Newsletter Year 2016 
Edition 18

Dear Sponsor,

Unfortunately we have not managed to send this newsletter before. We would like to bring this newsletter to your attention better late than never.

Happy New Year! We hope that 2016 will be a great year for everyone!
For BeHoCa 2015 was a year with many struggles. Luckily we managed to deal with all the problems and hope for a more calm 2016.

In November there was a hospital appointment planned for Ali. When we had found him he went to the hospital with Peter. Eventually Ali and Peter waited more then a week at the hospital.
Unfortunately Ali dit not get the operation he was promised, due to the local corruption. People from the village were more important than people from the outside. There was a team of surgeons who operated people for free for one week. Really sad for Ali. He is also losing his faith in God, but we are not giving up. We want a good ending for this all, so that he can use his arm properly again.
To be continued...
New boys
In the last months BeHoCa took in three boys.
Ndigha came back. He is still struggling a lot. We had to pick him off the streets eight times already. Dennis (± 8 years) and Shadrack (± 9 years) are living with us since November. The parents of both boys disappeared. The boys bagged for money to survive and they payed older boys money for a ‘save’ sleeping place.
A boy named Brian stayed a little while at BeHoCa, but he could not get used to a life with structure. This week a new boy will come to live with us. He comes from another institution. His name is Peter and he is 14 years old. He knows a lot about the vegetable garden and he really wants to go to school.
We wish all the boys the best and welcome each and everyone of them to the family.
Ndigha Dennis Shedrack
Changes at BeHoCa
A few changes have been made at BeHoCa. Peter switched function. First he was our cook/cleaner. Now he is the caretaker of the compound and our animals. He is singing again and enjoying his work a lot. Norine took over his function. She is doing very well and all the boys love her food.
After 2,5 years of working with Raj, the mentor of the boys, we had to say goodbye to him. We wish him all the best.

Last year we placed Meshack back with his mom. Unfortunately this did not turn out the way we would liked it to be. After consulting everyone we decided to put Meshack back at BeHoCa. He wanted this very much.
Jacob wanted to live with his aunt and family. We think Jacob is stable enough to take this opportunity. His aunt is a strict and sweet woman. We believe this will work out very well, so we placed him at his aunt in the Holidays. We wish Jacob all the best and of course we will keep in contact with him!

Family visits
During the holiday three boys went on a trip. They visited family or looked for them, and they searched for several documents.
Jacob looked for his father. Sadly he passed away three years ago. The ethos was very hostile, so we did not want te leave Jacob there. The land of the father belongs to Jacob now, so his stepmother was not happy to see him.
Brian was welcomed very warmly by his grandmother, grandfather and uncle. His mother was not happy to see him, because Brian does not want to live with her. Now she ignores him.
Evans joined the trip to look for the death certificate of his mother. He found the document and had a nice evening with his uncle.
We received several amazing donations. These donations make BeHoCa’s future a lot more stable. One day we hope to buy something of our own, so that we do not have to pay rent any more and never have to move again.
In the meanwhile we will start opening our chicken farm. This has been donated by the Ankie Hak Foundation. The building materials have been purchased and the construction will start soon.
We received an amazing donation from Brand Charity. Without Brach Charity we would have been bankrupt right now. Thanks to them everything is possible again. Thank you so much for your support!

On the 29th of November there was a shoe-box action in the Maria Magdalena church in Geffen, the Netherlands. The children of the church filled shoe boxes with toys, school materials, care products and much more! These boxes have been donated to BeHoCa. There are 52 shoe boxes which are waiting to be handed out in Mombasa.
After the service Sinterklaas and his Pieten came to the church and the mother of Melissa told a few things about BeHoCa and about what Melissa is doing in Mombasa.
We want to thank the Maria Magdalena church in Geffen again so much for their ongoing support!

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