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Elementary List serve (More content on SI Timeline)

School Improvement Update December 2015

REMINDER:  There is no need to print the Individual Student Reports (ISR) found on the BAA Secure Site.  MDE will create parent friendly reports and send these to the "testing" school within the first two weeks of December.  This means that the reports will go to the school where the student tested last spring.

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Upcoming Sessions at the OAISD

December 18 - High School Data
All Things High School Data with a primary focus on PSAT Data (located at Jenison Administration Building).  Accountability will also be discussed along with any other data or school improvement questions specific to high schools.  Session runs 8:30 - 11 a.m.

January 15 - M-STEP Data
This was the original date for a School Improvement Update.  However, some specific topics came up with MDE and moved to January 28 (see below the graph).  Therefore, we will focus primarily on M-STEP data in BAA Secure Site, MI School Data and Our School Data.  We'll explore what are the best reports and how to best utilize the data available this year.  Other updates will be given around surveys, program evaluation and ASSIST.  The informational portion will likely run from 8:30 till 11 (or less time).  The remainder of the day will be for networking, work time, team time or technical assistance.
January 28 - District and School Improvement Update
MDE has partnered with ISDs to show how the Blueprint for Acceleration can be used within your district while meeting a few compliance reports.  We will also discuss the implications of eProve replacing ASSIST and how this may impact best practices for Program Evaluation.  An agenda will be released prior to the session so that you are welcome to come and go as you please.  The informational portion will likely run from 8:30 till 11:30 (or less time).  The remainder of the day will be for networking, work time, team time or technical assistance.

Feedback needed on the

SI Timeline

What do you need?

The SI Timeline will need some updates.  In the past, this was prioritized based on questions from administrators and teachers. Check out the SI Timeline and send feedback.  What key questions need to be addressed on the site? 
SI Timeline Feedback

Elementary/Secondary Ed Act

Re-authorization likely

No more NCLB?

ESEA looks to be re-authorized soon with the "Every Student Successful Act." This would basically return accountability back to the individual states in 2017/18, reversing NCLB. There will be little or no requirement for quantitative data in teacher evaluation and highly qualified status for teacher placement.  Therefore, state law or MDE policies will drive accountability and educator evals. This bill has not yet past, but it likely will before the Christmas Break.  For more information from Ed Week's Summary Click Here.
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