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Services This Week
Sunday, April 3

9:00 am Holy Communion BAS

10:30 am Holy Communion BAS with Children's Program

This week's Service Bulletin

Please remember the following in your prayers this week.
Bobbi-Jo C

Loretta D

Barb G

Rick H

Dawn L

Paul R

Sue S

Erika W

Dear friends,  

How is it that Jesus’ life, lived on earth so long ago, has come to affect so much of human history and very nearly every human community? How is it that his message of God’s kingdom, which he himself declared to at most a few thousand people in first-century Palestine, has come to be embraced by billions of people from cultures very different than his own?  These cultures were not thinking about God’s kingdom. They were not waiting for a Messiah. They did not look at the world in that way at all, and yet so many of them are now captivated by the promise of God’s kingdom and God’s Messiah. How is it that the hope of the Risen Jesus, seen initially by little more than a dozen people, has come to be the single greatest source of hope for countless millions? 

Our gospel reading from John 20:19-31 provides the essential clue to this mystery. In it we read about Jesus commissioning his first followers and friends to go into the world as he was first sent into the world, after which he gives them the gift of the Holy Spirit. 

God’s Spirit working through God’s people: that is how all of the above has come to pass. That is how God’s kingdom continues to grow, and that is how the message of forgiveness and the promise of new life continues to spread.

I hope you’re able to join us this week as we explore the mission that has been given to all God’s people by the risen Jesus, and the implications of that mission for our lives. 

Grace and peace to you from our Lord Jesus Christ,
The Rev. David Turner +
We are seeking ...
For more information click on the link above.  Deadline to apply is April 30.

Stations of the Resurrection

You've heard of the "Stations of the Cross" ... now it is time to celebrate and explore the resurrection of our Lord! Help us to create an artistic experience of the stories of Jesus' resurrection. Choose one of the stories about our risen Lord and create an art piece that helps tell that story (Painting, coloring, diorama, sculpture, music, banner, etc.) ­ work together as a family, or on your own.Bring in your creation on Sunday April 17th for the 10:30 am service. We will create an art exhibit at the back of the church to be enjoyed with refreshments after the 10:30 am service.

Please click on the link below to see the themes and to sign up for one or more.

We look forward to seeing your artwork!
Choose your themes

APRIL Mission of the Month

Bishop McAllister College
Bishop McAllister College Kyogyera is a private mixed school that was founded by the Anglican Diocese of West Ankole in 1983. The Diocese of Fredericton has been supporting its development and the fees of individual students of the school for many years. It has become one of the top schools in the country, and has made tremendous strides in improving the lives and futures of Uganda’s children. 
A Prayer for Bishop McAllister College:
God of truth and life, we pray that Bishop McAllister College may continue to grow as a home of faithful and fruitful study. Bless its teachers and students that their lives may bear the light of truth, bring flourishing to their families, peace to their communities, and the blessings of your kingdom to their country and to the world.  

 2nd Annual "Send a Kid to Camp" Dinner and Silent Auction!

Saturday, April 23
6:30 PM 
168 Gunter HIll Road, Upper Gagetown
You can be a part of changing a child's life just by joining us for dinner! 

Contact the office at 832-3375 or for tickets 


Tickets are $30 and can also be found at Synod Office in Fredericton, or can be reserved through our Facebook page, by calling 488-2069 or by emailing 

This year we are pleased to offer a wonderful roast beef dinner!

Check back here for updates on the items that will be available at the Silent Auction.

We look forward to sharing in an exciting kick off to our spring/summer season with you!
Curious about what difference the Resurrection of Jesus could possibly make for us today? 

“Surprised by Hope” is a six session video-based study featuring N.T. Wright that is designed to help us explore the full and breathtaking hope which Jesus and his Resurrection offers the world, and to better understand the implications of that hope for our lives today.

Join us as we take a closer look at the power of the Resurrection with Anglican Bishop and world class scholar N.T.  Wright.

