Plus, why girls get better grades.

Rihanna, Mindy Kaling, and Anne Hathaway are among the entirely female cast in the entirely awesome Oceans 11 spin-off. Say bye to the boys club, and read the rest of the news.

Meet today’s Clover, @emilybaettaglini. This ray of sunshine is a 20-year-old college girl in Canada who documents all her best outfits—and so many baked goods.

Morning Announcements

Tonight's Cosmic Fireworks > Regular Fireworks
No matter how shiny the gymnastics uniforms might be, even Gabby Douglas’s glittery leotard has nothing on tonight’s sky. This year’s annual Perseid meteor shower promises to show more than twice the amount of meteors than usual. NASA expects about 160 to 200 meteors to light up the Earth every hour during the peak (between Thursday night and Friday morning). To get the best view of these so-called “cosmic fireworks,” experts recommend “lying on your back and taking in as much of the sky as possible." And though wide open spaces are ideal, even city dwellers should be able to catch them one night this weekend (or worst case, on a livestream). Either way, don’t miss it—we won’t have a meteor shower this big until 2027.

Being a Morning Person Gets You an A+
Forget the worm—early birds may also get better grades. In the first study of its kind, UC Davis researchers examined the relationship between gender sleep cycle differences and the education gap, and discovered that girls are more likely to do better in school. Why? Because we’re more likely to be morning people. After comparing what happened when school started at 7:30am versus a much later 1:30pm, they found that boys did better in the afternoon (concluding that early school start times were detrimental for dudes’ grades). “Girls show a stronger inclination for activity earlier in the day than boys,” researchers said. But no matter the wake-up call, girls’ grades were higher.

Hey Trump, Maybe Don't Joke About Gun Violence?
Donald Trump made a loaded comment about how "Second Amendment people" (read: gun supporters) could stop Hillary Clinton from becoming president. Despite Republicans’ attempts to shrug off this implied violence as a really bad joke—which Trump claims it wasn’t—the statement didn’t fly with either party (or the Secret Service). Just ask Elizabeth Warren, who tweeted [Trump] "makes death threats because he's a pathetic coward who can’t handle the fact that he’s losing to a girl." Clinton’s week hasn’t improved much. Yesterday The New York Times reported that some voters believe the Clintons’ $50 million fortune has caused damage in Hillary’s political campaign. But either way, she's doing OK...

Misogynistic Words Like “Honey” Finally Banned from Courtrooms
Great news for the 36% of women currently practicing law. The court has finally issued a rule against addressing a woman as "darling," "honey," or any other vaguely sexist and demeaning title. (There are a lot of 'em.) The American Bar Association says it’s “professional misconduct” to discriminate against opposing counsel (or, um, anyone) when practicing law; they’re now forbidding comments that single out anyone when it comes to race, religion, sex, disability, or anything else. Since this kind of misogynistic language is so obviously used to undermine and humiliate women in court, punishment will be determined by state bar associations and could include fines or even suspension from practice. Note to dudes: Sorry, sweethearts.

Americans Think Their Way of Life Is Under Attack
Is the American Dream dead? Survey says...probably! In a national survey of registered U.S. voters, half say the "American way of life"—whatever that means—is under “a great deal" of threat. An incredibly slim 7% believe it’s under no threat at all. So, what worries them? A better question is what doesn’t. ISIS terrifies 61% of those surveyed, Trump as president concerns 54%, and a Clinton presidency worries 42%. No surprise, then, that just 27% see Americans as united. In short, we can’t agree on much of anything—except that our way of life is at risk. Here’s your semi-regular reminder to register to vote.

Meet the Halsey-Approved College Singer Who's About to Blow Up

By Madonna Matta, 20

When Halsey asks you to open up for her on tour, you do it...and then you proceed to freak out a little bit. This is, after all, the same Halsey who’s hit the stage with Justin Bieber. The same Halsey who just released one of the—if not the—song of the summer with The Chainsmokers. The same Halsey who’s paved the way for fellow women in music dealing with sexism, mental health, and race issues enthusiastically and candidly.

A few months ago, that’s exactly what happened to Lani Renaldo. On July 15, the 20-year-old USC student got the chance of a lifetime to open up for the pixie-haired pop star at the Shrine Auditorium in LA. I’ve known Lani for a few years now, and seeing her grow in the industry has been incredibly inspiring. Just before the show, I caught up with her about the Halsey gig and how she balances a music career and college classes.

How did you become interested in music?
Growing up, my family always had music in the house. My mom recently told me that I started playing the conga drums at the age of one as soon as I could stand (my dad was a percussionist). My paternal grandma is from Detroit, while my other is from Mississippi. This within itself led to a very interesting musical background and really shaped my love of soul and blues music. I started playing drums at three years old and picked the guitar up at 12; it wasn’t until I was about 13 that I started writing songs.

I was involved in musical theater starting around age five. I grew up around the boy pop group B2K. My older brother was also in a music group for a short period of time so when he started producing, I often had a chance to sing a few tracks to demo a song with him. I watched very attentively as my sister Krissy and Jhene Aiko developed Jhene’s career before she got signed to her most recent record label. I wrote and released my first song in 2014 after my experience volunteering at Teen Line in Los Angeles.

Can you explain what GRAMMY U is and how has this program has influenced your music career?
GRAMMY U is a networking organization that connects students with the music industry and their peers. I went to GRAMMY Camp in 2012 in New York as a songwriter. That in many ways prepared me to be a better songwriter. I also learned how to pitch business ideas during that session. I made a lot of friends, many of whom I remain in contact with to this day. We get together and write whenever we can.

Tell us about how Halsey and you met. How did you get the gig to open up for her?
Samsung has a really innovative project called the Samsung Level Music Lab, where they connect creative individuals with musical artists. My friend told me Samsung was looking for musicians and offered my name. I didn’t really know what to expect, but after two days and a lot of surprises, I got to meet Halsey. We had a wonderful day filming together and at the end of our studio session, she surprised me and gave me the incredible opportunity to open for her!

What’s next for you?
I'll be putting out an EP and setting out on some tour dates this year, all while continuing my studies as a music business major at USC!

Lastly, what would you tell yourself a year ago?
I would have said to keep reaching for your dreams. There’s always a way, so keep pushing and have as much fun as you can. I had faith a year ago that I could reach my goals and dreams, even if they were far-fetched. I told myself a year ago that I was smart, a good person, humble, hardworking and a believer. I also had faith that someone would be there to help me in some way. I believe in paying things forward, in addition to fate.

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