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Learn to do good. Seek justice. Help the oppressed.
Defend the orphan. Fight for the rights of widows.
Isaiah 1:17 (NLT) 
Summer Mission's Outreach
The team from Legacy Church in Buda, TX was joined by Brian, our summer intern. All were wonderful help and comradery was enhanced with good humor as you can see in this picture at YS Falls on the team's last full day in Jamaica.
Each school day in Jamaica begins with a time of devotion. Creatively bringing God's Word to life for the students during school devotions takes talent and courage! The students at Petersville and Mearnsville All Age schools responded well to the hilarious skit about not being a Christian just because one goes to church.
Our goal is to arrive early so we can initiate relationships by playing together. The boys love a game of football (soccer) while the girls usually choose to jump rope or color. When the students see us coming, happy shouts cry out and children nearing the school yard quicken their pace.
Every member of every team has something to offer. We give of ourselves, plant seeds hoping for them to take root in a heart. What we consider small tokens are treasured by the child who receives the book or pencil.
Our team from Indiana was a bit of a reunion. A former intern, Emily, led a team from her home church, St. Andrew UMC.
Mearnsville and Petersville graduating sixth graders received a tremendous blessing from St. Andrew's UMC. Each student received a backpack with supplies to help them prepare for their first year of high school. A heartfelt "THANK YOU" to all who helped make this possible!

Heart’s Focus

Demario has tugged my heart and an ache remains. He’s the one that captured me this summer. Team members share each evening how they were impacted during that day. Often it’s a face, name, person that has touched their heart. Remember that one. Pray for him/her each day. It’s these prayers that are making a difference in the lives of the people God has led KBM to minister to and work with. Together, we are making a difference.

Evidence can be seen in each return visit. When we make our initial contact in an area we recognize similar traits the different areas share. In the first year it’s difficult to even play with the children. If you hand a child a ball in hopes of tossing or rolling it back and forth, he hugs it tight in fear of  it never coming back to him. It takes time and a great deal of encouragement to earn the child’s trust enough that he tosses or roles it back to you. We enjoy the small success in the children learning to trust the group members Mama Penie and Papa Jim bring to play with them. Huge strides are seen in the photo of the two boys tossing! For them to trust each other means change is occurring in the hearts of the community!

Both Audayr and Petersville continue to struggle with water issues as do many other communities across Jamaica. Life in such communities can be extremely arduous. Each day the family needs food, water and firewood. Depending on one’s family land, collecting sufficient amounts of each can be a laborious chore. Usually groups working with KBM can carry water from the source to surrounding community of Murray Town with out the help of the vehicles. Occasionally, the pump is out and the next nearest source is a few miles away. In Audayr the closest source is about 1.5 miles away, so we utilize the truck many times over to offer a bit of relief to the residents there. Providing water to residents in either community is a huge blessing and well appreciated. KBM hopes to construct additional gutter systems on homes in Audayr so rainwater can be caught and put to good use. Once you’ve carried a five gallon jug even from the stream to the truck, one has renewed thankfulness for indoor plumbing and what seems to be an inexhaustible source. 

Brian, KBM's 2016 Summer intern, has been a great blessing! He jumped right in with the first team helping where he saw a need. As you can see in the picture, he's a natural with the children. Brian has been a great influence on our teenage boys at My Father's House encouraging and leading Bible study with them. I am always amazed how God sends just the right people to fill the need before it is even known.

Many Members One Ministry


Paul describes the body of Christ as many members in his letter to the Corinthians. Working together, the body of Christ can touch the lives of individuals offering hope in a hand up, a cool cup of clean water or a friendly nonjudgmental smile. Some groups and individuals do return to minister alongside KBM and build relationships with people they have invested time with. Some come only once, but it is made effective through the work of the Holy Spirit and prayer. Because KBM and past teams have earned the community’s trust, new teams come in to plant in hearts that have been previously cultivated with love.  That’s why we do crafts, play with the children, work alongside of and make ourselves available to hangout with the adults in the community. The activities are conduits of communication and expressions of caring love.


We also recognize that group members and interns who are privileged to come minister are only part of the body. Those who send and support financially and prayerfully are a vital part of Kingdom Builders Ministry! God’s love is shared in many ways and children are growing wiser because of our combined efforts. Thank YOU!



With all of Jim’s health issues, medical bills and only two teams this summer, your financial and prayer support is tremendously needed. It’s the perfect storm of physical and financial stress. We are trusting God to calm the storm and be our provider. We are thankful for what He has provided through supporters and work. God has provided Jim with a great job that allows him to work whenever he is in Dallas and have the time needed to continue the ministry in Jamaica. The Koch’s income has provided basic needs for My Father’s House that KBM has not been able to support, but with Jim experiencing such pain that he has had difficulty walking that source is diminished. 100% of your donation will be used to provide for the resident children of My Father’s House or the Go2SCHOOL program as you indicate.


There are many ways to be involved with Kingdom Builders Ministry and support the children at My Father’s House.


PRAY for our health, additional teams, financial blessings.


Put together a short term mission team and come serve alongside KBM.


Sponsor a resident of My Father’s House in the Go2SCHOOL program.


Make a financial donation providing food, utilities and basic needs for the residents of My Father’s House.


Make Kingdom Builders Ministry your choice nonprofit in GOODSEARCH, GOODSHOP and Amazon Smile  online programs.




Tell someone about KBM! 


We would love to share about KBM with your church, Sunday school class, friends, family, …. 


Because of the extreme poverty in the communities on the South Coast of Jamaica, many parents get caught in a decision between sending their child to school and buying food for dinner.  
Why do Jamaican students need money for school?
School in Jamaica is free.  However, there are no transportation programs in the South Coast and children are responsible for their own uniforms, books & supplies. Sponsoring a child will enable him/her to pay taxi fare to and from school each day, buy lunch, purchase necessary books and supplies, and obtain his/her required school uniforms and shoes.  

What does a sponsor receive when you support a student?
We request that the student write to you twice a year and enclose a photo of your child with the initial letter.  You can inspire hope in the child’s life in the midst of mass unemployment and widespread illiteracy. Kingdom Builders does not take out any overhead expenses from your gift - and your entire donation is tax-deductible.
 The costs are distributed over an entire year as follows:
          High School: $150 / month
          Elementary School: $45 / month      

These donations help equip the student with the basic and minimum requirements for attending public school in Jamaica.  100% of the funds KBM collects for the Go2SCHOOL program is used to equip students with the basic requirements for attending public school in Jamaica. Sponsorship funds provide school supplies, backpack, books and lunch as well as a full school uniform and appropriate shoes which are mandatory. Sponsorships also provides funds for needed transportation to and from school. These above prices also reflect the varying distances students must travel to get to school. 

How we determine who’s eligible for sponsorship?
Students must maintain a C+ average and be a student in good standing at their school.  We view grade reports at the end of every semester.  Resident children at My Fathers House are eligible for sponsorship as well as children from families who are evaluated and recommended by the school’s principal and guidance counselor.
How to sponsor a student
Just contact us!  We’d be glad to connect you with a student in need of your help.  Send Penie an email to  

Davian and his father have become our good friends in Audayr. They both work jobs as they can source them and Davian dives for fish for his family to eat and sell. These fins from KBM should help a great deal!


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