Wishes you a Merry Christmas!


But, what does it mean?

"We wish you a Merry Christmas", what does this phrase mean. Does it mean that we are longing for a few days in optimal happiness? That we can be with our loved ones in a peaceful and beautiful atmosphere, gathered around a splendid Christmas table full of nice served food, sometimes a turkey or another nice bird? That we receive the presents we were longing for?

Christmas is only two days of the year, yet it compresses a lot of desires we humans have the whole year round. It is the top event of love and desire. So, it is a good moment to reflect on our desires. What can we deduce from this feast, most people are longing to celebrate, for weeks. Most importantly, it is a communal happening, the bond between the participants is essential. Something special is happening in this togetherness just for the sake of this togetherness. Some families are together only these two days of the year. The family bond is something we can take as a value, although it does not always work out as we hoped it would.
The interesting underlying question at stake is. "Does this  Christmas feast  (or any other religious feast) represent our deepest desires? If you look at the time we spend on it  (just 2 days of the 365), it seems no, but why do we give such a profound value to this happening?  Why do we give priority only these days to peace, slowness, family and good tastes? Do we ignore the rest of the 362 days our real desires? Probably, yes! We can consider this Christmas as a dream articulation of our deepest needs. 

The economy is the art or science or platform where satisfying our needs is the purpose. The assumption of the western liberal economy is that consumers as rational agents can express their needs and identify the means to satisfy these needs. If we take into account that we, step by step have to admit that we are not rational creatures and that our buying inclinations are steered by unconscious neurological processes, in which not only thoughts are active but also endorphins, the amygdala, and so on; we should challenge the assumption of the economic science. The stand-alone consumer who works the whole year round to satisfy his so-called needs is like an avatar, that suggests autonomous acting.   
Let us take Christmas as a hidden utopian dream, in which we can combine mental, emotional, sentimental, rational en material needs in perfect equilibrium. Above all the celebration of our soul like needs. Suppose our vital needs are NOT autonomy, stand-alone consumption, property, freedom and so on but: collective attention, sharing food and wine, interdependency and enjoying company. Above all melting together in a collective soul. Collectively leave behind the low-level consumer state of being, the addictive part of our existence and emerge to a state of free enjoyment. Does it maybe contain the ingredients for the other 362 days of 2019?

Merry Christmas And A Happy New Year!

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