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World Business in 2030

parameters are about to change the face of the world in the 30 upcoming years.

As managers, our responsibility is to analyze the dynamics of these 30 upcoming years in order to adapt our strategies.

The first upheaval is demography. It can be separated into 3 parts: Africa, Francophonie and Urbanization.
1)AfricaWe are 7 billion human beings on earth. Africa is the only continent where the number of inhabitants will double, increasing from 1 to 2 billions. Any company thinking about the future must now turn to Africa.
2)FrancophonieFrench native speakers will see their number tripled moving from 220 millions to more than 700 millions in the next decades. It does not mean that world business will speak French however speaking French must unlock opportunities especially in Congo and/or Ivory Coast.
3)Urbanization20 years ago, 2/3 of people living on earth lived in periphery. In 20 years, 2/3 of the planet will live in the city.
The crucial point is to know whether or not our service/product is profitable for people living in the city
II.Work Model
1)No Office, No hours 
Anything that has been imagined in 1937 (fixed structures, fixed hours of work) will be obsolete in 2037. We need to think about how to maximize our productivity while reducing our work conditions.
2)MYK School of Entrepreneurship
The fast moving world we are living in requires a continual improvement and renewal of your skills. You cannot work according to the same know-how as 20 years ago.
In that sense, MSE (MYK School of Entrepreneurship) has been created; in order for entrepreneurs, collaborators and companies to be prepared and face tomorrow's challenges.
3)2030 Model
A musician lives today according to 3 concepts that will rule tomorrow's enterprises.
1.Freelancism: Like musicians, tomorrow's employees will work for several employers for a limited period of time.
2.Self-employment: Like musicians, we will be our own employers and ambulant SME's.
3.Brand-Hicking: Like big orchestras (Vienna, Berlin) there will be only a small number of big companies (like Google, Facebook) governing the market.

1)Services Industry-explosion
Information technologies will allow law firms to achieve morefaster. They see a 10% growth rate per year. A stable and remarkable growth for the next 10 years.
2)Data Insurance
2 activities seem to taking over: Distract & Insure. Indeed, look at the last applications you used. They were created to distract (youtube, gaming, tinder etc) or to insure both your personal data (gmail, linkedin, facebook) and your organizational information ( MYK, Microsoft, Oracle).
3)10,000,000,000 consumers
Today, about 5,000,000,000 mobiles are distributed worldwide. It may possible that these mobiles will be soon replaced by other technologies or even fictive secretaries! The important element to take into account here is the increasing power of mobile technologies with more than 10,000,000,000 mobile users by 2030.
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