Learn to do good. Seek justice. Help the oppressed.
Defend the orphan. Fight for the rights of widows.
Isaiah 1:17 (NLT) 
Looking Back Over 20 Years of Service in JAMAICA!
Life Changing Short Term Mission Trip
In October of 1996 the Koch family went to Jamaica on a short term mission trip. We were prepared to teach the Lighthouse pastors and reach out to the children and youth of the Whitehouse community. Jim must have been the photographer who took this picture documenting our first trip to YS Falls.  

At the end of our first week, we learned that the family who was expected to come and be the island directors for the ministry we were there with decided not to accept the position, opening the option to us. The duties of the island director would only be part time allowing us time to pursue our hearts desire of ministering to the children of the area and possibly opening a children’s home for those in need.

In the short two weeks we were in Jamaica, we came to realize that God was showing us our new home. We prayed our familiar prayer asking God to open the doors He wants us to go through and close the ones He wants us to stay out of. Finding this door wide open, we walked through it. Six months later we moved to Jamaica!

Penie with daughter, Tricia, & good friend, Trisha, packing .in KY.
Miss Sadie, Christa & Michelle unpacking in Jamaica.

Couldn't Have Done this Without YOU!!

We went back home to KY and sold, gave away and packed up everything we owned. It was an exciting time! God moved in so many areas of our lives; we had no doubt that we were following His plan for us. We have many miracle stories that we could share, but the most impacting one was the adoption of our baby Jordan. When we went on the short term trip, Jordan was one of three foster children in our care. They all stayed with appointed friends while we were in Jamaica. The two older foster children were in the process of being adopted by another couple.  Jordan's birth mother was seeking renewed custody. Three months before we were to depart for Jamaica I went with Jordan and her mother to court where reunification was to be made official. On the way to the courthouse, the birth mother asked me if Jim and I would adopt Jordan instead! When we presented the new plan to the social workers and lawyers at the courthouse explaining that our family was moving out of the country in three months, one of the lawyers blurted, "That will take a miracle!" No adoption before ours had been completed so quickly! As you know, we moved to Jamaica as schedule with our three children, Tricia, Tommy and Jordan!

When we were previously in Jamaica, we met Sadie and Mackie, a couple full of faith.  We didn't know it at the time, but they sought God in prayer for us to return as full time missionaries. When we returned, we were surprised to learn that, in faith, Sadie trained a young lady to be our housekeeper. At first we thought that was unnecessary, but after six weeks of being consumed with cooking and cleaning, we hired Miss Martella gratefully. Sadie also introduced me to Patsy, my market lady who took good care of me charging me Sadie's price instead of whitey's price.

We quickly learned the importance of having good friends in a foreign land. God provided a young man to accompany Jim as he made needed purchases and transactions. Rohan was a great blessing in our first year of transition. He became a part of our family. With all the running around they did together, Jim taught him to drive. Rohan is a very successful taxi driver now.
Sadie, Mackie & Mr. Grant
Rohan with is first car.
Miss Patsy at Whitehouse market.
Miss Martella and family
One of the first things we did in Jamaica was visit many children's homes to learn what others were already doing. We fell in love with Captain Wright and the children at the Salvation Army children's home in Mandeville. We sowed seeds in this home. Our family gave a Saturday each month for a couple years so that Captain Wright could have a day off and KBM provided new mattresses for the children one year.

After much prayer, seeking God's will in fulfilling our hearts' desire to care for children, Shantel joined our family. Four years later,Shantel was adopted into a family in IN, served in the US Navy and is married and attending college.
Our family grew rapidly! Over 20 years, we have been blessed to have 33 children call us Mom & Dad.

Christmas 1998

Worship during family devotions 2000
Over the years, KBM has been blessed with many interns who have helped in different ways.
Here are just a few; THANK YOU to all!
Interns were especially helpful during the years of homeschooling!
Two of our former interns fell in love and married in Jamaica!
Delroy & Christina presently live in Ohio with their children.
Our children's home, My Father's House, has been our main focus, but with the help of many teams, KBM has been involved in many types of community outreach.
We will be forever thankful to God for our relationship with Lighthouse Evangelistic Association and to Pastor Gene for inviting us to Jamaica. We continue to give thanks for this God ordained relationship. Working with the pastors and congregations has been a blessed part of our ministry in Jamaica. Since we first arrived in Jamaica, Jim has wired four of the churches. KBM has helped build five church buildings. Petersville LEA is on its third expansion. The left picture is of the second while the picture on the right is fairly recent.

Many people in the communities KBM ministers in have no mattress. Most have no pillow. KBM has tried to make a difference in this area. KBM has distributed more than 50 mattresses and 100 pillows!

One team brought in uniforms and equipment for Gully Bank's soccer team. They were undefeated the following two years!
Because of your contributions and the many wonderful teams, KBM has been privileged to build 19 homes for families in need!
Hosting teams has been a tremendous influence on all the children at My Father's House. They have been immersed in God's love exemplified through many personalities. Whenever teams have been with us during school breaks, the children always choose to be a part of the team's project. Visiting the hospital and infirmary is everyone's favorite. Visiting the infirmary has been part of our routine since we first arrived in Jamaica. We've tried to make Christmas visits especially special.
Over the years, we've had some mishaps.
We've also seen numerous heartfelt sacrificial acts of kindness!.
BUGS have been the biggest negative for me, but IVAN, September 2004, certainly caused  the greatest trouble! We tarped & blocked all the furniture up a foot and kept all the children safe during the storm.
Ivan took most of our roof and flooded the home and yard.
THANKFULLY, supporters raised funds to replace the roof and a team from KY came to put it on.
Preparations and clean-up was exhausting!
We made the best of it though. The children took turns pushing the water out of the house and using the tiled floors as a slip and slide!
Some of our most memorable moments involve camping in the Blue Mountains. Yes, we all fit in the van. It was a bit precarious going up the mountain road!
The annual Petersville Sports Day is another event we always look forward to.We're on the purple team!
Just looking through the pictures, it's obvious that Kingdom Builders Ministry is much bigger than Jim & Penie Koch. God is first and foremost the foundation of the ministry. He has shown Himself throughout the years in dynamic ways. The gift of our present location remains the most dramatic, but the children can testify to the miraculous ways He provided basic necessities while they grew up depending on Him! You, our prayerful supporters keep KBM alive and serving the residents of My Father's House as well as the communities around us. Most of our grown children, Koch's as well as Jamaican, have served as care givers over the past few years while Jim has required medical care in the USA. It has been a conglomeration of resources that God has put to good use. THANK YOU ALL!!
A special thank you to our present staff, Donnaree, Marquez, Deanna & Ritz!
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