Bench Staff Code of Conducts still not handed in!

Please note, these were due Nov 15 and need to be submitted ASAP.  If I have included a team that has already submitted it, or the team doesn't exist please let me know.

Barrie - all teams 
Burlington - U8
Cambridge - U9, U12PP, U16A, 18+AA
Markham - all teams
Markham Women - 18+C
Mississauga - U16R, 18+A
Niagara Falls - U8
Paris - 18+AA
Toronto Ladies - 18+B
York Simcoe - 18+B

MED Course

Do you or your coaches still need the MED course?  Central Region is hosting one on Dec 19 from 9-1 in Whitby.  Click here for more details.

Coaching Directors:
Do you want to know how to look up your coaches transcripts in the locker?  All you need is their NCCP # and last name and click
We have completed hosting clinics in Southern Region this season.
Ontario Ringette Coaching Requirements
Sign up for Coaching Clinics here
Question: What is MED?
Answer: Making Ethical Decisions (MED) is a course run by the NCCP that is mandatory for all ringette coaches.  It is comprised of a course and an online evaluation.

Question: I am a new coach this year.  Do I need the MED course?  
Answer: Yes.  You can sign up here

Question: What do I do after I take the MED course?
Answer: You must take the online evaluation prior to Jan 8 here
Question: I took MED last year.  Do I need to take it again?
Answer: If you successfully passed the MED evaluation in a prior year, you do not need to take it again.
Question: I heard I can complete MED course online.  Is that true?
Answer: The CAO does offer it occasionally online, but they limit the amount of registrants and it fills up quickly.
Question: Can I challenge the MED course and just take the evaluation?
Answer: No.  Ringette Canada and Ontario Ringette have stated that the course is mandatory prior to taking the evaluation.
Question: What if I can't make the MED clinic that is being offered by Ringette?
Answer: You will need to take it with another sport.  You can find the calendar of courses here 

Coaches: Have you taken the Competition Introduction (CI) course this season? There is a bursury available that may be able to put some money back in your pocket. You can apply here.
To find out how many PD points you currently have login into your locker here

Need PD points?  Check out these options:

Making Headway
Multi-Sport courses
Active Coaching Declaration

Southern Region Ringette website
Ontario Ringette website
Ringette Canada website
Ontario Ringette Associaton Operating Manual
Request a Competition Introduction Evaluation
Ringette Skills Video - Shooting
"Ring Handling" Skills video
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