Don't fool around; Audio Classes; Lunges; Chase The Lights
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No Fooling Around!

Take Action

Now's the time to make it happen.

The sun is rising early, the rain has subsided, and it's time to get back into the swing of things. 

Whether you've been hibernation all winter or just staying inside to keep dry there is no better time to come back out to classes and find your groove again. Below are some tips to get you going:

1) Set your alarm and get up early every day. You are more likely to get into a routine if you actually keep it. Getting up early for class can be hard but give yourself a few weeks of that 5:30am or 6:30am alarm then you'll find yourself naturally waking at that time.
2) Buy some new workout clothes. It's amazing how when you buy a new pair of pants or a new shirt you immediately want to go show it off. Well update your wardrobe and show us what you got!
3) Bring a friend. Make a deal with a friend to come to class a certain amount of times this month and see what progress you both make.
4) Sign up in advance and put it in you calendar. Nothing says commitment like actually committing to something! If you schedule the class then you are less likely to bail on it or find an excuse not to go.
5) Give yourself a gold star. Remember when you were a kid and got a gold star for reading a book or doing your homework? Treat your workouts the same way! Buy some star stickies and put a start on the calendar each day you workout for a nice visual reminder of your commitment.
New Audio Classes

Alex has been working with MoveWith on uploading new audio strength and running workouts. These are a great way to take your workouts mobile when you're traveling or on days that we don't have classes.

Use the code PRESSPLAYNOW-AH by April 10th to get the first 30-days free 

Check them out HERE
The Lunge

It's a fundamental exercise that provides so many benefits. How do you get the most out of a lunge? Follow these steps.

Reverse Lunge
Stand up tall, keeping good posture step back with one leg and drop the knee to about 2" off the ground. Keep your front knee right over the shin and ankle and your back knee right underneath your hip. Pause at the bottom then squeeze your front foot into the ground and pull yourself back up to standing. Repeat alternating legs.

Forward Lunge
Stand up tall, keeping good posture step forward and drop your back knee to 2" off the ground. Again, make sure your front knee stays over your shin and ankle and doesn't go over the front toe. Dig your toes into the ground, press through your front heel to stand back up then switch legs.

Side Lunge
Standing tall, step your right foot out to the right. Keep your feet flat on the ground, keep your left leg straight, and sit your hips back putting all your weight on the right leg. Sit as low as you can then press through your right heel to go back to standing. Switch sides.
Chase The Lights is back for another go!

We are putting on our 2nd round of the Chase The Lights race and it's taking place on Saturday, May 27th. If you missed the first one you'll definitely want to come out this time.

It's just a little 4-6 mile run with beer, food and and fun at the end.

Early bird pricing will end on April 30th so get your tickets now and only pay $25!

Register or find out more info at 

Just a reminder that we've changed the location of our Thursday Athletic Movement classes from Aquatic Park Pier to the Palace of Fine Arts. Class will meet at the intersection of Lyon and Bay streets.

Come out to explore what the marina and presidio have to offer!
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If you were able to join us for one or more of our classes we'd love a review on our Yelp page.
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