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Assalamu alaikum.

Welcome to our winter roundup newsletter. BIMA has worked tirelessly to bring you up to speed with the immense work that has taken place to safeguard the Muslim community, our mosques, and our fellow colleagues.

You may have seen that we are currently crowdfunding to help support the incredible BIMA projects which have continued throughout 2020. Since our email yesterday we have managed to increase donations by 17% and if we continue at this rate we can achieve our target within the week! All we need you to do is contribute a minimum of £1.

This email will help to highlight some of the key projects you can contribute to with your donations!

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1. BIMAs statement on the Pfizer/Biontech Covid-19 vaccine.
2. Our media and community engagement for the Covid-19 vaccine.
3. BIMA National Conference 2020.
4. Our recruitment for 2021 is coming soon!
5. Our media engagement during the pandemic - ICYMI.
6. The newest branch of BIMA - student BIMA!
7. Help address inequalities with health promotion.
8. Our influence on national guidance.
9. #OperationVaccination collaborates with NHS London!
1. BIMAs statement on the Pfizer/Biontech Covid-19 vaccine.

The British Muslim community has been one of many groups disproportionately affected by the Covid-19 pandemic with excess cases and deaths. There are also credible concerns around the vaccine development and regulation, along with conspiracy theories which are undermining trust in science and medical experts. It is for this very reason that we developed a statement to help inform Muslim community leaders, scholars, and the Muslim public on how they can make informed decisions about the Pfizer/Biontech Covid-19 vaccine.

We consulted various experts in infectious diseases, the pharmaceutical industry, clinical medicine, commissioning, inequalities research, public health, and bioethicists to produce the following statement specifically on the Pfizer/BioNTech Covid-19 vaccine that is now being rolled out in the UK, and how it relates to the Muslim community in Britain. This is the first of several vaccines that the UK Government has procured against Covid-19 to get MHRA regulatory approval.

Our statement has received praise from a number of media and community outlets. A number of councils and CCGs within the UK have directly cited BIMA on their social media outlets, as have several scholars and Muslim community organisations, in aiming to encourage their constituents to make an informed decision on the Covid-19 vaccine which has not been influenced by misinformation.

Read our FULL statement
2. Our community and media engagement for the Covid-19 vaccine.

Following on from the success of our Pfizer/Biontech Covid-19 vaccine statement, senior members of BIMA have continued their excellent media and community engagement efforts to address misinformation and anxieties within our communities.

Our community engagement projects include;

1. Radio Dawn Nottingham (weekly updates)
2. Karimia Webinar - 08.12.2020
3. Islam Channel - 09.12.2020
4. Inspire FM - 11.12.2020
5. MINAB Webinar - 12.12.2020
6. Markazi Jamiat Ahle Hadith Webinar for scholars - 15.12.2020
7. BritishMTV 16.12.2020
8. Nottingham Council of Mosques Webinar 19.12.2020
9. Nottingham Sisters Webinar (Arabic) 20.12.2020
10. British Bangla News Webinar (Bangla) 24.12.2020
11. Newcastle FM podcast 26.12.2020

We have also featured on;

BBC Asian Network
ARY News
Time Radio
Heart FM
Unity FM

A number of media outlets have also quoted BIMA within their most recent news articles;

1. The Independent
2. The Metro
3. Yahoo News
4. The Bolton News
5. Quartz 
6. Business Insider
7. Yorkshire Post
8. Asian Image
9. Evening Express

3. Did you miss our national conference?

In 2019 our national conference took place at the National Conference Centre in Birmingham. Given the Covid-19 restrictions, this year our conference took place virtually over ZOOM.

The conference covered a number of extremely relevant topics for Muslim HCPs! 

🌍 Unity during a global pandemic
💉 Science behind the Covid vaccine 
🕋 Imams, doctors & difficult decisions 
🗝️ Self-care for care givers
Watch our National Conference HERE!
Here's how you can help: 

Step 1: Purify your intention to earn a lasting reward from Allah SWT (Sadaqah Jariyah) by helping in our crowdfunding campaign for BIMA! 

Step 2: Donate £1 minimum @ by tomorrow (it only takes 1 min!) 

Step 3: Encourage at least 10 others from your friends & family to donate just £1 too or whatever amount they wish! 

May Allah (SWT) accept all your efforts 🤲 Ameen! 
4. Would you like to be a part of TEAM BIMA?

BIMA will begin its recruitment for 2021 very soon!

The BIMA team continues to grow from strength to strength, there will be opportunities to become involved with all of our projects in the new year.

Would you like to promote good health and address health inequalities within our communities?

Are you a techie that wants to help BIMA roll-out our new website?

Are you looking to develop your leadership skills?

Keep an eye on your inbox in the coming weeks!

