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Mayors Message - December 16, 2020, Regular Council Meeting 
On December 8th, Premier Ford and retired General Rick Hillier, the Chair of the COVID-19 Vaccine Distribution Task Force, held a conference call with municipal Heads of Council to provide information on the imminent distribution and use of the first COVID-19 vaccines to be received by the Province of Ontario.  After an independent and thorough scientific review for safety, effectiveness and quality, Health Canada has authorized the use of the Pfizer-BioNTech COVID-19 Vaccine in individuals 16 years of age and older.
The province has committed to distributing the vaccines to priority populations in the highest risk areas in Grey-Lockdown and Red-Control zones first.  In Phase 1 of the vaccination program, the population to be vaccinated in these zones includes health care workers, the residents, essential caregivers, and staff of congregate care settings for seniors, adult recipients of chronic home health care, and adults in First Nations, Métis, and Inuit populations.  In Phase 2, as more stock of the vaccine becomes available, these same populations will be vaccinated in other areas of the province.  Phase 3 will see vaccines widely available for every Ontarian who wants to be immunized.  Phase 1 vaccinations will begin in December and January.  How soon immunization will be available to everyone depends on the province receiving adequate vaccine to complete Phase 2.  Please note that this is going to take some time.       
Still, it’s reassuring to know vaccines are on their way and the disruption of this pandemic will finally come to an end.  In the meantime, we should all remain vigilant and follow the advice of Public Health.  On December 11th, Dr. Cushman, Acting Medical Officer of Health for the Renfrew County and District Health Unit issued a Travel Advisory for residents of Renfrew County.  According to Dr. Cushman, “Almost all cases in Renfrew County and District can be traced to travel, folks who came into the region or those who travelled out and returned.”  He is recommending that travel be suspended into the new year, and advising the holidays need to be spent at home with members of our own household.  Holiday safety guidance, activity ideas, and gathering recommendations are available on the Health Unit’s website.  Let’s all do our part by planning a safe holiday season this year.
This is the last regular Council meeting of 2020.  Our next Council in Committee meeting will be held at 10:00 a.m. on January 7, 2021.  On behalf of Council and municipal staff, I’d like to wish all of Madawaska Valley a very Merry Christmas and a Happy, healthy New Year! 
Mayor Kim Love
Service Awards Recognition in 2020
The Township of Madawaska Valley’s Municipal Service Awards celebrate the service achievements of the most important resource this organization has: our dedicated employees and volunteer firefighters.  Their effort, skills and expertise bring the municipality’s vision to life, delivering the quality services our community relies on every day.
Throughout the current pandemic, we have experienced the importance of team work in pulling together to safely respond to our community’s needs.  Employees have gone above and beyond to implement the recommendations of Public Health in the workplace, to balance work from home with evolving family needs, and to implement new technologies that increase transparency and public interest in municipal operations.  Our volunteer firefighters have risen to the task of maintaining critical emergency services while minimizing potential health risks.  Successfully meeting these challenges requires the kind of dedication, loyalty and commitment to service excellence that is recognized by these Service Awards. 
Our Honourees have all achieved another milestone in their many years of service.  In an ever-changing municipal environment, that is something well worth celebrating!  On behalf of Council, I’d like to thank our Honourees and express our deepest gratitude to each and every one of them for making Madawaska Valley a fantastic place to live, work and play. 
Thank you!

Raymond Mask – Raymond is celebrating 35 years at the Township.  He is the Facility Manager at the Paul J. Yakabuski Community Centre, ball fields and outdoor rink.  His duties include monitoring programs, coordinating rentals and maintenance of the facilities.
Kenny Shalla –  Kenny is celebrating his 20 year anniversary.  He is an equipment operator who is responsible for conducting general maintenance functions for roads, waste sites and parks.
Gwen Dombroski – Gwen is celebrating her 10 year anniversary, she is the Deputy Clerk/Communications Coordinator who executes the statutory and advisory duties as well as performs a wide variety of functions, including coordinating meetings, takes minutes, produce reports and provides the communications for the Township.   
Matthew Baklinski and Richard Palubeskie are celebrating 10 years on the Volunteer Fire Department.  They are part of a team that participates in fire training, drills, maintaining equipment, fire suppression prevention and education.
David Afelskie celebrated his 35 years as a Volunteer Firefighter.  He was the Township of Madawaska Valley’s First Fire Chief and also worked in the capacity of the Fire Prevention Office.  David is now enjoying retirement.
Thank you for the role you have played as a member of the Township of Madawaska Valley team. 
 Council Highlights from December 16, 2020, Regular Council Meeting and December 1, 2020, Council in Committee Meeting
Operations  Roads and Waste Management:
  • Staff was requested to pursue the County of Renfrew in the Spring to consider parking spaces on County Road 62 Northside from Hargreaves Lane in an Easterly direction.
  • Council and Staff agreed there was merit in considering a Mutual Assistance Agreement with the County of Renfrew in the event of an emergency, and Staff was requested to provide input and clarification with the County of Renfrew working group and bring updates back to Council.
  • Paugh Lake Road is completed for the season; tie-ins and shouldering will be completed in the Spring.
OperationsWater/Wastewater and Facilities:
  • The third quarter Barry’s Bay Drinking Water and Wastewater System Reports were presented and reviewed with no outstanding matters.
  • The water meter installation was a smooth transition, and the new technology can produce daily and periodic reports. A template of the report will be presented at the next Council in Committee Meeting.
  • Council was informed about the Lane Street water main leak and that it has been repaired with preventative measures in place. The repair included updating the aging infrastructure. It will ensure that should there be a disruption or a leak at St. Francis Herb Farm in the future, it will not result in disruption or water loss for Lane Street residents.
  • Council accepted the Madawaska Valley Water Rate Study and Water and Wastewater System Condition Assessments.
Fire Department and Protection Services
  • Council and Staff, as per statutory requirements, reviewed and accepted the Emergency Management Plan with no noted changes for 2020.
  • The County of Renfrew was Awarded the 2022 Winter Ontario Winter Games
  • Council encouraged residents and businesses to participate in the Stationary Parade scheduled for Sunday, December 20, 2020, between 5:00 p.m. and 7:00 p.m. at the Paul J. Yakabuski Community Centre parking lot.
  • Council reviewed staff reports on the significant renovations required at the Paul J. Yakabuski Community Centre, including estimates to debenture, lifecycle cost, and timelines. Grant funding has been applied for and was not successful.
Council agreed to:
  • Postpone a decision on debenturing until after establishing that there is no forthcoming infrastructure funding announced at the Rural Ontario Mayor’s Forum or the Ontario Good Roads Association conferences scheduled for January and February
  • Direct Staff to give notice that the rehabilitation of the PJYCC will be further discussed at the January 7, 2020, Council in Committee Meeting, allowing the public sufficient time to provide written input (send letters to and be included at that meeting.
  • A representative from Infrastructure Ontario will be invited to speak at the January 7, 2020, (pending availability) Council in Committee Meeting regarding funding/borrowing programs available to the Municipality.
                Council also directed Staff to be shovel-ready by retaining an Engineering Firm to draft the tender documents with a phased approach to the renovation with the ice slab replacement (approx. 1.46 million) and associated components prioritized.  The costs of the tender process will be taken from reserves.  A Special Council Meeting in February will be scheduled to further discuss the renovations.                                                 

