Valentine's Day

I was greeted by her sweet scent. The feel of her soft lips, never failing to make my dick hard, followed. It was morning and we were still in bed, which gave me the perfect advantage. I rolled her underneath me and stole her next breath with my kiss. The best part about feeling her body beneath me was that she didn’t fight me. I loved the way she gave in to me every single time.  
“Good morning.”
“Happy Birthday, baby.”
I smiled against her lips and stole another kiss. “If you really want to make it a happy birthday, spread your legs for me.” 
“But I made you breakfast.”
“And I’ll eat it as soon as you spread your legs.”
“It’ll get cold.” She continued to protest while opening up for me.
“I doubt that.” I smiled, already distracted by the creamy sight of her thighs. I could see her pussy, begging for me, and I liked to think I was too chivalrous to refuse so I ate and fucked her into the mattress for most of the morning, and when she finally begged for mercy, I reluctantly gave in.
“You know today is Valentine’s Day, too,” I said when I caught my breath.
She could barely open her eyes as she nodded. “It crossed my mind,” she answered sleepily.
“Today is for you, too.”
“Mhmm. So what shall we do today?”
“If I had my way, we would stay in bed and see who taps out first.” When her eyes popped open, I knew it wasn’t a possibility before she ever spoke.
“Dash wanted to take you out for your birthday.” The hopeful look on her face made me groan and hide my face in her neck. I couldn’t help inhaling her scent to which she shivered.
“Is that so bad?”
“I only want to spend the day with you. It’s my birthday, you know.”
“Oh, nice try. You couldn’t care less about your birthday.”
“Don’t make me go.”
“You have to. He made plans.”
“Only Dash?”
“Keenan has his hands full with Sheldon. It is Valentine’s Day, you know.”
“What do I get for going?”
“Be a good boy and find out tonight.”
I walked into the electronics store and headed straight for the camera aisle. I convinced Keenan and Dash to make the drive and keep Keiran busy for the day while I put together his birthday surprise. Instead of our customary dinner and flowers, I decided to give him something he had wanted to try for most of our relationship. I never had the courage to do so, but as time passed, my security in our relationship grew.
“Excuse me, Miss. Can I help you find what you’re looking for?”
Fifteen minutes later, I was headed for Victoria Secret. It’s been years, and I still wasn’t able to tell if Keiran appreciated the lingerie I spent too much money on. He never let me wear it longer than it took for him to see me in it. It usually ended up in tattered pieces at my feet, but the hungry look in his eyes when he would see me always made me buy more.
One lace bodysuit with plunging neckline later, I was home putting together the last half of our evening.
I baked a cake.
Prepared a romantic dinner.
Relaxed my nerves with a bubble bath and two glasses of wine.
My last detail was to leave a trail of expensive red roses and lit candles to set the mood.
I wanted to keep him guessing for his real surprise.
I slipped into the suit, oiled my skin and sprinkled rose petals on our bed.
The camera was the last and most important detail. I positioned the tripod directly in front of the bed, set the timer to record and then used the dimmer set the perfect lighting. I then took a deep breath and positioned myself on the bed.
I waited for the recording indicator to light and then began.
You see… Keiran had said once that there were moments with me when we made love that he never wanted to end—something we could experience over and over again, and while I had been hesitant at first, I began to want the same.
Home videos, I think they were called, and this would be our first. 
While my heart beat wildly in my chest, I looked into the camera and beckoned him home.
I was beginning to remember why I didn’t care for my birthday. Dash’s idea of birthday plans was to take me to the beach where he brooded and I glared. I didn’t know whether to bring up his apparent issue with Willow leaving or threaten him until he took me home.
 When he sunk lower into his seat, I started to think I’d been punked.
“What the fuck, man?”
He turned to look at me as if he’d forgotten I was even there and said, “What?”
“Take me home.” I sounded like a fucking girl but couldn’t give less of a fuck. I had better ideas of how I could have spent the day. I was going to make Lake pay for insisting I go through with this shit. The sun was beginning to set so I figured I wouldn’t have to suffer much longer when my phone vibrated in my pocket. My frown deepened when I noticed it was a video message from Lake.
I couldn’t click on the icon quick enough, and when the video started to play, I swore and hardened instantly. I watched as she slowly slid her fingers over her pussy hidden by red lace while she stared into the camera. I had no idea how but I knew I was being called home, and it was a call I intended to answer.
I looked over at Dash, who looked from me to the phone and back again with a sly grin on his face.
“Take me home. Now.”
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Copyright © 2016 B.B. Reid, All rights reserved.
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