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So The Punk and the Plaything is with my editors. All 100K of it! I had such a great time with Jamie and Bee. Actually, who am I kidding? These two were hell on my emotions, and I'm glad it's over. Consider my comfort zone breached. 

To celebrate, please enjoy this (unedited) deleted scene...


I wasn’t sure how long I’d been asleep when I awoke with a start. I was lying on my stomach and couldn’t see a thing. The only sound was the crickets outside. Relaxing, I pulled my phone from under my pillow and read the time. 

Ugh, only 2:33. 

I’d been asleep for less than an hour. 

Tentatively, I gravitated to my text app, hoping that the text I’d sent had been a dream. I immediately groaned when I saw that it was very much real and that Jamie had read it. It was just like him to have his receipts on. He wouldn’t give a damn if people knew he was ignoring them or not.

And it was clear by his lack of response that he’d ignored me.

I guess I should count myself lucky. The alternatives were either Jamie saying something hurtful or—

A quiet chuckle that sounded way too real to be imagined interrupted my musing, and I immediately tensed. Only after a deep breath did I slowly look over my shoulder.

Lounging at the end of my bed was Jamie. The light from his cell phone was dim as he typed. Who the hell could he be texting at almost three in the morning?

“Jamie? What are you doing here?” 

He still wore his tux though the bow tie was gone and his jacket discarded. Even the first couple of buttons of his dress shirt had been unbuttoned. 

“I wouldn’t be able to sleep tonight if I let you have the last word.”

“What?” I quickly rolled over, but then remembering a vital detail, I clutched the sheet to my chest before it could fall. Why oh why couldn’t I have put my shirt back on?

He finally looked up from his phone and studied me long and hard before speaking. “Apparently, I can’t get a girl off even in her fantasies.”

My cheeks warmed, and I was suddenly grateful for the dark. Jamie’s gaze swept my body, and I had the feeling he was looking for evidence that I’d touched myself to thoughts of him. 

Oh, there was proof all right. I pressed my thighs together under the covers, which only drew his gaze. Crap.

Jamie was noticeably quiet as he sat up and slowly unbuttoned the rest of his shirt before removing it altogether. I sucked in a breath at the sight of his chest and shoulders. He was still lean, but he’d come a long way from that sweet, lanky boy I once knew. There was definitely nothing innocent about his intentions when he rose from my bed. 

This Jamie, the one without a shirt or morals to be found, made his way across my room, and instinct told me what he was preparing to do. I hurriedly sat up, careful not to let the sheet slip and reveal my bare breasts. “I’m not allowed to lock the door,” I whispered as loud as I dared. 

“I don’t care.”

“He’ll come, Jameson.”

“I don’t care.” 

I heard the lock being flipped. To my ears and erratic heart, the sound was equivalent to a bomb detonating. I was sure my father would hear even from a floor below. Turning to me, Jamie leaned his shoulder against the door while slipping his hands inside his tuxedo pants. “Take off your panties.” His voice was a soft purr, but I wasn't fooled. I was his prey and he was eager for the hunt.

“Jamie, we can’t.”

“Take them off right now, and I’ll let you come quietly.”

“As opposed to…”

“Me not giving a fuck if your father hears us or not.”


“My offer has an expiration date, Barbette. You have three seconds.”

“I am not taking my panties off!”

“Two,” he counted aloud. 

“Wait, what happened to one?” I shrieked, forgetting all about my sleeping parents. 

He took a step forward, and I scrambled for the headboard, realizing he’d reached three without me knowing. He never played fair. Not even when we were kids and he’d stolen my heart so effortlessly.

“Okay! Okay! I’ll take them off, but you’re not…” I took a deep breath. The throbbing between my thighs only intensified. “You’re not going to do anything, right?”

He paused in the middle of my room with a tilt of his head. “Oh, kitten… there isn’t a list long enough to describe all the things I want to do to you.”

“What if I say no?”

“If I were worried, I wouldn’t have wasted the gas driving back here.”

“What is it like five or six miles?” 

He returned my sneer with one of his own. “Stop stalling.”

Keeping the sheet up with one hand, I sighed as I wrangled my panties down my trembling legs with the other. Once they were finally off, I tossed them to the end of the bed where he waited and smiled triumphantly. I was still completely hidden by the sheet. “That’s got to be like the fifth or sixth pair you’ve stolen from me. What do you do with them, anyway? Sniff them while you jerk off?”

“Yes,” he shamelessly confessed. Plucking my panties from the bed, he stuffed them inside his pocket. 

“And you don’t think that’s weird?”

“I might if I gave a fuck.” Without warning, he gripped the blanket and ripped it off the bed. I clutched the sheet covering me tighter, knowing it was next. 

My nerves spiraled out of control when instead of wrestling it away from me, he dipped underneath. I knew then that short of saying ‘no’ there was no stopping him. He was determined, and I was too tempted.  

He crawled his way up my bed, and then I felt him tugging my crossed ankles apart before pulling me flat on my back. My arms were then pushed above my head, and he was crawling between my open thighs. His hot skin made it impossible to ignore the fact that I was completely naked. At least he still has his pants on. 

But for how long? I could feel his erection straining against the material, and it scared me because holy crap.

“Show me,” he demanded, pulling me from my thoughts. 

“Show you what?”

“Show me how you touched yourself and didn’t come.” Chewing my bottom lip, I looked away, a silent denial. I could feel Jamie’s gaze before his head lowered, and his lips pressed against my pulse. “Did you touch this greedy pussy soaking the front of my pants?”

His filthy words ripped a desperate sound from me, and I shifted coating his pants even more. “No.”

“Mmmh.” It was the only response he gave before his lips traveled further down my throat. “If not there, then where?” he demanded between kisses. I didn’t respond, but a second later, my back arched off the bed, giving me away when his tongue flicked my right nipple. 

Oh, God. Oh, fuck. 

“What. Have. We. Here?” 

I gasped when he licked me again. 

Jamie chuckled, and I knew he was on to me. My breasts had always been overly sensitive, and now Jamie knew it too.

God, I'm screwed. Pun intended.

“That’s it, isn’t it, baby? I thought you wanted a gentleman who simply kissed you goodnight.” He tsked, making me clutch the sheet in anticipation. “You should have told me, kitten. I would have gladly sucked your nipples until they were red and tender.”

If he weren't between my thighs, I would have pressed them together when I felt my pussy pulse uncontrollably. Tired of this game and needing to come, I met Jamie’s mocking, lust-filled gaze as I relaxed underneath him. I wanted him and for now, I was done pretending. I could never hide from him anyway. Not even then.

“Shit or get off the pot, Jameson.”

* * * * *

Sorry, but that's all you get! I have to leave some wonder for the book. ;-) In the meantime, stay tuned for the cover reveal happening Nov 20th!

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