They didn’t see us.
But we saw them.

We watched them for far too long—practically stalked them. I told myself I was only following Keiran’s lead, but I was more than turned on watching her read a fucking textbook as if she were giving me a strip tease.
“Oh, Willow, I almost forgot…” The pretty blonde Keiran was obsessed with reached into her bag and pulled out the bracelet I had made for Willow when I had no other way to express how I felt. “You left this in the locker room.”
She… what?
I watched her stare at the lavender and platinum piece as if I had handed her my beating heart before she turned away, disregarding it as if it were something from a gumball machine.  “I don’t want it. It’s meaningless.”
What the fuck did she just say?
“Don’t ever let me hear you say that shit again, angel.” I heard a voice that wasn’t my own, but when she looked up, startled, it was me she found with her gaze. She quickly recovered, and I could practically see her shields rise as she said, “Go away, Dash, and you may take that thing with you. I’m sure your fiancée would appreciate it. But then her name doesn’t start with a W, does it?”
She lowered her gaze to her textbook once again, dismissing me.
Bad fucking move.
I shouldn’t have done it. I had no right, and if I ever saw anyone handle her as I just had, I would cut their fucking arm off. Once I touched her, I couldn't let her go. I led her through the stacks of bookcases while she cursed me the entire way—shrinking my ego word by word.
She had no idea the retribution I had in mind and that, ladies and gentleman, caused the evil grin that finally shut her the fuck up.
I didn't waste time once I had her trapped and alone. I pushed her against the shelves hard enough to make the wood groan, but not too hard because no matter how pissed she made me, I would never hurt her.
I closed my eyes and took a deep breath. I couldn’t handle her green, innocent—and a little pissed off—gaze. When I opened them, I found her staring at my neck. “What’s your deal, angel? You don’t want me anymore?”
I didn’t give her the chance to answer because I realized I wasn’t strong enough for another rejection.
My hand slid up her thigh while she watched me. Her eyes were wide with excitement and her body froze from fear. It was all the confirmation I needed.
“We don’t have much time.”
Her response was to reach for my jeans and tug the button open.
I don’t remember much of what happened after that.
Mouths melded.
Tongues battled.
Her moans alone made my dick rock hard. 
It wasn’t long before my jeans were lowered just enough to free my cock and her skirt was in my fist being shoved around her waist.
I needed this.
She owed me this.
She was breaking my heart and only stolen moments like these were holding me together.
I couldn’t wait any longer.
Rational thinking wasn’t possible.
I lifted her into my arms and wrapped her legs around my waist. With my hands gripping her too fine ass, I used my hips to position my cock.
“You may have won, angel, but I will always have this.” I slid inside her, not giving her the chance to argue. She still had trouble taking me because of my size.
It literally took her breath away whenever I first entered her, but it didn’t matter.
She knew exactly what I possessed.
I used my grip on her to keep her steady as I withdrew slowly. It was a ruse. Something to reassure her when she had nothing to be reassured of.
I proved it by slamming inside her so hard that books above us fell and they kept falling.
But I didn’t stop there.
I kept going.
Pounding my frustration between her thighs.
Her answering cries my fuel.
She’d always be mine.
She came around me. Her pussy had trapped and milked my raging cock, demanding my own release when the answer entered my mind.
I knew a way to keep her mine.
The only secure way.
And I only had to let go—release in her unprotected body—and she’d be mine.
She opened her eyes as if sensing my dark thoughts. Alarm flashed in her eyes when she read my thoughts.
She knew.
I slammed my lips down on hers, but she only tore her mouth away. “Dash,” she cried and threw her head back against the shelf in anguish. “No, you can’t!”
Fuck. Fuck. Fuck!
My pounding hips matched the rhythm of my inner torment.
At the very last moment, I came to my senses. I pulled out and came on her soft belly with a harsh groan. She tried to get away, but I held her tight. I felt her fury and knew I had fucked up bad.
“You can’t force me to pretend I don’t want you because you aren't able to stay away. It’s not fair.” I sounded like a whiny child, but it was apparent at this point that Angel had just about diminished all my pride. She’d take everything until there was nothing left, and when the dust settled, would I even have her?
“I have to do this.” She looked away and shed her last tear. She looked beautiful even when she cried. “I will do it, Dasher. Forget I exist. Forget the summer ever happened.” She finally met my gaze again and I could only see determination. “Forget we ever were.”
A black rage like I never imagined took over my existence and at the moment, I could see myself forgetting my earlier vow and truly hurting her. I stormed from the bookcase to protect her, but when I saw Lake wrapped up in Keiran, her sole source of pain, I lost it. 
This shit was sick.
“These bitches are seriously fucked!”
Their heads snapped up. Keiran looked pissed that his moment with her was interrupted, but Lake instantly became the concerned friend. “What did you do to Willow?”
She jumped from the table and regarded me coldly. I almost snorted. The girl was afraid of her own shadow. Keiran kept her trapped against the table.
It wasn’t even for her safety.
He was jealous of any guy who simply breathed in her direction and not because he had recently begun fucking her.
He always had been.
When he glared down at her, I expected her to cower like she always did but she glared back.
“Nothing yet,” I answered. I might have come to my senses this time but the urge wasn’t far from my mind. Could I really do that to her?
I looked at Keiran, ready to get away and think. “You ready, bro?”
I didn’t wait. I had stormed from the library before I did something really stupid, but not before snatching the bracelet from the table.
I’d find a way to get it back on her arm one day. 

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