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Knights in armor could hardly move, right?

Dear Dabneyites,

Getting ready for Christmas yet? I just treated myself to a cheeky early Christmas present. After watching Outlaw King over on Netflix, I wondered how realistic it was for medieval knights to run about in all that armor. So I headed over to the armories at Leeds to have a closer look at medieval armor and how it was worn.

It turns out armor in the middle ages was a lot more mobile than you might expect. Check out this wonderful video on Youtube below from 1924 as it answers a lot of questions about both early chain mail and later plate armor. 

Arms and armor in this 1924 video. Check out the ride through Central Park!

The Youtube video here and below is a recreation of the training regime of a 15th century French knight, Jean le Maingre. Imagine the calorie burn of a workout in full plate armor, jumping onto a horse, swinging an ax, climbing a ladder using only your arms, and even scaling castle walls. The subject in the video also cartwheels, somersaults and even dances because why not?
Kind of like an early gym workout!
So there you have it. I found out that even the heaviest plate armor wouldn't stop you running, climbing, or fighting. Good to know when I'm writing future stories of if I ever manage to travel back in time and get a chance to try it for myself! 

Any others myths about the medieval period you can bust for me?

With love,

Blanche Dabney


New cover for Held by the Highlander

I'm pleased to announce Held by the Highlander has a new cover. I'd love to know what you think. Drop me an email and let me know! Thank you as well to all of you who've read and enjoyed it so far!

New book out today!

Promised to the Highlander is out now. It's the sequel to Held by the Highlander.

There is a short story bridging the time period between Held by the Highlander and Promised to the Highlander. You can download it for free as a mobi or epub file if you haven't read it already.
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