Renfrew County Selected to Host 2022 Ontario Winter Games

PEMBROKE: Today, the Minister of Heritage, Sport, Tourism and Culture Industries, along with the Minister of Natural Resources and Forestry announced that Renfrew County has been selected to host the Ontario Winter Games in March 2022.
The announcement was made today by the Honourable Lisa MacLeod, Minister of Heritage, Sport, Tourism and Culture Industries, and the Honourable John Yakabuski, MPP for Renfrew—Nipissing—Pembroke and Minister of Natural Resources and Forestry.
“Congratulations to the County of Renfrew on its successful bid to host athletes from across the province for the 2022 Ontario Winter Games,” said Lisa MacLeod, Minister of Heritage, Sport, Tourism and Culture Industries. “The Games will boost the local economy and help with the recovery from COVID-19, while strengthening our sports and tourism sectors, and leaving a lasting legacy on the County of Renfrew and its municipalities. I am looking forward to supporting our high-performing athletes as they return to the podium and showcase what our province truly has to offer.”
"This is tremendous news for Renfrew County.  We all know what we have to offer here and will now have the opportunity to showcase it to the entire country.  I believe hosting the Games will result in an increase in tourism not only during the games but long after they are completed.  I want to congratulate the County of Renfrew and thank Minister MacLeod for choosing us,” said Minister Yakabuski.
"Renfrew County is pleased to have been chosen as the home for the 2022 Ontario Winter Games; we are very excited to have the opportunity to welcome some of the best athletes in the country.  Preparations for this event will involve the collaboration and support from all our municipalities and the Algonquins of Pikwakanagan as partners;” said Warden of the County of Renfrew Debbie Robinson. “We look forward to working with Games Ontario to make this a successful and rewarding games.” “This is a wonderful opportunity for Renfrew County to showcase all that we have to offer," she added.
The games will see more than 3,000 athletes, coaches, and officials come to the county to compete in more than 20 different sports.  This event will assist in developing their athletic skills to advance to national and international competitions.  The games are expected to give a boost to our local economy, with an increase of visitors and volunteers, and will create opportunities that will leave a legacy for communities by supporting sports, recreation and education. Support from Local Municipalities, the Algonquins of Pikwakanagan, Garrison Petawawa and private sector partners will be key to ensuring success. The Province of Ontario will be providing logistical support and financial support for costs such as hosting and feeding the athletes, transportation, promotion, facility and equipment rentals and more. 
For more information please call:
Paul Moreau            Chief Administrative Officer/Clerk, County of Renfrew                  613-735-7288
Michael Barber       Media Relations/Grants Coordinator, County of Renfrew                         613-735-7288
Curbside Collection for Organics in Winter Months
Please note that plastic bags, including compostable plastic bags, are NOT allowed in the Organics Stream and will be rejected during curbside pickup.

To ensure that the contents of your bin do not freeze and stick to the sides during the winter months, we are requesting that you line your bin with newspaper, light cardboard material or a paper bag (no plastic). To also avoid frozen solid bins, crumple newspaper and place it in between the layers of organics to ensure the materials don’t freeze in a solid block (making it difficult to empty the bin during collection). Other options may include:
  • Line your bin with Bag to Earth's (available locally) food waste paper bags, newspaper, cereal boxes or other paper bags (such as paper potato bags, dog food bags, etc). Alternatively, duct-tape a plastic bag into the green bin (so that the bag does not come out when the contents are dumped into the collection truck)
  • To help avoid odours, sprinkle baking soda into the green bin, and wrap any meats or dairy products in newspaper
  • To safely clean, use vinegar, baking soda or regular dishwashing soap
  • To deter pests, such as raccoons, wipe the outside of the bin with a strong disinfectant (e.g. Pine Sol, Lysol, Mr. Clean). It may take several treatments to permeate the plastic
  • Be sure to remove any packaging from food or other organics before placing them in the bin
  • Use a cardboard box in lieu of your green bin at the curb. This way the collectors can throw the box along with the Organics into the truck. Note: Do this only in the winter as the summer could lead to animal problems.
Thank You
Mr. Hilary Kutchkoskie,
Operations Manager
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