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Edition 21
Dear Sponsor,

Hen house
Wow, we sold all our first chickens and the kids helped with the slaughtering. To make the selling more easy we made different rooms. A visit from the veterinarian asked for a lot of changes. We just made a new house for the chickens, because they may not be under the same roof. Now our hen house is too warm and we need to remove all the corrugated sheets. It keeps us busy.

New boys
For a moment I forgot how many attention and energy new boys ask. They bring in a lot of new energy in the house. In the morning the boys are home schooled. In the afternoon they help with tasks in- and outside the house and they have activities.
In the first weeks some of the new boys had difficulties with staying. They ran away a few times or someone was sitting in front of the gate, in a tree or on the wall. By ignoring the negative behavior as much as possible and reward them enormously when they do something positive, it gets better and better.
One of the new boys is Jack. Jack is the little brother of Tony. Their father is not able to take good care of his children. Jack began to skip school and ended up on the streets. The father bagged us to take Jack into our home and help him. He is doing very well and even starts to talk English. He is smiling the whole day and sings when he is cleaning.
There is also an old acquaintance among the new boys. The people who have seen our you-tube films, have already met Salim. He is the lead singer of No-Worries. He came back and this time it seems that he is ready for the change.
Than we have Ali our big troublemaker, Ibrahim who is really eager to learn and Davis who wants it so bad, but it’s not quit working out yet. They all found there place in the group and now we have 17 residents in the BeHoCa home.
Three months ago Ali came to visit BeHoCa. Apparently he likes it, because he is still with us. Officially he may not live with us, because he is too old. Together with Ali we are discovering what he wants to do in the future. We are exploring the possibility’s for him to live on his own, with support where needed. We do need extra sponsors for this new development. When we have got it all figured out we will come back to you. But if you already want to sponsor Ali now, you can send us a message!
Masaai Mara
We have great news for our boys. Via via we met someone who owns a camp in the Masaai Mara. The boys have been invited for a week of safari and back to basic. We leave on the 12th of December to Nairobi and we will stay in the biggest slum of Nairobi.
After a tour and some activities we will go to the Masaai Mara. Campfire, warrior activities, traditional singing and dance and interaction with the locals will be important. Of course we will try to see animals. With a lot of luck we hope the boys may enter a Rhino park. It will be so amazing that they will see elephants for the first time in their life, or lions.
This trip will cost the foundation extra money. But we really need to take this amazing chance. We find it very important that the boys see what their own country has to offer and why they have got to be economical with its nature.
All the boys are looking forward to this trip. They are also going to help in the costs. They are going to sell ice creams and juice. This way we can pay for the goat for the traditional dance and to show our gratefulness towards the locals who made this trip possible.

We are looking for extra donations for this trip. If you want to give BeHoCa a ‘Christmas donation’, you can donate money on our bank account citing Masaai Mara. Thank you so much for your help! This will be a week that the boys will never forget.
‘We don't remember days… we remember moments’
Interns & Volunteers
Among the volunteers there was an old acquaintance. After two years Aunti Mariska came to visit us again. We were very happy to see auntie again! Luckily the boys had vacation, so auntie could enjoy her stay very well. It was also very good for the boys to learn that goodbye’s don’t have to be for good.
We welcomed Auntie Femke and Auntie Tessa. Both are here for their internship for 5 months. They settled and are now working hard to gain their internship. We wish you both good luck, but most of all a lot of fun!
Aunti Femke has a visitor at the moment. Her mother is staying in Kenya for two weeks. We wish Auntie Jolanda an awesome time during her stay!
Asante Sana, thank you,


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