Whether you are marketing a product, a service, a project or even a political program, the first step is to define your audience. Defining your audience is crucial when presenting your idea/product, when selecting marketing channels, and for providing your customers with the utmost satisfaction. Do they really need what you are trying to offer? Where do they live? Does your pricing suit their income (as individuals or corporations)?
For example, let’s imagine a renowned TV re-seller distributing flyers at the entrance of a discotheque or investing in Facebook campaigns targeting individuals aged 23 – 28. This re-seller was sure that young and technologically savy people were the perfect target for increasing his profitability. Furthermore, this re-seller believes that because his target is constantly updated on technological trends, they will be looking for the best screen materials.
However, our TV re-seller is wrong! Therefore, we at MYK Applications highly recommend that businessmen and entrepreneurs follow our magical remedy to improve profiling a target audience.

Otherwise known as AGLOMINE, here are the following 8 criteria that make up this acronym:

AGE: of my potential customers. How old are they? In the aforementioned example, it is obvious that 45 – 60 people who have sufficient space in their grand house will want a TV screen. However, this may not be the case for the 25 people living in a small, rented apartment.
GENDER: Is my service aimed to provide values mostly to men or women? Or maybe to both men and women? Still, what percentage of each gender do I have to target? For example, in terms of Real Estate, you should target 60% to men and 40% to women. On the contrary, for cosmetics, you should target 70% to women and 30% to men. For TV’s, our friend should have known that the ratio is highly favorable to men – maybe 80% – and therefore should choose a completely different marketing channel, such as a golf club for example.
LOCATION: where do your prospective clients live? Their fields of interest and daily concerns vary depending on whether or not they live in an urban area (probably an apartment in town) or a large house outside the city. For example, if I were to market TV’s, I would target the appropriate audience outside the city instead of focusing on young people living in a 60m2 flat.
OCCUPATION: what type of people do I want to reach? Service providers –bankers/lawyers/consultants/accountants? Independents – dentists/architects/freelancers ? Promoters – workers/constructors/developers? The more you specify your target, the better of a chance you have to provide them with a tailor-made solution. No doubt that the target audience of our TV’s re-seller is not students nor individuals starting their career, but rather respectable managers in big companies.
MARITAL STATUS: yes, this is an important parameter as well. Primarily, individuals who are married have a different weekly schedule, which is a serious factor to take into consideration for this segment. Second, the family priorities are different in that married individuals generally focus on specific matters, such as health, housing, education, finance, and insurance. For example, the dentist will have a big advantage on the gaming technologies provided in that segment.

INCOME: the amount of revenue, or more precisely your disposable income. Is our product pricing suitable to your personal budget? Does the service that I provide allow for more profitability per employee of your company? It is important to note these two questions depend most on the following criterion.
NEED: What is the need of my audience? Do we solve a real issue in society? What are our clients’ 3 concerns? First, clarify which category your offer falls under: ‘Must have,’ ‘Should have,’ or only just ‘Nice to have.’ Afterwards, describe your most painful aspect that which you have a solution. For example, if you’re a businessman, your life is basically divided into two parts. You produce (something) and/or meet (someone). We have a technology solution that increases your own productivity, helps you get the most out of every meeting and spares at least 1.5 hours every day.

EDUCATION: education level is critical when communicating your idea/product/service to an individual. Will you present your offer in scientific terms, in an understandable model to a bachelor, or in daily images to your audience? The idea is to always adapt ourselves to the common language of our prospect instead of addressing everyone with the same pitch.
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