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Struggling to get out with the wet weather??

Come on, it's just rain.

It happens to the best of us, we wake up and hear the sound of rain outside, immediately convince ourselves that the bed is a much better place to be.

It may be warmer but it's not nearly as fun!

Grab a lightweight rain jacket or a long sleeve shirt, get your butt in the car, and prepare to jump in puddles and get a little wet. I promise it'll bring the little kid out in you. Remember, we hold class rain or shine!

We are teaming up with A Runner's Mind to offer monthly clinics at their shop. These will be held the last Wednesday of each month and are $49 for each clinic. There will be special guests, sponsored swag, and other fun surprises. 

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Mental Strength Training

Have you ever gone into a race or workout feeling weak or slow? How did that work out for you?

Training your mind is just as crucial as training your body. It's important to go into your workouts with a focus of how you want to perform. When you visualize success before getting your heart rate up you're prepping your body for what it's about to go through. That focus can carry you through your workout or race and help your perform at your highest level.

So next time you're about to start, spend 2-5 minutes with your eyes closed mentally preparing yourself. Physical confidence and mental confidence are a two way street.

Note: This is also good for work meetings, interviews, marriage proposals, breakups, and life in general. 
Finishing Friday class with yoga on the beach has been a client favorite! There are still 2 weeks left where Julie will be teaching so it's not to late to come out and experience it for yourself.

You can also take her new Tuesday night yoga classes at 6:30pm at 510 Mission St.
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If you were able to join us for one or more of our classes during our first session then please take a few minuets to give us a review on Yelp.
Client Profile
Learn more about our resident 7am doctors Robert & Irene Minkowski
Q: What is your favorite place on Earth?

A: (R) Sun Valley, Idaho. It is stunningly beautiful and the hiking and other outdoor activities are limitless.
     (I) In my relatively small traveling experience of the world, I love Honfleur, a small port in Normandy, France. It is romantic and a gastronomic heaven. I was there for the first time at age 13 during a school trip and promised myself to bring my life partner one day and I did!


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