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Special Edition Newsletter: 2022 Resolutions

February 25, 2022
This publication contains time-sensitive information generally directed to Club Executives and members and pertains to CFUW activities and events. Please send relevant pieces to all Club Members. 
2022 Proposed Resolutions 
Process for club review & amendments
Proposed Resolutions for August 2022 Policy Session
  1. Archiving Selected Policies I – CFUW Advocacy Committee
  2. Archiving Selected Policies II – CFUW Advocacy Committee
  3. Strengthening Employment Equity - CFUW Nelson & District 
  4. Tightening Bail Laws to Protect Victims of Intimate Partner Violence – UWC North York
  5. Violence against Women in Politics – CFUW Oakville
  6. A Clean, Healthy & Sustainable Environment is a Human Right – CFUW Headwaters

Thank you to CFUW Oakville, CFUW Headwaters (formerly Orangeville and District), CFUW Nelson and District, UWC North York and the CFUW Policy Book Review Sub-Committee working with the CFUW Advocacy Committee. We appreciate the thoughtful attention you have given to the preparation of the Resolutions.

The next step is for Clubs to study and debate each Resolution; the Resolved Clauses, Background, Implementation and Bibliography, and, if you believe it will improve a Resolution, to propose Amendments to the Resolved Clauses. An amendment is a proposed change that is relevant to the subject of the Resolved Clause but does not introduce a new subject.Click here for a guide for club review of a CFUW resolution. Click here for the CFUW Policy Book. 

Amendments to Proposed Resolutions
In addition to Amendments to the Resolved Clauses, you may suggest changes to the Background, Implementation and Bibliography for Proposers’ consideration. At the CFUW Policy Session in August, the Resolved Clauses are the only part of the Resolution subject to a vote.

Click here to access the Amendment Form (Appendix D of the Resolutions Information & Guidelines Document). Please use a separate form for each Resolution Amendment. For the full Resolutions & Guidelines Document, click here.

Email your Amendments by April 15th to Charlotte Akin and to Grace Hollett who will acknowledge receipt and forward to Proposers. If Clubs do not receive confirmation that their amendments have been received, please contact Grace & Charlotte again at and Deadline for receipt of amendments is April 15. Deadline for proposers to notify Clubs if their amendments have been accepted is May 15.

The proposer of each resolution will review all the amendments received for that proposed resolution and will work with the Resolutions Committee to finalize the wording of their Resolutions. A proposed amendment may be accepted or rejected and Clubs will be informed about their proposed Amendment by May 15. If accepted, amendments will be incorporated into the amended resolution. Similar proposed amendments may be combined to strengthen a Resolved Clause. If not accepted, there is still an opportunity for its proposer to bring such proposed amendment forward at the Proposers and Amenders meeting in May 2022, or on the floor when the Resolution is presented at the August Policy Session. The Amended Proposed Resolutions for the CFUW AGM will be placed on the CFUW admin website at and circulated via the Club Action Newsletter. The French editions of the Resolutions will be posted on receipt of the translations. French-speaking Clubs will be informed on receipt.

For additional information about this process please check Resolutions Guidelines and Policy 2021-2022. If you have any questions about this process, please contact, me at and copy to

- Grace Hollett, on behalf of the CFUW Resolutions Committee (Click here for a Word document version of this announcement)

Summary of 2022 Resolution Process and Schedule

The chart below shows progress to February 24, 2022 in the Resolution Process in preparation for the virtual Policy session immediately following the AGM during the last weekend of August 2022. The CFUW Resolutions Committee thanks the following for their continued contribution to CFUW through their proposed Resolutions for this year: CFUW Policy Sub-Committee with the Advocacy Committee, CFUW Nelson and District, CFUW Oakville, CFUW Headwaters (formerly Orangeville and District) and UWC North York.
- Grace Hollett, on behalf of the CFUW Resolutions Committee

DATE PROCESS ACTION as of 24 02 22
November 15, 2021 Deadline for the submission of Intent to Submit a Resolution
November 15-30, 2021 CFUW Resolutions Committee reviews submitted Intents
November 30, 2021 Resolution Intents published
January 31, 2022 Resolutions due (Resolved Clause(s), Background, Implementation and Bibliography) to Resolutions Chair
January 31-February 15
CFUW Resolutions Committee reviews submitted Resolutions and provides feedback to proposers
February 15-February 28, 2022 Proposers make changes based on feedback from CFUW Resolutions Committee and confirms all Bibliography hyperlinks are active
March 2, 2022 Resolutions published for Club review
Sent to Clubs via Club Action Newsletter February 24, 2022
March 2-April 15, 2022 Clubs Review Resolutions
April 15, 2022 Proposers to receive amendments by this date
Clubs will be contacted confirming receipt of amendments
May 15, 2022 Deadline for Proposers to advise Amenders regarding acceptance or rejection of their amendments
Late May Proposers and Amenders Workshop – discussion
As soon as possible after the Proposers and Amenders Workshop
All amended Resolutions to be forwarded to Resolutions Chair for translation of changes and publication  
Last weekend in August with AGM. CFUW Policy Session – Proposers  present Resolutions in a virtual session.  

NOTE: – If a deadline falls on a weekend or holiday, the effective date becomes the first working date after the stated date.

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