Make it your May; Saturday Classes; Fitness/Health ?'s
Client Profie: Fletcher Payne
Athlete Clinics and 30-Day Body Mind Challenge
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Go ahead, make my May!

Or how about you make your own May!

What do we mean by making your own May?

We want you to be selfish. Yes, you read it right, selfish. Use this month to take care of yourself before anyone else. Many of us tend to put others first, whether it's family members, loved ones, friends, or even coworkers. This month try putting yourself first. Below are our tips for doing so:
  • Assess your own health and make it a priority. If you've been getting sick a lot, have a nagging injury, or are just feeling out of shape, schedule time in the day for yourself. Massage, acupuncture, PT, or exercise are all great ways to take care of yourself. Sign up, put it on the calendar and stick to it.
  • How much "me time" do you get? Entertaining or constantly being around others can be draining for a lot of people, even if it's fun. If you aren't able to recharge it can lead to eating poorly, lack of energy, and a quick temper. Don't neglect your alone time.
  • Stand up for yourself! Don't want to do something, don't do it. Been wanting to go somewhere, go there. Take this month to treat yourself to the little things that make you happy.
Remember, sometimes you need to be selfish in order to be selfless.

We are avery excited to announce a few upcoming Saturday classes in May.
Whitney will be teaching classes on 5/7 and 5/21.
They will be held at China Beach at 9:00am.

Register HERE for the 5/7 class and HERE for the 5/21 class.

Monday Boxing?!?

We have been tossing around the idea of changing Monday's to a boxing conditioning class but want some input from you all. Click HERE to fill out a quick survey and let us know if you'd be interested.
Health / Fitness Questions

The health and fitness industry is ever changing. At Revision Athletics we love educating ourselves and others. Email us your questions and let us do the research and give you the answers you're looking for.
Client Profile
Learn more about the leader of the pack at 6am, Fletcher Payne.
Q: If you were to create a slogan for your life, what would it be?

A: Just Do It. I know its Nike’s slogan, but I love how simple it is and how many ways it can be motivational!  The slogan can be inspirational by challenging yourself to do something that may not be easy or it can remind you to stop complaining / procrastinating - just get out and make a difference.   It also lets you to define your own level of success…you don’t have to be the best, you just need to try – and then you have succeed!  Just do it!

Click HERE to read more about Fletcher.

Our next clinic is Race Day Prep on May 25th @ 7:30pm.
Let us help you plan out your week of nutrition, training, and mental prep before you go tackle your big goal. This clinic will cover everything that you go through the week before, during, and after the race including training, nutrition, recovery, strategy, and mental focus.

Register HERE

30-Day Body Mind Challenge

Are you looking for a body and/or mind re-boot?  We invite you to take the 30 Day Body-Mind Challenge starting May 31st.

The Challenge: exercise, meditate and eat healthy for 30 days.  Alex is on the teaching staff and leading the exercise and fitness piece of the challenge.  Join a motivated, fun community and get guidance from experts in fitness, mindfulness, nutrition, meditation and more. Create more life affirming habits and feel fantastic!  

Early bird price is only $225 through May 11, and you get an additional 10% off if you use the discount code: revision10.

Our friends at City Beer Runs are holding their next event on May 7th at Speakeasy Ales & Lagers.  These events are a great way to get together with friends/family, run a 5k or 10k, then partake in a delicious libation afterwards. 
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If you were able to join us for one or more of our classes we'd love a review on our Yelp page.
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