August Newsletter

Carolina Clay Matters is an equal opportunity organization. We will do everything in our power to provide access to all. Please contact us (see the Board Members listed above), if anyone in your party has a special need so that we can be sure to provide equal access.

What an inspirational and fun workshop we had in July. We received an email from Jenny Lou Sherburne stating what a fabulous and rewarding experience it was presenting to our guild who were so helpful, organized, and engaged. We do have a great group!

I don’t know about you all, but I am struggling to keep up with everything. Don’t know if it is the atmosphere or getting older, but I now have to constantly check my calendar. These days it means consolidating my calendars first! So please look at the newsletter calendar and get it on your main calendar so you won’t miss anything.

Meanwhile, try to stay cool and happy potting!

Speaking of cool - did you get your neck fans yet? After the share at the workshop, I went on Amazon.

See you soon,


June 30, 2022 Financial Summary

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Artist Spotlight

Lauren attended Tulane University in New Orleans. Tulane’s ties to Newcomb Pottery run deep. Check out Newcomb Pottery online for a detailed and fascinating history. Because of the Newcomb relationship, Tulane had an exemplary ceramics department. Lauren’s professor was an Alfred graduate who was full of knowledge she imparted on her students. After her undergraduate Lauren moved to Boston, set up a small studio, and continued making hanging planters and mugs which were the prominent pottery items folks collected at the time. She soon realized she couldn’t support herself with that alone and went to school for her Masters degree. She worked in corporate America for many years during which time she was “too tired for ceramics.” Her appreciation for the craft remained and she found herself collecting pieces from craft fairs.

Fast forward 45 years. Lauren’s been living in Charlotte for 20 years, having moved here from New York. It’s 2019 and she takes a Muddy Fun, 2-hour program at Clayworks. It drew her right back in! She started pottery classes, and after just one semester, Clayworks shutdown due to the pandemic. Once it reopened, she was right back in the studio and taking classes. Nowadays, Lauren rents shelf space at Clayworks and makes all her pottery there. She considers herself a functional potter, making contemporary pieces. She uses primarily white and clear glazes on cone 5-6 porcelain. She carves simple designs, slip trails white on white, and slip transfers. All of her slip transfers are original designs. Lauren shared that the most challenging part of the process is glazing. She said “glazing is the last chance to screw up.”

Currently you can find Lauren’s work in one retail shop, at local popups and at Clayworks twice a year sale. Please introduce yourself and welcome her to the Guild at our next meeting.

Live Demo by Juliann Roush: Creative Forms and Surface Designs

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Our apologies to Celena Burnett in the misspelling of her name in the last newsletter. We were obviously just too enthusiastic that Celena will be our new Programs Volunteer in 2023.

Firing a gas kiln is like an affair with a fiendish lover
Some of the results are unwanted but the excitement and romance are exhilarating
You are compelled to return over and over
The suspense grips your attention like a sunset over water,
the smoke of a volcano, the luster of a pearl.

- Dianna Bessette (guild member)