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Want to see inside the home of the Lords of the Isles?

June 10th 2019
Dear Dabneyites,
Last time, you might remember, I mentioned the Lords of the Isles. The Lords administered justice across much of Scotland in the middle ages. Now scientists have recreated the lost medieval hall of the Laird as it looked in the 15th century. How cool is that?
Home of the Lords of the Isles as it looked in the 1400s

An island within an island, Finlaggan island lies in Loch Finlaggan on the Isle of Islay. It was chosen as the site from which to administer the various clans that owed allegiance to the mighty MacDonalds.

Legal disputes were settled there for around 200 years until 1431 when the MacDonalds defeated a royal army at Inverlochy. The Laird then took a gamble and sided with the Douglas clan in aiding England to invade Scotland.

When King James III defeated the Douglases, the MacDonalds lost their hereditary right to Lord of the Isles, future Lairds would be named by the King. The MacDonalds fell to infighting and lost influence over time, their home crumbling to ruin by the 16th century and remaining that way ever since.


How the island looks today (remains of the Great Hall to the right)

Now, scientists at The Finlaggan Archaelogical Project have recreated the medieval home at its height, a place where the Lairds pampered their dogs with decorative collars, the people drank imported wine, and even enjoyed playing board games. The video gives you a chance to see the kind of place where the characters of my stories lived and worked.

Inside the Great Hall

See the full video for yourself here and get a glimpse of how the lords of Scotland used to live all those years ago. Be sure to get in touch and let me know what you think!

With love until next time,

Blanche Dabney


Cover Reveal!

The cover for the third book in the Clan MacGregor series is here. What do you think of The Key to Her Heart?

Coming July 5th, 2019

Add to your 'to read' list on Goodreads here.

If you're on my ARC team, I'll be sending ARCs out toward the end of June.

Book 3 Release Date!

The Clan MacGregor series will continue with book 3, The Key to Her Heart. 

It will be released July 5th and here's an exclusive glimpse at the blurb (still a work in progress!) Feel free to let me know what you think of it.

The key to her heart is waiting in medieval Scotland.

Delivered to the past…

When Daisy Stone delivers a parcel to a crumbling Highland castle, she’s not looking for love. But when a silver key unlocks a door to the past, she steps through and finds the man of her dreams waiting on the other side.

A gift from the future…

Laird Jock MacGregor has fallen in love with a beguiling woman no one can find. One minute she was right there in front of him, the next she was gone. The only clue to finding her again is sitting in the palm of his hand. If only he can work out what it means.

The key to it all…

Ever since Daisy returned home she's tried to forget the brawny medieval highlander who stole her heart. She's certain she will never see him again. Until she gets a knock on her door.
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