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Lyon Street Circuits
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Regain Your Summer Swagger

Summer Session Started so Saddle Up!

(Say that 5 times fast)

Our new 6-week morning sessions at Aquatic Park started on June 27th so it's not too late to hop in. The summer months bring early daylight and warmer (most of the time) weather so now's the time to get out and join the session. Register HERE.

Remember to invite your friends too, their first week is free so they have nothing to lose!! (except a few calories). 

Here are just a few photos of what you may have missed (or lived through) from our last session. You can follow us on Instagram @RevisionAthletics to see more too!

Lyon Street Classes Extended

Due to the popularity of the evening classes at Lyon Street we are extending them through July!

Join us on Tuesday and Thursday nights at 6pm for a circuit style class at the Lyon Street Stairs (Lyon and Vallejo). 

Class format will be 10 minutes warm up / mobilization, 40 minutes of circuit exercises and a 10 minutes warm down / stretching.

Purchase the package for the month of July at only $120 (that's only $15 a class) or drop in for $20/class.

Click HERE to register.

Riding the Edge

Let's face it, most of us love to be challenged. The challenge is what drives us, scares us, and keeps our interest. So how do you know when you're taking on too much or just perfectly riding the edge?

Here are some tips to look for:
  1. Is there an end game in sight?  Think about the reasons you may be undertaking your challenge and what you look to gain. If the goal is to keep up whatever you're doing for the rest of your life then switch your mindset to making a life change instead of keeping it as a challenge. The word challenge can trigger emotions of something being hard and requiring a lot of work which shouldn't weigh on you for the rest of your life.
  2. What are you giving up to succeed? Typically when we challenge ourselves it means we are trying to change, add, or subtract something from our lives. Since most of us don't have a ton of extra space for new challenges it means we will have to reassess the rest of our lives. Be sure you're ready to make the changes that are needed before embarking on your challenge.
  3. How will it help you grow? Are you going to become a better person through this process? Are you helping to change the world in a better way? Will you become more confident, more kind, more relaxed, or smarter? These are all questions you should ask yourself to make sure you're ready.
  4. Be ready to fail. Not many people can succeed at everything they do. In fact I bet there isn't one person who can. One of the best part about taking on challenges is that it gives you an opportunity to fail. And once you fail (don't worry you will at some point), the real growth comes from how you respond to that failure.

Summer Lights 5k Runs

We know how a lot of you love to go have a beer after work on your Friday's so may as well add a little 5k run beforehand. The Summer Lights 5k races will be running through July and September from The Yard at Mission Rock. It's a great opportunity to close out your week on a fast note and kick off the weekend on a fun one! 

Use the code "REVISION" to get $5 off any of the races. Register HERE
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