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Jan Exercise: Dirty Dog Series
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Fly High in 2017

Show us what you're made of

The year has just started and you have every opportunity ahead of you. So what are you going to do, sit back and see what happens or take control and make 2017 yours?

I challenge you to choose the latter of the two options and start in January by creating a plan to lead to your success. Whether you sign up for a race, plan a vacation, or write down what your dream life looks like, use the first few weeks of January to set up the year.

The idea of manifesting what you want out of life may sound ridiculous but by telling the world what you want, it'll make you become clearer on your objectives and start noticing opportunities that may have otherwise been missed. So lay it out and spread the word! Make 2017 the best year to date.
New Session Starts January 2nd

Start your year off on the right foot by signing up for classes!

Our first classes of 2017 will start on Monday, January 2nd.

Come out to work off all of those holiday treats and be sure to check our site and stay up to date on classes.
Dirty Dog Series

Do this exercise to strengthen your glutes (your butt) while working on the range of motion in your hips. 
Start on your hands and knees 
Kick your left leg back
Bring your knee to your chest
Repeat 10-15 times

With knee bent, lift knee to the side
Bring back to starting point
Repeat 10-15 times

With knee bent, make a large circle forward
Repeat 10-15 times

With knee bent, make a large circle backwards
Repeat 10-15 times

Keep your hands under your shoulders and your hips over your knees. Make sure your core is engaged and you don't sag though the shoulders. 
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