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August Appreciation

When's the last time you said Thank You??

And not just after someone did something nice for you. I'm talking about an out of the blue, random act of gratitude.

With all of the craziness that's been happening in the world these past few months there has been an overwhelming sense of fear, anger, and frustration. Let's do something small that can lead to something big.

We'd like to challenge each and everyone of you who reads this to pick up your phone, grab a pen and a postcard, type an email, or even go face to face with someone in your life who you are grateful for and tell them why. This random act of kindness can change someones day/week/month and put a smile on their face. You may even be surprised about the types of responses you'll get in return.

In addition to thanking someone else, try thanking yourself each day for something different. Self appreciation is important to build confidence and live a happy life. Go ahead and thank yourself for getting a workout in, eating healthy, staying focused at work, or smiling to a stranger on the street :)


Alex will be out of town in Colorado racing the Trans Rockies Run for a week so we will have a modified schedule. Please check the online schedule to register.

The following classes are cancelled:
Monday 8/8 - 6 & 7am
Tuesday 8/9 - 6pm (Lyon Street)
Thursday 8/11 - 6pm (Lyon Street)
Friday 8/12 - 6 & 7am 
Monday 8/15 - 6 & 7am

Lyon Street Circuits

Missed the morning workout or feeling strong enough to do a double? Join us on Tuesday and Thursday nights at 6pm for our circuit classes at the Lyon Street Stairs (Lyon and Vallejo). 

Classes include 10 minutes of warm up/mobilization, 40 minutes of circuit exercises and 10 minutes warm down/stretching.

We are offering a special package of $120 for the (8) classes in August with a break during the 2nd week of August (9th & 11th). Drop in classes are only $20

Click HERE to register.
Client Profile
Learn more about our 6am King of the Court, Paul Llewellyn.
Q: Name one thing you really like about yourself?

A: I consider myself a very positive person, and will always try to look for the best in any situation..

Click HERE to read more about Paul.

Foam Rolling Workshop

Alex will be leading a FREE post SF Marathon foam rolling workshop at the lululemon store on Union street on Tuesday, August 2nd @ 8:30pm. There will be special treats from Kevita, Hint Water, and others! 

Bring your own foam roller if you have one, if not StudioMix will be supplying us with a limited amount to use.

RSVP HERE to secure your spot.
A special shout out to our client Nick Erker for completing his first marathon! Both he and his daughter Mika look pretty stoked to be done.

Half Moon Bay 1/2 & Full Marathon!

Looking for your next race? Check out the Half Moon Bay 1/2 Marathon. The event is Sunday, September 18th, and there's a full and half marathon option. The course is relatively flat with a combo of road and trail, so it's a great opportunity to challenge yourself and see what you can do! For more info, check out the website. Use the promo code 'HMBIMREVISION' to get $10 off your registration.
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