Green Budget News - October 2016
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GBE brings you the latest news on green tax reform and sustainability in Europe.

The Circular Economy: how green taxes can help

Environmental Fiscal Reform can help Member States and the EU transition to a circular economy. In a new policy brief, GBE reviews the Circular Economy Package and explores options to tax resources and pollution.

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Tax nutrients, says GBE

An EU-wide tax on artificial fertilizer would reduce these losses, first by boosting the value of natural manures, and second, by entrusting natural manures and slurry with a price, making them more worthwhile to sell to other farms and to bio-digestion plants. 

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Reforming Budgets

It’s budget time for EU member states. GBE gives you an overview of the most significant implications for environmental policy.
France wants to offer companies the same tax credit for petrol cars as for diesel cars, removing a key incentive that has boosted diesel car sales. Unfortunately, this also means that yet more subsidies are going to petrol cars, casting doubts over France’s ability to electrify its company car fleet.

The government has also plans to increase the C02 tax substantially for vehicles emitting more than 191g of CO2/km. The cleanest vehicles will instead be charged €50. Tax credits for energy efficiency in households and a €10.000 bonus to purchase electric vehicles while scrapping over 10-year old diesel cars will also be extended for another year.
In Greece, the petrol tax will increase from 67 cent per litre to 70 cent, while the diesel tax will go up to 41c from 33c per litre. Although a step in the right direction, more needs to be done to close the 29c gap with petrol.

Taxes on heating oil and LPG are also set to increase respectively from 23c to 28c, and from 33c to 43c.
A disappointing budget in Ireland meant the government will retain the current tax gap between petrol and diesel, despite calls from experts to increase the diesel tax.
In Italy, the environmental group Legambiente put forward a proposal to phase-out subsidies to environmentally harmful products and activities such as oil and gas drilling, landfilling, the depletion of natural resources, polluting cars and more.

However, the recommendations have not yet been taken up by the government.
As Malta prepares to hold the EU presidency in Jan 2017, the government announces a series of green additions to their tax books. 

Malta has proposed a new tax on building materials, including steel structures, glass and tiles, with the revenue going to environmental projects. A new duty tax will replace the eco-contribution on personal hygiene products such as perfumes and make-up. The tax on non-biodegradable garbage bags will also slightly increase.
Romania has plans to replace the “environment tax” on cars with a tax on fuel consumption of about 3c for each fill, and a differentiated tax on cars based on the engine’s pollution level.


The inclusion of road transport in the ETS will not help the climate

Following proposals to include road transport in the Emissions Trading System (ETS), Green Budget Germany explains why this could be a counter-productive idea. 

17th Global Conference on Environmental Taxation

International experts gathered last month in Groningen to discuss ideas and developments relating to green tax reform. GBE, in cooperation with Green Fiscal Policy Network (GIZ, UNEP, IMF) and UN ECLAC, held a workshop on the “Political Dynamics and the implementation of socially inclusive green fiscal reform”.

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EU Cycling Strategy

Encouraging people to cycle more often across the EU has the potential to unlock socio-economic benefits worth billions of Euros. Follow our friends at the European Cyclist Federation through their #EUcyclingstrategy.

Coming up

GBE is hosting the next Semester Alliance Tax Dialogue on November 11th.

GBE's Vice-Director Constanze Adolf will discuss the potential of a more democratic and sustainable tax system. Among the speakers are Richard Pond (EPSU), Sian Jones (EAPN) and Mary Colling (EWL).
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