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Happy New Year!

January 15th
Dear Dabneyites,

A happy highland Hogmanay to you all. I know New Year celebrations vary around the world. In Scotland the house must be cleaned before midnight on New Year's Eve. It's considered unlucky to do any cleaning work on New Year's Day. No washing of clothes should take place for fear of washing one of the family away.

Up in the highlands the hearth fire lit on New Year's Eve must remain lit until January 2nd or bad luck will follow. A silver coin should be thrown through the open door in the first three minutes after midnight and the coin must remain where it falls for the rest of the year, that way the household will never be short of money. In modern times the tradition continues though the coin is more often hidden under the carpet to keep it from being kicked back out the front door.

The tradition still upheld most is the first footing. The person who walks through the door first after midnight must be dark haired, carrying a lump of coal, some shortbread, and a bottle of whiskey. That way the household will have warmth, food, and good times all year long.

If you fancy giving shortbread a try, there's a great recipe over on the BBC website.
What are some of your new year traditions? Any hikers out there? Or are you more of a movie and a hot chocolate kind of person? Curling up and reading some of the books you got for Christmas with the phone off the hook? Get in touch and let me know, I'd love to hear from you.

With love,

Blanche Dabney


More Outlaw Highlander news

The final edit is in progress. That usually takes a couple of weeks so the third in the Highlander's Time series should be ready for release around the beginning of February.

Are you excited because I am? I can't wait to hear what you think! Find out more over on the Outlaw Highlander Goodreads page.

Highlander's Voyage hit number 1!

As I mentioned on my last send out, Highlander's Voyage was promoted by Bookbub in the first week of January.

I hoped the promo might help it into the top ten in time travel romance. Thanks to all you loyal readers, we made it to number one, above Outlander itself!

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