5. Our media engagement during the pandemic - ICYMI.

Here is a reminder of the work we published in our Covid-19 newsletter earlier this year!

Senior members within BIMA have been honoured to represent Muslim healthcare professionals in the media and to senior NHS and government officials.

We have been engaging with senior leaders in the NHS and have had responses from Habib Naqvi (Deputy Chair WRES), Prerana Issar (NHSE/I Chief People Officer) and from Simon Stevens (NHSE/I Chief Executive).

We are part of the NHS Religion Equality Advisory Group and have been working to bring faith inequalities in the NHS workforce (e.g. Islamophobia and issues like dress codes) to the attention of policy makers. We have had meetings with NHS Employers, NHS England/Improvement, and the BMA on this. We have had separate meetings with the BMA about how they can also improve their representation of Muslim doctors too.
We also were part of a panel with HRH Prince Charles, Rt Hon Matt Hancock MP, Lord Simon Woolley, and others as we celebrated the arrival of Ramadan and the sacrifices of Muslim staff during the fight against Covid-19. We contributed to the Mayor of London and the Greater London Authority’s response to Covid in BAME communities.
We have been very busy in the media, broadcast, and print, we list most of our appearances below. We also had a piece published in BMJ Opinion alongside the Muslim Doctors Association on the importance of collecting faith data and coproducing with communities to improve outcomes.

  1. HuffPost UK
  2. Al Jazeera 1
  3. Al Jazeera 2
  4. Forbes
  5. BBC 1
  6. BBC 2
  7. Daily Mail
  8. ITV
  9. BBC 3
  10. BBC Future
  11. The Telegraph
  12. The National UAE
  13. 5 Pillars
  14. iNews
  15. Jakarta Post
  16. UniLad
  17. BBC 4
  18. Daily Times Pakistan
  19. Eman Channel
  20. Islam Channel
  21. AboutIslam
  22. The Times
  23. BBC Bitesize
  24. Radio Free Europe
  25. Sky News


Click here to help BIMA continue to represent the Muslim voice to senior political, NHS and media officials.
6. Student BIMA - the future leaders of our community!

In November, BIMA launched it’s newest team: Student BIMA. sBIMA is an exciting student-led initiative, with a growing team of 43 volunteers representing over 21 Medical schools. The focus involves building a strong National student body for Muslim healthcare students InshAllah!

Here is a trailer to their most recent project - sBIMA: the Vitals series! 🩺🩸

The series aims to instil aspects of the BIMA vision: Unite. Inspire. Serve. for Muslim healthcare students.
7. BIMA continues to tackle health inequalities!

Health promotion forms a pivotal part of BIMA's yearly campaign. This includes but is not limited to; excellent cancer awareness programmes, addressing concerns around the new organ donation legislation, attaining a healthy Ramadan and operation vaccination!

Our YouTube channel and social media channels showcase the wonderful health promotion work we have accomplished in 2020.
Here's how you can help: 

Step 1: Purify your intention to earn a lasting reward from Allah SWT (Sadaqah Jariyah) by helping in our crowdfunding campaign for BIMA! 

Step 2: Donate £1 minimum @ by tomorrow (it only takes 1 min!) 

Step 3: Encourage at least 10 others from your friends & family to donate just £1 too or whatever amount they wish! 

May Allah (SWT) accept all your efforts 🤲 Ameen! 
8. We have been proactive in creating a positive change - Hijabs & Bare Below the Elbows

Following our peer-reviewed research in the BMJ Open and a strong grassroots campaign, it was pleasing to see that BMA and NHS Employers, as well as NHS England and NHS Improvement had updated the National Uniforms and Workwear policy for England. This was a landmark achievement and a huge step forward for Muslim healthcare professionals in the NHS.
In summary, our work has led to the following:
  • NHS staff may now wear their full cloth head coverings in surgical theatres without an overlying surgical cap - this includes hijab, Sikh turbans, and the Jewish kippah.
  • Alternatives to bare below the elbows have been re-emphasised: For example, 3/4 length sleeves, disposable over sleeves or full-length sleeves are available if not giving direct patient care.
9. #OperationVaccination collaborates with NHS London

🤧 As the flu season is upon us during this time of pandemic, it is even more crucial to ensure our communities remain safe!

Flu affects our immune system, making it easier for us to contract other infections, like COVID-19 or pneumonia, and can make other long-term illnesses worse. With Muslim communities having higher mortality rates of COVID-19 than any other faith group, flu threatens to further impact the health of our communities.

Operation Vaccination is a campaign initiated by the British Islamic Medical Association (BIMA) to increase awareness in Muslim communities about the importance of getting the flu vaccination this winter.

In this video, we are joined by Dr Kiran Rahim and Imam Faruq Siddiqi, Chaplain at Barts Health NHS Trust as they discuss the importance of vaccinating against flu!

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