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Burning Out Was Not Fun.

My old work station.

Saturday. 7:30AM my alarm goes off. I open my eyes and the room's still dark with a shimmer of sunlight peaking through the blinds. I roll over to my right to grab my phone on my bedside table. I slide to unlock; 43 unread notifications. Red dots scattered all over Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and Gmail. Curiosity gets a hold of me, adrenaline starts to pump through my body. It was only 7:31AM and I was already thinking about work. 

For the past 2 years, I must say I lived quite the cliche, fast-paced, hustle, “entrepreneurial” life. Not because I had to but because I loved it. Every morning I wake up, feeling inspired and ready to take on the next lot of challenges. When you spend months building and finally seeing an idea come to life, I find somewhat magical. 

However as they say, too much of anything can be bad. Yes as you guessed, the hustle eventually burnt me out. Feeling burnt out is more than just feeling tired or stressed. I want to share with you my experience and also 5 tips that helped me through this time.  

Whether you've been through a burn out before, currently going through one or wondering what a burn out is, I hope you enjoy my personal experience of the unspoken truths and dark sides of 'Entrepreneurship'.

Once upon a time..

I was working full-time at a fast paced startup, juggling a couple of client projects and was determined to bring a couple of my own projects to life. 


I’d finish work at 6pm, head home and gym for an hour then continue work till the AM in very own bachelor pad which overlooked the beautiful city of Sydney. This was my general routine for 2 years. 

I was making more than I could spend. I was unaware work had consumed me. It wouldn’t matter where I was or what I was doing. I would always be thinking about it, “What should I build next?”, “When should I launch the next set of features?”, “Should I pivot?” and the list goes on. 


Eventually I had burnt out. I lost motivation. I didn’t feel inspired. I began asking myself why am I working so much? I wondered why everyone was so proud of me, when I felt the complete opposite. 


I immediately noticed something was wrong so I reached out to my mentors. It took me a couple of months to wind back down and snap out of the fast-paced lifestyle I was living. It wasn't easy because I had invested so much time into one aspect of my life. During this time there were 5 tips which helped me tremendously in getting me back on my feet, and I'd love to share them with you.  

Taking time out to hike the outskirts of Blue Mountains. 

5 ways to live a more balanced life, for the high-achieving entrepreneurs:

Thankfully I’ve always had a very understanding and supportive group of friends, family and mentors, which helped me get back on my feet. Accepting and learning the following has helped me tremendously to become a more, well-rounded entrepreneur. 

  • Use a framework
    A mentor of mine showed me a very simple, yet effective framework. First you draw a circle and dissect it with sleep and work (something we all do). Then follow up by adding more sectors to the pie with things you enjoy doing throughout the week. Be honest with yourself. How many sectors does your circle have? The more parts you can add to the pie, the more balanced your life will be.

    For those who don’t have a balanced lifestyle, this is a great mental framework to keep in mind. The reason being, if you were to remove one piece of the pie - you want to be sure that your life is still well balanced with other hobbies and interests that make up who you are.  Since learning this system, I’ve turned all the ‘I’ll learn it later’ hobbies into real experiences. 
  • Breakout of the mindset that 'resting activities' are a waste of time
    Even though I loved watching TV shows and gaming, I would feel guilty and wonder if I was spending my time productively. Ironically, that was quite an unhealthy mindset to have. In the end, it all comes back down to balancing your priorities.
  • Sleep and rest, we’re not robots
    Sleep is crucial. Don’t take it for granted. Our bodies were designed to rest. Especially if you’re running a business; a good night's rest makes a huge difference to your day’s performance.

    I never really had a problem with sleep because for me, bedtime's bedtime; period. I’ll switch off in seconds. But for many high-achieving entrepreneurs, they experience insomnia quite frequently.

    A mentor of mine once told me ‘We’re all going to die with a full inbox’ and I couldn’t agree more. Relax and enjoy the ride. Tomorrow’s a new day and you can worry about those problems tomorrow.

“We’re all going to die with a full inbox” 
  • Learn to let go
    Burning out is known to affect those who are classified in the high-achieving, Type A personality group. With that they tend to want to be in control.

    Not only for entrepreneurs but for anyone in general, it is important to learn to accept and let go of things beyond your control. Know you’ve done your best and let the rest fall into place.

    One of my mentors once asked me, "What do you think you have control over?". For a split second I thought "everything" but once I started to think about it, there wasn't much we actually have control over. 
  • You are more than just a job title
    Your job title and occupation should not define who you are. It is only a small part of you. For those who don’t realise that will end up living a life for their careers - which ultimately is quite a sad reality. 

Burning out was not fun at all but it was definitely a great learning experience. It also showed me where my limits are and how far I can take myself. Since I’m back to running my own business, I’m able to take things at my own pace. Even though I do have the drive, I’m constantly reminding myself to keep everything balanced. It is very easy to slip back into a bad routine. Since applying the 5 tips I shared with you I’m actually getting more done with my time and the stressing and overthinking is now all in the past. I’m doing what I love, without the worrying and stress that use to come with it. I’m enjoying my weekends once again and even treated myself with the car I’ve always wanted :)

Burning out can affect anyone at anytime. So if you haven’t or are experience one right now, I hope the 5 tips I have shared has helped. 

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