Enjoy the On Becoming Esther Easter Devotional - Day 6
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When my husband was self-employed the work was erratic and we struggled to put aside sufficient funds to cover our tax bills. With three pre-schoolers at the time there was just never quite enough. We scheduled a meeting with the IRD to discuss a repayment plan and presented to them our situation - that day a miracle happened, they wiped our debt. They said this is beyond you, this is too much for you, we release you from the obligation to repay this debt. Words are inadequate to describe the relief, the freedom, the gratitude that my husband and I felt that day. We were overwhelmed.

Maybe you like us have known what it is like to chip away at a financial debt, an obligation that just seems impossible; never-ending. But here's the truth - we all, every single one of us owe a debt that no amount of effort or good deeds can clear. They tried in the Old Testament - continually offering sacrifices. Hebrews 10 tells us that day after day the priests performed their duties, again and again they offered the same sacrifices that could never take away their sins; never repay their debt.

But then Jesus did something amazing...
1 Peter 3 says that Christ suffered once for sins, the righteous for the unrighteous, to bring us to God.

With ONE sacrifice Jesus paid our debt, wiped the slate clean - made us PERFECT. 

In my own experience debt creates a burden of shame, it hides us away, it breaks down relationships and isolates us. But Jesus suffered to remove our shame; He died to bring us to God; He sacrificed Himself so that we could freely come.
Today we can come with confidence into the very presence of God. We can draw near. We can live with hope - a confident expectation of God's goodness because Jesus was and is faithful.

I kept the letter from the IRD wiping our debt to remind me of God's goodness; to remind me of what is possible. I encourage you keep to His Word close to you - don't lose sight of what Jesus has done. Don't let shame creep back in - you have been made perfect. It is finished!

Live today with purpose, Aimee
Jesus, words are inadequate to express my gratitude today. Thank You for Your faithfulness, your generosity! Thank You for paying my debt and allowing me to live free from shame. Thank You for making me perfect and for continuing to transform me into Your image. I choose today to draw near.  Amen.
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