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New Years resolutions already falling flat?

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Join Alex as he prepares for his next big 100k race by taking a month off of drinking any alcohol. If you can make it through the whole month without drinking, we'll give you a free class! Just email and let us know you're in (honor based system).

Why should I do that you ask? Here are just some of the reasons:

1) Your sleep will improve
Although having drink before bed may make you go to bed faster, it'll disrupt your sleep through the 2nd part of the night causing you to wake up groggy or crash later in the day.

2) You will be more focused and aware
With better sleep comes better mental clarity. You may find yourself being more productive at work, paying more attention to your daily activities and loved ones, and becoming more aware of how your body and mind is feeling.

3) You may lose weight
Ever notice that when you drink alcohol you tend to eat more? The empty calories from booze may satisfy your thirst but it doesn't your body absorb any nutrients. Curb those late night cravings by letting your liver do its job and filter out the good and bad stuff.

4) Your bank account will not lose weight
Have you ever tracked how much you've spent on alcohol in a month. Just think of the extra dough you'll have if you don't go spend that $50-$100 a week on drinks at bars or dinner.
5) Your athletic performance will improve
Again, going back to the sleep. By getting more rest your muscles will be able to recover properly setting you up for success the next day.

Current Session 2/2 - 4/1

We are already in week 2 of our new session and the sun is rising earlier providing some great sunrises for both 6 & 7am. If you haven't yet signed up, now's the time!

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Client Profile
Learn more about our 6am world traveler, Angie O'Donnell.
Q: If money were no object, what’s one thing you’d purchase right now?

A: I would buy a house with a view of the Golden Gate Bridge.

Click HERE to read more about Angie.

Our next clinic is Spring Speed on March 30th @ 7pm. This clinic will cover speed work by going to Kezar Stadium, anazlying your running form, going through a few different types of drills and workouts, then heading back to the store for a recap. Garmin will have an in store promotion and the price for the clinic has dropped to only $29!

Register HERE

Time to Summit!

We are teaming up with A Runner's Mind and the crew from Outdoorsie to provide an experience you won't forget, a sunrise run/hike summit up Mt. Tam! For only $80 you will get transportation to/from A Runner's Mind, breakfast and coffee, nutrition for the run/hike up, a guided experience, and a special treat at the end. The total trip is expected to last around 4 hours.

Sign up HERE.

Ready to race a 5k?

Revision Athletics is putting together a team for the Jig & Jog 5k Club Challenge on Sunday, March 20th. The group who gets the most members out to race will receive a trophy, custom shirts, special party, and $1000 to spend on new equipment and special gifts for classes!

SIGN UP using the code "Revision" and you'll be entered as part of our team and get a discount on the race.  
Check out our friends at City Beer Runs as they start up their run series this year. These events are a great way to get together with friends/family, run a 5k or 10k, then partake in a delicious libation afterwards. 
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