Enjoy the On Becoming Esther Easter Devotional - Day 1
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I’m a great multi-tasker – but I will be the first to confess that sometimes this makes me less productive than I could be. I find myself flitting between tasks, never really focused, never really fully present. There are times that my brain feels like my computer browser – way too many tabs open!

I am learning the power of giving something or someone my full attention – even if for just a brief burst of time. It’s amazing how much you can achieve even in ten minutes when you choose to be engaged in that one task.

The writer of Hebrews tells us to fix our thoughts on Jesus or as the NLT puts it, think carefully about this Jesus. He was not suggesting a quick glance or fleeting thought - no, we are being challenged to meditate on and understand the fullness of who He is and all that He has done. I particularly love The Message Paraphrase:
We need to put Jesus back at the centre of our lives. We need to make Him our focus – close some of those browser tabs and give Him our undivided attention. But there are so many things that seek to distract us. Life is messy – it can be both beautiful and painful, and sometimes just plain too busy. We instinctively know that everything is not as it ought to be; not as God intended it to be. In Hebrews 2 we read this:
But we see Jesus. Those four little words have the power to change our lives, to radically alter our experience.

Seeing Jesus changes everything and this week as we head towards Easter, I hope you'll join me in taking  a 'good hard look' at Him; a fresh look. It is my prayer that as we choose to fix our thoughts on who He is and all that He has done, that our love for Him would be deepened and we would realise the fullness of the inheritance He has given us.

Live today with purpose, Aimee
Holy Spirit, no matter what I face today I choose to see Jesus, to put Him at the centre of my life. Open my eyes and give me fresh understanding of who Jesus is, the riches of the inheritance that He died for me to possess. Give me an undivided heart to seek you Lord. Amen
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