Please take a moment to indicate which day and time might work best for you

Upcoming Events

Mission of the Month - Toonie Tin
Bishop McAllister College & Anglican Seminary, Uganda
  • April 2 – 8:30 am Holy Joe’s
Apr 3 - 9:00 am (BAS) & 10:30 am service (BAS)
  • April 5 - 10:00 am Bible Study at Connie Heighton's Home
  • April 6 - 12:30 pm Highschool Lunch (Parish of Upham)
  • April 6 - 6:30 pm Praise Team Rehearsal
  • April 7 - 8:30 Baking at Middle School - Donna Leonard
  • April 8 - 11:00 am Middle School Desserts - Debbie Galley
Apr 10 - 9:00 am (BCP) & 10:30 am service (BAS)
  • April 12 - 10:00 am Bible Study at Connie Heighton's Home
  • April 13 - 12:00 pm ACW
  • April 13 - 6:30 pm Praise Team Rehearsal
  • April 14 - 8:30 Baking at Middle School - Myra Stites
  • April 15 - 11:00 am Middle School Desserts - Pamela Hughes
  • April 16 - 11:00 am Hampton Community Garden - AGM
Apr 17 - 9:00 am (BCP) & 10:30 am service (BAS)
  • April 19 - 10:00 am Bible Study at Connie Heighton's Home
  • April 19 - 7:00 pm Middle School meal preparation
  • April 20 - 12:30 pm Pancakes for High School (St Paul's)
  • April 20 - 6:30 pm Praise Team Rehearsal
  • April 21 - 8:30 Baking at Middle School - Heather Miller
  • April 22 - 11:00 am Middle School Desserts - Kate Turner
  • April 23 - 6:30 pm Camp Medley - Send a Kid to Camp Dinner
Apr 24 - 9:00 am (BCP) & 10:30 am service (BAS)
  • April 26 - 10:00 am Bible Study at Connie Heighton's Home
  • April 26 - 7:30 Vestry Meeting
  • April 27 - 6:30 pm Praise Team Rehearsal
  • April 28 - 8:30 Baking at Middle School - Donna Leonard
  • April 29 - 11:00 am Middle School Desserts - Jenny Vautour
May 1 - 9:00 am (BAS) & 10:30 am service (BAS)
  • May 3 - 10:00 am Bible Study at Connie Heighton's Home
  • May 4 - 12:30 High School Lunch (Parish of Upham)
  • May 4 - 6:30 pm Praise Team Rehearsal
  • May 5 - 8:30 Baking at Middle School - Heather Miller
May 8 - 9:00 am (BCP) & 10:30 am service (BAS)
  • May 11 - 12:00 ACW
  • May 11 - 6:30 pm Praise Team Rehearsal
  • May 12 - 8:30 Baking at Middle School - Myra Stites
  • May 13 - 11:00 am Middle School Desserts - Diana Bastarache
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St. Paul’s Presbyterian Church invites all ladies

Hampton Annual Ecumenical Pot Luck Supper

Thursday, April 7th at 6:30 p.m.
in the Church Hall, 978 Main Street, Hampton.

We are pleased to have Rev. Shirley Lynn DeMerchant as our guest speaker. Shirley recently served for eight years as Senior Pastor of Stevens Road United Baptist Church in Dartmouth, Nova Scotia. Prior to that she lived in South Korea for over ten years where she taught English, served with the Overseas Missionary Fellowship and ministered as the Pastor of the English ministry in a Korean Presbyterian Church. She currently serves as President-Elect of Women’s Inter-Church Council of Canada, the organization that facilitates the World Day of Prayer, and the largest interdenominational Christian women’s organization in Canada. Because of her broad prospective, and understanding and respect for what the various denominations offer the Body of Christ and our needy world, she is sure to add inspiration and encouragement to our time of fellowship.

There will be a free will offering which will be donated to the Hampton Food Basket.


Thousands of lives are affected by dementias. The Alzheimer Society supports caregivers and provides a social time for the whole family, young and old. At the Memory Cafe this month, listen to the healing words of Rick Benson, Spiritual Director of St Joseph's Hospital, on the life changes that families are encountering and come sing along to hymns with Dawn Tibbetts.  

DATE: Sunday, April 10, 2016
TIME: 2 to 4 pm
LOCATION: St Paul's Church Hall, 4 Church Ave, Rothesay

DETAILS: This is a program offered free of charge to those affected by all forms of dementia and for their families, young and old. 

