Keiran, Dash, and Keenan all had a porn stash but one of them got rid of it before the others...

Please note this scene takes place after the conclusion of Breaking Love but before Lake is arrested. 

“Roller coasters aren’t my thing.” We were all hanging out in the theater lobby, waiting for Keiran to show up. He had some conference call with a client. I couldn’t help but shake my head since it was still hard to image Keiran in corporate America. I’d always thought he’d go pro, and it wasn’t as if he hadn’t heavily considered it. However, when it got down to talking about it, he was less than interested.
“How can it not be your thing?” my fiancé questioned, stealing back my attention.
“Because I’ve never ridden one. That’s how.”
His eyes narrowed and his lips curled with derision. “I can’t believe I was going to marry you.”
“I’m sorry. What you do you mean ‘was’?”
“My wife rides roller coasters,” he dictated.
“So you’re saying it’s a deal breaker?”
“I can’t believe you two have dated as long as you have,” Dash interjected.
“I agree with Sheldon,” Willow cut in. “I don’t see what the big deal is. Defying death isn’t my idea of fun.”
Keenan cut his eyes at me, and then Lake groaned as soon as his attention shifted to her. “And what about you, Lake? You’d ride a roller coaster, wouldn’t you?” My poor baby looked so hurt that I almost wished I were willing to ride one.
“I’m sorry, but I don’t think there’s anything that could convince me to get on one of those things.”
“Anything, huh?”
“Anything,” she repeated.
“Not even if I promise to tell you where Keiran keeps his stash of porn?”
Her eyes narrowed, and I coughed to hide my laughter. “Keiran doesn’t have a stash of porn.”
“Oh, he has a stash of porn.”
“Every man does,” Dash cosigned.
“So where is yours?” Willow demanded. Dash blushed and had the nerve to look guilty as he looked away, pretending not to hear her.
“Oooh, dude, you’re in trouble.”
“Fuck off.” Dash shoved Keenan, causing him to fall on his ass. Kennedy erupted into girlish giggles at seeing her father fall. The door opened and Keiran stepped inside.
“What’s going on?” He passed bored eyes over Keenan sprawled across the floor.
Keenan hopped up and grinned at Lake. “We’re talking about your porn. You know… your busty chick collection?”
“What the hell are you talking about?”
“Don’t be shy.”
“I don’t have porn.”
“Bullshit,” Dash grunted.
He cast a nervous glance toward Lake and then glared at Keenan and Dash. “I got rid of that shit when I got back from juvie.”
“Wait… you’re serious, aren't you?”
“As a fucking heart attack.”
Willow stepped menacingly closer to Dash. “So tell me again how all men have porn?
“I’ll get rid of it as soon as we’re home,” he promised quickly. I fought the urge to laugh, and then puke, thinking about my brother and porn. It was hard enough just knowing he did it.
“I’d hang onto it for a little while longer. You’re going to need it.” She waddled off for our assigned theater and he chased after her.
“So did you really throw away your porn? You don’t miss it at all?” Lake questioned.
“I think I did a pretty good job of molding you into the perfect porn star who is just for me,” he growled and pulled her into his body.
I was pretty sure I wasn’t supposed to be hearing this.
“So… road trip?” Keenan interrupted their moment when he walked up with a bucket of popcorn with Ken. I hadn’t even noticed he’d left and wondered if it was to keep his ass out of the hot seat or to preserve Kennedy’s virtue a little while longer. It wasn’t as if I hadn’t walked in on him watching dirty threesome movies more than once.
“The chicks, man. They’ve never ridden roller coasters.”
Keiran’s eyebrows reached for his forehead as he studied Lake. “Seriously?”
Lake frowned at his the condescension in his tone and turned away from us to face him. “Are you going to not marry me, too?”
His lips quirked with amusement causing him to appear boyish. “I’d have to ask you first.”
“You don’t have the balls,” she challenged. I noticed his hands grip her hips tighter.
“Oh yeah?”
“I might say no.”
“Then I’d have to make you say yes.”
They were practically fucking in the middle of the lobby, so I took my baby’s hand and headed for the movie room. Keenan followed behind, crunching on the popcorn the whole way. When we turned the corner, I stopped and faced him.
“Why didn’t you get rid of your porn?”
I hated the low feeling of insecurity I felt at the thought that maybe… in a way… he was still cheating but in a different way.
“Don’t baby.”
“I know that look. I know exactly what you’re thinking. I’d kill myself before I hurt you that way again. Do you hear me?”
“Don’t talk like that.”
“Why not? I mean it.”
“I believe you. I just…”
“It’s gone.”
“The porn. It’s gone. All of it.”
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