Newsletter Year 2017
Edition 23
Dear Sponsor,

A new year, a new beginning. We have ended 2016 with PRIDE.
We are:
PROUD of our sponsors and supporters, thanks to you BeHoCa has become to what it is today. We wouldn’t have come this far without you!
PROUD of our boys. They are doing very well at school, are helping in and around the house, they are sociable and are children again. We have welcomed four new boys to our family.
PROUD of how big they have become, they are growing so fast. Sometimes I feel really small.
PROUD on the fact that they have started their own ‘business’. They make fresh juices and home made cake and sell these.
PROUD of our first project to become more self sufficient and generate extra income. Our chicken project is still going with ups and sometimes enormous downs, so it costs a lot of energy. Together with the boys we are learning a lot and are making our future stronger.
We thank you so much for your faith in us and your help in the last year. All this for these very sweet, but also complex, boys! We feel strengthened to keep going on this new year and to keep evolving.
Masai Mara
The boys didn’t close their eyes for one second during the 12 hour bus trip. They didn’t want to miss anything. For some of them this was rewarded by seeing elephants!
A stay in the slums, back to the reality of many children in Kenya; Sleep in safari tents with 5 boys on one mattress; Play soccer with Masai children in the Masai Mara; Seeing elephants, giraffes, antelope, leopards, hippo’s, hyena’s and hundreds of zebra’s. Words are not enough. It was an unforgettable journey. We are very grateful to everyone who made this possible for us. Finally some quality time with my boys, without the daily life stress. I am so thankful for this!!! We have enjoyed this so much. I could write a book about this great adventure, but pictures say more than words can do.
10 (long) weeks of vacation
The holiday of the boys started in November. The activity program was ready and is used many times. Keeping 19 boys busy is a big challenge. Ten weeks can be a long time. But they have done so many things!
Family’s were visited and for those who didn’t go on a family visit went to the cinema. Birthdays were celebrated, also the one of Sinterklaas.
The boys had sold a lot of juice and cakes for their Masai Mara trip to save money for a goat. The plan was to have a goat barbecue on the last evening in the Mara. Unfortunately things did not work out this way due to several circumstances. Thanks to Auntie Tina, who visited us, we still had our goat barbecue. The barbecue was at Nuguuni nature and it looked like the Masai Mara. There even were giraffes!
Christmas was at the doorstep so the house became decorated. We celebrated Christmas with food: Lasagna, lettuce and chicken. We ended Christmas with the Polar Express. New Year was celebrated like we always do: with circa 10 DVDs in the new DVD-player, donated by Auntie Romy. Angaze Initiative visited us during the holiday. Activities, pep talks, team-building and food, all in one day!
The boys had a football match with another home, Umoja Nyumbani. Our boys have won of course. As closure of the holiday we had a campfire.
Salim, Jack, Ali and Ibrahim are now going to school since a long time. They were very nervous. Everything new. All the boys could not wait to go to school again. And we, the staff, interns and volunteer, could catch up with some sleep. Due to different circumstances we had to say goodbye to Davis. We have reunited him with his family.
Within the last few months there have been several actions to support BeHoCa, besides the actions and donations named above, wauw!
In the Maria Magdalene church in Geffen was the shoe-box action for BeHoCa again. The shoe-boxes were filled with many things for our boys. We still receive donations via Doelshop through the online shopping. Money has been collected for BeHoCa during the 80 hour (!!!) Goose Game world record attempt by Guus, Marcel, Stijn and Max. Auntie Annemiek is selling sausage rolls to raise money for the Marathon Rotterdam she is going to run, which will be donated to BeHoCa.
In Kenya we have received several donations in the form of clothes, food and money.

We appreciate this involvement very much, it is still needed. Through these actions we can do extra things for our boys. For example, through one of these actions we were able to buy new schoolbooks, bags, shoes and uniforms for our new boys.
Thank you so much for everyone’s involvement and contributions!

It is not happy people who are thankful, its thankful people who are happy.

With kind regards,


Stichting BeHoCa
De Rosmolen 24

BeHoCa Foundation
Postbox 95943-80106
Mkomani, Mombasa Kenya

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