Are you experiencing a loss and grieving? Grief affects us in many ways and we experience grief from many losses such as death, loss of relationship, divorce, job loss or transitions, family situations, loss or changes in health.  Loss experiences could also be loss of hopes and dreams and dealing with daily loss from loved ones experiencing Alzheimer’s/Dementia or other critical illnesses. 

Reduced concentration, a sense of numbness, disrupted sleep, changed eating habits, and a roller coaster of emotional energy are just a few of the many things that affect those who grieve.

The Grief Recovery Outreach® Program is a specialized method to acknowledge the loss experiences in your life, identify a primary loss event that is impeding you from fully participating in your life and then work through that loss experience in a healthy way. 

The Grief Recovery Outreach® Program is a process and a program whereby those participating are given the tools, time and professional resources to help them work through the uncompleted emotional communications that are preventing them from living their lives fully after their loss. In this confidential setting, you will feel respected, heard and supported by others in this program, as you work through the pain of your loss.

Join Certified Grief Recovery Specialist® Kelly Hudson-Lewis, for an 8 week program beginning Wednesday April 13 at 7pm.  Pre-registration is required, $25 fee for book.  
Contact Reid’s or Sherwood Funeral Homes to register.  
Reid’s Funeral Home:  832-5541, Sherwood’s Funeral Home: 839-2156.


Stress and anxiety are leading causes of illness. This workshop will provide practical techniques and tips to reduce the effects of both.
Please join us for an uplifting morning with special guest
Director of Spiritual and Religious Care for Horizon Health Network
Holy Trinity Anglican Church
2 Hammond River Rd.Quispamsis
(Beside Hammond River Bridge)
Saturday April 23rd, 2016
10 am - 12 pm
To register call 847-0850 or email
This event is free of charge, however a free will offering for parish mission would be appreciated.

The Mission: Stones Across the Water

Stones Across the Water is the name of the YIG team’s upcoming youth mission conference, happening on May 28-29 at Camp Medley. 
The conference’s name, Stones Across the Water, comes from the Mother Teresa quote, “I alone cannot change the world, but I can cast a stone across the waters to create many ripples.” This quote inspires our youth that by working together in mission and following Jesus’ plan that they too can make a difference.
It is YIG’s goal and responsibility to create and develop disciples of our youth through both traditional and innovative ways. The YIG team believes the time is right for a youth-centered event that will draw on these themes. Last summer there were over 700 children and youth who took part in at least one youth-related diocesan — camping ministry at Medley or Brookwood; St. Michael’s Youth Conference, TEC and Diocesan Choir School. 

Often they are pumped up and ready to take on the world in the name of Jesus, but after returning to their normal lives and communities, the opportunity to plug into mission may be lost or misused. We have to seek out these opportunities when our youth return and allow them to flourish in their communities. 

Stones Across the Water is hoping to bridge that gap and find ways for our youth to plug into mission in their communities.

The conference is open to any youth ages 13-18 from the diocese. Through speakers and various workshops, the youth will learn how to be missional. There will be an emphasis on local mission opportunities but internationally as well. 

The cost for the weekend is $25. Registration is available on the Diocese of Fredericton website. The YIG team is encouraging parishes to encourage their youth to participate. 
If any adults who would like to volunteer, contact the YIG team. We could use your skills and assistance. Further information can be found in eNews, the YIG Facebook page or via email:

59th Annual Choir School

July 3-10 Junior Choristers (Ages 8-18)

July 7-10 Adult Choristers

Rothesay Netherwood School

For more information

Facebook - Choir School 2016
Duty Schedule for April 10
APRIL 10 9:00 am 10:30 am
 Layreader    Marg Petrie    Myra Stites
 Reader    Gleena Geer    Carter Scott
 Sidespersons       R&C Kelly       Janice Kelly / Liam Kelly   
 Chancel Guild    Jean Bates / Shirley Stevenson   
 Counters    Elaine Robichaud / Christian Gowan
 Nursery Deb Galley
Duty Schedule can now be viewed online & printed copies can be found at the back of the church.
There are printed copies of this eNewsletter available in the entrance to the church.  

Please let those not on-line know they are available.
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