business is key to ensuring a good life for everyone, not just for a few. Are you as driven by this goal as we are? Let us know!
Michael Kuhndt,
CSCP Executive Director

Upcoming Events

"Sustainable & Digital into the Future" – Don’t Miss Our Workshop Series 1 March – 4 May 2023!

Our workshop series as part of WertNetzWerke addresses topics such as energy and resource efficiency, sustainable and digital business models, Circular Economy, and digital tools as enablers for sustainability. Are you an SME interested in exploring these topics to accelerate your journey toward sustainable business? Then, register to join our workshops now!

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Meet Us at the Civil Society Conference on Sustainability Policy in NRW on 24 March 2023

How can a more decisive sustainability policy in North-Rhein Westphalia (NRW) be promoted? What changes and strategies are needed in order to accelerate the implementation of the socio-ecological transformation? On 24 March 2023, the CSCP and other members of the Civil Society Forum on Sustainability in NRW will share topic-specific insights on current policy as well as ideas how to enhance it to maximise impact. Meet us there!
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The First Round of our sustainable.circular Programme Wraps Up Successfully: Join our Webinar on 29 March 2023 for Key Learnings!

Circular approaches and products might not be sustainable by default. Our sustainable.circular programme was designed to capture the gaps between Circular Economy endeavours and sustainability goals and support relevant actors in closing them. Join the final webinar of the first round of the programme to learn about key results and hear from companies involved in the case studies!

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The PSLifestyle Project Will Launch Final Citizen Lab Meetings in 8 European Countries!

Citizens of Portugal, Finland, Estonia, Germany, Slovenia, Italy, Greece and Turkey will have the opportunity to test and co-shape the final features of our PSL tool in a last round of citizen lab meetings. The tool, which has been developed as part of our PSLifestyle project, will support European citizens to measure their ecological impact and create personalised plans how to make their lifestyles more sustainable. Discover the next living labs in your country!

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Starting Projects
New Project Launched to Enable the Twin Transformation for German IT SMEs

Small and medium-sized enterprises are key to a successful sustainable digital transformation. Particularly those in the information technology (IT) sector are in the position of scaling up positive impact by supporting their customers to achieve greater sustainability through digital technologies. Read how our new project ITM Twin Transformation will enable German IT SMEs to transform successfully!

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The CE-RISE Project Has Kicked-Off with Circular Economy and Digitalisation at its Core

Achieving climate neutrality by 2050 is at the core of the European Green Deal. Our new CE-RISE project aims to support this goal by minimising the loss of secondary raw materials and optimising their reuse within value chains. Targeting sectors such as information and communication technologies, the project will develop and pilot an integrated framework and resource information system. 

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Project Updates
The GOALAN Project trained 146 Kenyan Farmers on Sustainable Production and Consumption Practices

Over 146 Kenyan smallholder farmers have been trained on and adopted climate-smart and sustainable farming practices as part of our GOALAN project. The trained farmers banded together, establishing the Lake Naivasha Basin Sustainable Horticultural Farmers group to upscale positive impact beyond the project cycle. 

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How Civil Society Can Support Social Cohesion in the Urban Transformation

How can civil society actors, such as neighbourhood initiatives, create settings for inclusive participation? Our recently concluded Urban Up project co-designed and implemented a pilot project in a heterogenous neighbourhood in Wuppertal, Germany to foster social cohesion but also explore barriers and opportunities toward less social fragmentation. Read the project’s findings!
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 On the Road to a Circular Home Furnishing Branch with IKEA Germany

A global leader in the home furnishing sector, IKEA has committed to becoming circular by 2030. IKEA Germany collaborated with the CSCP on analysing current market conditions in German, including policy aspects and consumer perspectives. Read the full story!
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 Did You Miss Our Workshop “Accelerating Circular Behaviours: How Can Digitalisation Help Us?” – Watch the Recording Now!

What are the missing pieces in the puzzle in order to mainstream circularity among European consumers? What can specific stakeholders do? How can digitalisation play a supportive role in this process? Together with businesses, we discussed such questions at our webinar as part of the European Circular Economy Stakeholder Conference. Watch the recording now!

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New Team Members

“It is our Task to Face Social and Environmental Needs Responsibly!” - Interview with Victoria Funk, CSCP Senior Project Manager

"As a curious and open-minded enabler, I look forward to enhancing the interaction between the private sector, policymakers, research, and civil society. In the end, it’s all about building powerful collaborations that actively contribute to the twin sustainable digital transformation.”, says Victoria Funk, new CSCP Senior Project Manager. Get to know her in this interview!
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“We Can Turn Digitalisation into a Key Driver for Sustainable Business!” - Interview with Senior Consultant Milon Gupta

In the face of multiple crises, the twin sustainable digital transformation can be a lever for positive change. In this interview, new CSCP Senior Consultant Milon Gupta explains what this means for specific actors, such as small and medium-sized companies, and how they could tap into its potential.
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The Handbook Presents Formats & Tools for the Sustainable Digital Transformation in SMEs

The handbook is available to SMEs that want to identify where their biggest potential lies in the digital sustainable twin transformation. It includes deep dives on six action fields, such as Circular Economy or digital participation and skills, and various workshop formats that companies can replicate. Check it out!
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The Final Report of the Dialogue Forum Highlights Companies’ Commitment and Engagement to Reduce Food Waste

The final report of the Dialogue Forum for the Reduction of Food Waste in Wholesale and Retail reviews the achievements of the 23 involved companies. This includes 88 reduction measures internally, 62 reduction measures at the interfaces with suppliers, 52 measures to improve food redistribution, the provision of relevant food waste data, and the drafting of an ambitious target agreement towards achieving SDG 12.3 on food waste reduction.

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New Report Presents Circular Economy Practices Across European Cities

European cities are accelerating their transition toward the Circular Economy. Torres Vedras is using public procurement to invest in sustainable school meals, Copenhagen is boosting innovation toward radical solutions for waste management, while in Ljubljana citizens are encouraged to create their own circular solutions. The Circular Cities Declaration report presents best practices from across Europe for further uptake and replication.

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